Bowl Lift Vs. Non-Tilt Head In A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you’re new to the kitchen and don’t want to blow a couple hundred bucks on a mixer, but would still like to make frosting, whip cream and doughs for pies, or meringues then the Chefman Mixer has you covered. This stand mixer is designed with an opening in the top which can be used as an iced mixing bowl.

A couple of early adopters have complained that this design doesn’t work nearly as well as the tilt-head design which is the norm in more expensive mixers without removable bowls. The fix seems pretty simple though; just use a rubber spatula when scraping down the sides instead of your hands or utensils to get all of those chunks out. I’ve also seen a few other reviews where people have said the bowl would tip over if you tried to mix with it open. I’m not sure what this means but my thought is that maybe the bowl design makes it more difficult to clean.

The Chefman Mixer is around $100 which I believe is well worth the money considering how much functionality you get in that price range. It’s not a heavy duty stand mixer but it will do everything you need it to do and the fact that the bowl opening is removable just means that you can get access to all areas of your kitchen whenever necessary.

It’s a pretty interesting concept. I’m not sure if the company is going to come out with more stand mixers, but the Chefman Mixer seems to be dedicated to smaller attachments and bowls which you can use for travel, camping and other events like this. If you’re looking for a full-size 2-3qt bowl that has all of the functionality of a tilt head then I’d recommend checking out the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer .

If you already know that you’re going to do some serious baking and just want an affordable mixer from a reputable brand, then I’d suggest taking a look at the KitchenAid Classic 4.5 Qt Tilt-Head Stand Mixer .

I’ve owned it for close to a year now and have really enjoyed using it. It’s more powerful than what I would have paid for but still fits in my budget. The bowl is very easy to clean and comes with many attachments that are necessary for getting things done. The only thing I wish I had known about it is that the attachment bowl doesn’t come off which means you can’t put something heavy in there which is a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes.

If your kitchen gets used every day and you want an appliance that will work well, last as long as possible and be user-friendly then I’d suggest checking out the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer . I’ve read many great reviews on this and it seems to be the go-to choice in this price range.

The only reason I went with the Classic 4.5 was because of the price, but it would have been a better choice if I didn’t need to save money. If you’re looking for something similar to a hand mixer then check out the Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer . It’s an awesome little tool which does things that some mixers can’t do. It’s very affordable, looks good in any kitchen and gets the job done quickly.

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One important thing to note: make sure you check the clearance of the unit before placing an order. I’m 6’1″ and was able to reach the bowl on most mixers with no problems. My girlfriend is taller than me and has trouble reaching it. They look completely different, but they’re both KitchenAid Classic 4.5-QT Tilt-Head Stand Mixers which makes things confusing sometimes . If you’re taller than me then this one might be a bad choice for you because there are so many other good options out there.

If your mixer gets used once or twice a year then I would not recommend getting any of these products. I’m a little concerned that the bowl and base might be designed to be lightweight in order to make them easier to lift up with just one hand, but I don’t think anyone should have any trouble picking it up at all. Some people do report that the bowls are awkward to clean, but I’ve not had any issues myself. These products are all made from a variety of materials and you can use your own judgement on which one is the best for you.

I would definitely recommend checking out the Cuisinart Power Advantage 7-Speed Hand Mixer . This stuff is affordable and will get everything done you need it to do every time. It’s really great for mixing eggs, making gravies and whipping cream.

If you need something more heavy duty then I would suggest checking out the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer . It’s a very powerful machine with strong attachments that will do everything you need it to do.

The only problem is that you can’t tilt the bowl up to pour out your mixture. The hand mixer does get the job done but it’s not as efficient as it could be. For example, when mixing cake batter, using a hand mixer is pretty frustrating because you have to stop mixing every few seconds just to wipe down the side of the bowl with your other hand so you can see the mix coming together.

When I got this mixer I did some research online and found that there is a lot of debate on which machine is best. All of them seem to have their advantages and their drawbacks, so I thought it was best to go with the one that had the most reviews and seemed to have the most customer bases.

Worked great; even used it mixing egg whites for meringues! The only thing I dislike about it is that you usually need to clean out the bowl after each use. If devices like this were made with an on-off switch, instead of a knife switch that’s set at every angle 6 times it would make things a lot easier.

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I am using it to mix ingredients in a slow cooker after adding ingredients. It almost took an act of congress, but I got the meatloaf mix out of the bowl with no mess and an unbroken mixer.

I have had this mixer for several years now and it is still working great. I have used the whisk and beaters frequently without any issues, have not had any troubles with clumps in my gravy, and have made a variety of cakes, breads, whipped cream, etc. It does all that I need it to do with ease!

Which mixer is better tilt head or bowl-lift?

This is a topic that gets brought up quite often and it’s one that I’m not willing to answer yet. The truth is that the bowl-lift style and the tilt head have both their advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, they’re both great, so there’s no reason to choose one over the other. But, here are some of things I’ve learned about each type:

The bowl-lift comes with more attachments that provide more options for mixing specific things. They’ll help you get a better mixture for whatever you’re cooking or baking, and since you can use them in all sorts of different ways, bowl-lift mixers can save time and ingredients during cooking as well (more on this below).

The tilt head is easier to clean than the bowl-lift type and it’s a lot less likely to get clogged. In my opinion, the bowl-lift is better at mixing up ingredients from the side of the bowl, but in cases where you’re trying to mix up something from the bottom for instance, it can be tricky to maneuver things.

Although both can handle big jobs, there are times when one will do a better job at getting them done than another. Put simply, if you have a lot of ingredients or are making something that requires more movement, then you might want to pick a mixer with more attachments that’ll help out with all those things (more on this below).

What is the difference between Artisan and Classic KitchenAid mixers?

The Classic mixer is the older model and is not as powerful as the newer Artisan. It only has 2 speeds and does not have a 5-quart bowl. The Artisan also has all of the attachments that you would need for most types of cooking plus it’s made from a sturdy stainless steel. However, there are some cases when you might want to go with the Artisan.

For instance, if you’re in a city or on an island, then going with an Artisan will get the job done better than the old Classic mixer will because of their small size and power. The mixers are small enough to easily store in your kitchen, but they’re powerful enough to do everything you could ever want it to do.

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The Artisan mixer is also great for baking things like bread because it has a motor that does not overheat. But the real reason to choose the Artisan is the attachments. Having the attachments provides you with extra power and more ways to mix things up at a quicker rate without damaging any of your ingredients, which makes them perfect for busy cooks and people who like to cook often.

KitchenAid Hand Mixer vs KitchenAid Stand Mixers – Which one should you buy?

To be honest, I have tried both of these types and they both work great. The stand mixer is harder to clean and you don’t have access to all of the attachments, but it’s also larger, more powerful and more versatile.

For example, the bowl-lift mixers are great for small jobs (ie: mixing up basic things like cake batter or whipped cream) while the tilt head types are better suited for bigger jobs (ie: making mashed potatoes, bread dough or even making thick frosting). If you’re just starting out and don’t want to invest a lot of money in one of these products, then I would recommend going with a tilt head model because it will work well for your needs.

What does a tilt head mixer mean?

A tilt head mixer is an electric device that has a handle at the top of a bowl that you can move and then turn to mix up your ingredients. You’ll often find one on a stand mixer, but it’s also available on the side of bowls and low-profile models as well.

Some people prefer to use them because they’re easier to clean than the bowl-lift style, since you don’t have as many parts to wipe down after each use. For example, I’m sure you’ve noticed that some chefs have their own hand mixers and use them in place of mixing bowls, so they can protect their hands while mixing food.

What are the different things that I can make with KitchenAid Mixer?

You can mix up a variety of things with these mixers, from cake batter to bread dough, homemade chocolate cake and even homemade gravy. The Artisan infuses its own power into each mixer, so there are many different things you can do with it that you cannot do with an old Classic KitchenAid mixer.


I hope that this review has helped you choose which mixer to get. I’ve said the same thing over and over again within these pages, but if you want to truly know what’s best for you, then get a KitchenAid mixer. They’re the best mixers on the market, so it really doesn’t make sense not to pick one up if you’re planning on making a lot of homemade food or baking in general. Remember that I’m just a person like you and have no interest in selling out my company since I’m helping people discover all of the benefits that come with owning one of these products (as they will be reaping what they sow).

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