Is Food Processor Better Than Stand Mixer For Dough?

There are many factors in deciding which of these two kitchen appliances is for you, including the time it takes to prepare a recipe, how much food preparation you have on a daily basis and the amount of money you want to spend.

For those who are watching their budget and want the best deal for their money, a food processor offers more bang for your buck. It is much easier to clean than a stand mixer, and it has more blades than the typical mixer, making it easy to prepare many different recipes. Most food processors cost about half of what a stand mixer does, so in the long run it can be cheaper to buy one of these instead of replacing a broken stand mixer or using several that you own.

Food processors are also faster than stand mixers can be. Some people use these appliances every day at work and need to get dishes ready as quickly as possible so they can get out on time without being stuck at work too long. If you need to prepare several dishes each day, a food processor is the way to go.

However, if you don’t prepare many dishes a day or have the time to devote for cooking and need an appliance that’s very powerful and will do most of the work for you, a stand mixer is exactly what you’re looking for. This appliance can hold a heavy duty attachment that will help prepare foods like bars of soap or even mix concrete. You’ll get more functionality from one of these tools than anything else on the market.

Another reason why people purchase one of these appliances instead of other models is their capability to separate different ingredients by nature. For example, you can use a food processor to create dough and separate eggs into yolks and whites, or chop vegetables and cut up meats.

These features are reasons why many professionals in the kitchen are choosing to buy one of these machines over others. Your money can be better spent on other things if you choose a stand mixer for your needs. If you’re in the market for one, make sure you compare prices online against each other as well as against models that don’t offer some of the extras that you want. An appliance that’s a great deal has to be easy to clean, simple to use and efficient in its operation.

Although the stand mixer is more expensive than the food processor, you may find that it helps to save you time because you can do a number of things with one appliance while having to do it separately with another one. 

For instance, baking a cake will probably take longer with a food processor than it would if you used the stand mixer, but if you have time for a few extra steps in your recipe, then it may be worth the extra money.

The other consideration is what kind of pies and cakes you’ll be making. If you enjoy making fruit pies, then you may want to consider buying a food processor, but if you are planning to make more of the traditional sort of recipes for pies and cakes, then a stand mixer is probably better.

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When it comes down to what the two appliances offer in terms of the actual preparation, the food processor will probably take longer than the stand mixer because it is not as fast as a machine like that. However, they do give you options when choosing recipes which will save you time because they can break them down into smaller parts. For example, if you are making cookies or cupcakes that have several parts that must be ground up before they are completely processed, then this type of appliance can help. 

Likewise, the stand mixer can quickly whip up cake batter or even homemade mayonnaise, but if you just want to simply chop up one vegetable, then a food processor might be better. 

There are more uses for a food processor because it is not limited to just mixing recipes. For instance, you can chop up vegetables and potatoes or even grate your own cheese.

You can also make dough with a food processor and put it into a separate bowl to be put in the freezer until it is ready to use. If you plan to make larger batches of food or if you will be preparing a lot of recipes on a regular basis, then either one may not be adequate in helping you get the job done. For example, if you want to make pie crust regularly, then buying a stand mixer may be more useful because it will help get the job done with less work involved on your part.

It is really a matter of personal preference and the type of food you are preparing. If you plan to make pie crust regularly, then a stand mixer can help you save time and energy because it will save you from having to do more than one part at the same time.

In the end, if you have plenty of time to cook or if it is just one recipe that takes a long time to prepare, then buying a stand mixer may be more beneficial for your household because it will save you lots of time.

But if you do not have a lot of time and prefer to use the traditional method, then a food processor may be better for you because it will allow you to quickly prepare more recipes than if you were using a stand mixer.

It can actually serve as a mini kitchen for some people and that is why it is a good investment if you do not have the budget to buy several appliances. The added benefit is that you can also use the food processor in salads or other meals and not just desserts. Making quick work of vegetables that normally take longer to chop or processes can help those who are short on time. 

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The other benefit is that an actual appliance does not need much room to be used, but there are some small handheld ones on the market. A stand mixer is typically bigger and more powerful than a food processor and that is why people prefer them when making a lot of food. Using this type of machine can speed up the process because it will do everything for you while you enjoy preparing other meals. 

It may seem like a good idea to choose which of these machines would suit your needs based on different factors, but it is best just to take a look at what each offers as well as how much they cost so that you can make the right decision.  

But when it comes down to answering this question, one factor trumps all else: convenience. It is true that stand mixers take longer than food processors because they must be hand-turned; however, a stand mixer holds three times as much dry ingredients than a food processor does. It can knead bread dough, while a food processor cannot. It can mix breading for chicken or fish easily, while a food processor cannot.

If you live by yourself, the convenience factor is obvious: a stand mixer will save you time. If you are cooking for a family or making large batches of food, it can be very useful to have an electric stand mixer on hand. While the attachments that come with some mixers may not always work well with smaller amounts of ingredients (such as when preparing shortcakes), they can be very handy when dealing with larger amounts of ingredients (such as when kneading bread).

Can you use a food processor instead of a stand mixer?

Food processors can work with all of the food ingredients listed above, but they tend to leave a lot more bits and pieces in the food than a mixer does. A food processor can be useful for making any of these recipes, but using it in place of a stand mixer will force you to take more time and effort.

Do I need both a stand mixer and a food processor?

A mixers and processors can work together in many different ways. If you want to make pie crust, learn how to make pie dough using your stand mixer first (or if the recipe calls for one cup of flour and four tablespoons of butter, start there). Then gradually add your filling ingredients, keeping track of the ratios as you do.

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Which is better for dough stand mixer or food processor?

One method of doing this is with a food processor and another is with a stand mixer. A hands-free mixer works by taking advantage of the fast action of the motors, which creates very consistent dough. This process can be accomplished with a stand mixer or a hand mixer, but if you don’t have either then consider purchasing one or both of these items for home use. For instance, if you have been making your own bread for years in your kitchen and have discovered that some recipes just never really turned out right, start by using this machine. This will give you an idea of how the different machines work along with more experience in how to combine ingredients safely without damage to the product that you are making.

Can I use a food processor instead of a dough hook?

If you do not have a stand mixer but do not have the budget for one, then a food processor may be the best choice for crusts and other desserts. The smaller size makes it easy to find space in your kitchen, and you can use it as your single machine when making cookies or pie crust. It is true that there are disadvantages to an electric food processor, aside from the higher price. Small jobs such as making dough or mincing vegetables with the aid of a food processor will require constant supervision. You will need to stop the machine and manually turn the food multiple times.

Can I use a food processor instead of my hand mixer?

Though they sound like similar items, a food processor is best suited for chopping, slicing, pureeing and grinding food. While it can be used to prepare doughs and batters, there are much more efficient tools on the market for that purpose. A stand mixer is designed for kneading dough and other small jobs such as measuring dry ingredients or creaming butter and sugar together. It can also be used to make quick work of vegetables that normally take longer to chop or processes.

Can you mix dough in a food processor?

In some situations, a food processor can be a better choice than a stand mixer. You can use it to make pie crusts or shortcakes, or to chop vegetables easily. Once your dough is ready and you prepare your filling, mix them together in the bowl. If you are planning on making bread with this machine, there will be more mixing involved with this machine because it does not have an electric built-in mixer for kneading dough.


While there are a lot of reasons to choose between these two machines, when it comes down to it, personal preference will make the final decision. If you are looking for a versatile tool that can help with chopping, kneading and other functions in your kitchen, then a food processor is likely the right choice. If you want an appliance that can be used for a variety of foods and has the power to handle bigger batches of food with ease, staff mixers are more than capable of handling your needs. There are many things to consider when it comes time to purchase a stand mixer or food processor for your home.