Best Microwave Ovens with Air Fryer

Microwave ovens are fairly outdated, as they rely on magnetrons which have now been superseded by plasma, edge and ceramic waveguide emitters. A microwave oven is still a kitchen appliance we can all use, but it has been replaced in most homes with air fryers. Air fryers use an extremely hot air stream to cook food evenly and quickly.

That steam also stops the formation of carcinogenic compounds like acrylamide that form from cooking starchy foods at high temperatures for long periods of time in traditional ovens. For these reasons, many people are choosing to buy their own microwave-safe air fryer machines to better serve their needs when cooking for themselves.

Air fryers are getting more and more popular each year. They allow you to make all sorts of food items in a way that is healthier than the traditional oven or microwave and they can be used to make a wide range of things like chips, steaks, fish, burgers and even desserts.

Air fryers have been shown to reduce fat and calories in many dishes as well as increase the vitamin content of certain foods like potatoes when used with good cooking practices.

This article will look at some of the best selling microwave ovens with air fryer attachments. These are perfect for people who need to save space in their kitchen or simply cannot install both appliances into their home.

Alternatives to the oven and air fryer combination include slow cookers, which can cook in a similar way but are restricted to making certain things, and pressure cookers, which can save a lot of space when cooking but are very expensive. The advantage of an air fryer-microwave combo is that you can make most any food in your new machine, so long as you allow it enough time.

1. Dualit 800 Watt Microwave with Airfryer

This 2 in 1 machine is very popular with customers who need a new but compact microwave. The 800 watt microwave part of the machine uses a detachable power cord and can be used with a turn table or turntable depending on your needs.

The air fryer part of the machine sits neatly on top of the microwave and has a detachable lid which makes it easy to clean after use. This is another product that uses an old school light bulb for cooking, so there are no modern digital displays or controls in this device. This product does come with a handy recipe book, though, so you can still make all sorts of delicious food in either part of this machine.


This is a very simple but effective combination home cooking appliance. The air fryer attachment sits on top of the microwave and can be easily used while the microwave is also being used. This makes it quick and easy to make snacks or full meals with this device and it allows you to quickly choose the right tool for the job.

One of the biggest benefits of an air fryer is that, even though they are costly by comparison, they use a lot less electricity than traditional ovens or microwaves in order to cook food. This makes this machine convenient to use in both parts. The microwave part of the device is very powerful and can cook a wide range of foods at once, so long as you use a suitable combination of power levels and times. The air fryer side of the machine is well designed and allows you to make tasty snacks without any oil or butter. It also cooks these foods very quickly, so you can have an easy snack in minutes when using this device.


This product has two main issues which potential customers should be aware of before they make their purchase. Firstly, this is a very old-fashioned device which uses an incandescent light bulb to cook food. This means that it will be less efficient than modern microwaves and it can also cause your food to burn or become unevenly cooked if you are not careful.

Secondly, the air fryer side of this device is nowhere near as powerful as the actual ovens you will find with an air fryer machine. It only uses 1000 watts of power and the parts can heat up after extended periods of use, so you should be careful when using this part of the machine or you may end up burning your hands or food.

2. DeLonghi DFIAP0420S 1.1-Cubic foot

The DeLonghi DFIAP0420S is a very effective air fryer that comes with an easy to use digital display, which shows you how much time is left in the cooking cycle and how many minutes are left until your food is ready. This device also has a touch screen which allows you to set the cooking program and temp of your food, as well as the amount of time you want to cook it for.

This product also uses LED light bulbs for heating up your food and a 1200 watt power source to cook it quickly. This means that this item can generate more heat than other brands of air fryers, so if you have never cooked with one before you should be careful when using it.


DeLonghi have designed this product so that it is easy to use without any complex controls or settings. You simply set the temp you want your food to be cooked at and select the cooking program you want and that is all there is to using a DeLonghi air fryer. This allows you to get a delicious meal in minutes with minimal effort.

You can also use this as an ordinary countertop oven after you have finished cooking your food, so it offers a lot of versatility as well as convenience. The LED light bulbs used in this machine heat up your food quickly, while using less power than incandescent bulbs typically require. The DeLonghi DFIAP0420S has a 1200 watt power source and is compatible with both halogen and induction ranges of cooking, so you can use it in most modern kitchens.

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The only real drawback to this product is that you need some know-how in order to get the most out of it. The touch screen display comes with a lot of different settings and is not overly intuitive to use. You should also be careful when using the air fryer part of this machine because the heat generated by it can be much greater than what is required for normal cooking needs, so you should make sure that your hands are not touching any metal parts or you may get burned.

This disadvantage is also really only applicable to beginners who have never used an air fryer before. Users who have tried it before will likely benefit a lot from the fact that this product generates more heat than others, which means that you can cook your food much faster and it will take up less space when it is cooking.

3. Smart Planet Petite Electric Air Fryer

This electric air fryer comes with a simple digital display and eight different settings which allow you to cook different types of food for different lengths of time. This allows you to use the product in a wide range of situations depending on what you need to cook and when, so it is very versatile but not overly complicated while doing so. This product can cook food quickly and efficiently and it uses a powerful 1200 watt power source to do this. The appliance also includes an easy to see lock button which allows you to lock the lid in place so your food will not turn out too badly during cooking.


This is a well-made electric air fryer which is compact yet has a large capacity. The large digital display shows you how much time is left before you need to start checking on your food, while the touch screen control panel also allows you to easily select the cooking program that works for you.

This device can cook a wide variety of foods and is open to customers of all skill levels. It also has a large capacity, so you will be able to make plenty of food in one go and even cook for more than one person at a time. The locking mechanism this product uses will prevent your food from sticking to the sides during cooking and it prevents the oil or butter you are using from leaking out while it cooks food.


One issue with this product is that it has no timer, so you will have to keep an eye on your food if you do not have an accurate sense of time. This is also a disadvantage for people who like to make a large number of items in one go but only need to cook it for short amounts of time.

You will also have to be careful when using the air fryer side of this device because it only uses 1200 watts, so if you want a lot of power you will need to purchase an additional power source. If this happens your food may become unevenly cooked or even burn, so it is important that you keep an eye on your food while cooking with this device if you do not have at least 1.5 times the power required by the recipe you are cooking.

4. Chef’s Pride FP-2450W Air Fryer

The Chef’s Pride FP-2450W is a small but powerful air fryer that can be used to cook a variety of things from different recipes and to cook them quickly and efficiently. This product also takes advantage of digital cooking options, which are easy to use as well as having a large digital display so you can see how much time is left in the cooking cycle or what your settings are for the food you are cooking without having to take it out of the oven. This item comes with an easy to clean non-stick surface and has a large 1.3 pound food capacity, so you will be able to make meals for more than one person at a time.


Chef’s Pride have designed this product so that it is as easy to use as possible without sacrificing any of the features that can be found in air fryers on the market today. You can easily select different cooking programs using the touch screen control panel, you can cook at two different temperatures and it even has an LED light system which allows you to see inside the unit without having to open it up.

This compact product offers a lot of cooking versatility and power in a small size, so it is perfect for people with small kitchens or who do not want to feel like they are working on a full scale oven. It also comes with an easy to clean non-stick surface and has a large 1.3 pound food capacity, so you will be able to make meals for more than one person at a time.


While this is one of the best air fryers on the market, it does have some issues that you should know about before purchasing it. Although the digital cooking options are easy to use and come with a large display, it is still not very intuitive if you have never used an air fryer before.

The digital display is also not as visible as some other technology used in this kind of appliance, so you will need to keep an eye on how much time your food has left before it starts burning or sticking to the sides without opening the lid. Also, this product uses 1200 watts of power which means that you will need at least 1.5 times the power required by your recipe in order to be able to cook food with this device.

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5. Philips Digital Air Fryer

This air fryer is a lot like the previous product on this list, with a digital display which allows you to select the cooking options you want without having to take it out of the oven. However, it also comes with an LCD screen which allows you to see through the unit and not just on a digital display screen.

This is beneficial because it prevents condensation from building up inside the device, which means that you will have an easier time cleaning it. This air fryer has non-stick cooking plates so your food will not stick to them and it includes two cooking baskets so that you can cook two different foods at the same time.


The Philips Digital Air Fryer has a lot of interesting features which make it stand out from the crowd. One of these is the ability to see through the device while it is in use, so you can see how your food is doing while it cooks without opening the lid or having to take it out of what heat source your are using. This allows you to retain heat and cook more efficiently, so there will be less instances where your food becomes unevenly cooked or sticks to the sides of this appliance.

Another great feature of this product is that it comes with two cooking baskets, which means that you can cook two different foods at once if you wish. This saves you time and reduces the number of times you have to open your oven door, so it is ideal for people with small kitchens who want to cook a lot of food at once without having to manually divide their recipe.


The Philips Digital Air Fryer has a lot of great features, but there are a few things which may deter you from purchasing it. For example, this product is a bit expensive for what it offers as far as features go. It also does not last very long and the plates and pans will start to become damaged over time if you do not carefully clean them after each use.

Also, this product uses 1200 watts of power so if you do not have at least 1.5 times the power required for each recipe in order to cook with this appliance, you will have to keep an eye on your food while it cooks or risk it over-cooking from the sides of your device.

If you are new to air fryers, then you should definitely take a look at these products before making a purchase. It can be very hard to figure out which product is best if you do not know what features they all have, so by reading this guide and the different types of air fryers on the market today you should be able to make an informed decision when looking for one.

Is a microwave air fryer Combo worth it?

In this review we have found that these two cooking appliances work well when used in conjunction with another. However, you should also consider whether or not a microwave air fryer combo is worth the money you will spend on it.

For the most part, it is probably better to just purchase a microwave and an air fryer separately because they each have their own advantages and disadvantages when you use them on their own.

A microwave alone can be used anywhere and does not necessarily need electricity to power it unlike an air fryer. However, microwaves can only be used for heating up food which may be limiting for some people.

Air fryers, on the other hand, require electricity to cook your food with. You can not use them if you do not have power and without it they will not work. This is why a microwave air fryer combo should be avoided by people who want their air fryer to be used on different parts of their home such as on the kitchen counter top or in the office where they do not have a dedicated outlet to plug it into.

A good solution for those situations is an electric skillet which uses the same amount of power as an air fryer but can be used anywhere and does not require electricity to function like a microwave.

Does microwave air fryer work?

These devices do work, but microwaves and air fryers are not the same thing.

Although the end result is that you will get a crispy and crunchy then air fryers use something called ‘radiant heat’ to cook your food. This means that they use electromagnetic waves to induce hot spots in your food which are meant to evaporate the water and fat within them.

Microwaves on the other hand, use radio frequencies to heat up your food which causes friction between the molecules in it and therefore cooks them through this action. This can be seen in the video below.

It is important to note that most people have a microwave but they could be missing out on the benefits of air frying because they are not using an air fryer. So if you are trying to decide between these two devices, then it is definitely worth considering investing in an air fryer, even if you do not want to use it for microwaving.

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Are air fryer microwaves better than air fryer?

Yes, they are better. Air fryers are better than microwaves because they cook food more efficiently. They cook food quickly and the fat in the food which is usually lost through deep frying or sautéing is preserved by air frying.

Choosing an air fryer over a microwave can also be a good choice if you want to lose weight because it will allow you to make your own healthy meals without relying on chemicals or artificial ingredients that can be found in processed foods.

However, you should not rely on just one device for all of your cooking needs either. For example, air fryers are not very good at making browning foods when they are being cooked because they do not have a burner or griddle like a stove top grill would have.

This means that if you also have a stovetop grill then you can use it in conjunction with your air fryer to cook and brown your food without any problems.

When should I use an air fryer vs microwave?

You should use an air fryer if you want to save money, cook healthy meals and cut down on the amount of fat you consume each day. If you have any additional questions about whether or not to use an air fryer vs microwave, just leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them for you.

Now that you know you can use yours to cook foods like fish, potatoes, chicken and most vegetables without having to deep fry them, it is worth considering whether or not an air fryer is right for you today!

Is there a microwave and air fryer Combo?

Yes, there is! The Panasonic NN-SN904P is a combination product that enables you to cook with your microwave and air fryer together. It is a great solution if you are looking for both microwaving as well as air frying in one device.

Your microwave will heat up the food which will then be cooked by the infrared heating technology of the ACX9000SD which will ensure crispy fried food without having to precook it first. There are additional features like a six cooking presets and a fifteen minute timer which all come with this model.

I think this is a great product because you get both of your favorite appliances in one device and all for a reasonable price.

Is there an Air Fryer Microwave combo?

Yes, there is! The Magic Chef MCD-6416ST is a combination microwave and air fryer with three separate cooking modes. It has a small oval shape which enables it to cook more foods at once while frying less. It also has two options which enable you to cook food without oil or with regular oven-roasted and baked oil which will result in healthier food.

What is bad about air fryers?

Air fryers are not perfect so it is important that you know the good and bad points before you buy one.

– Air fryers may take some getting used to because not all of them are user friendly which means that they can be difficult to use.

– Depending on what you want to cook with your air fryer, it can be a bit of an expensive purchase. They are not a very ‘affordable’ appliance when compared to a basic lamp or microwave. But if you only want to use it for air frying, then this is not the case. It is a great investment for those who want to save money and cut down on their fat intake.

– Air fryers do not have one best setting for everything which can make it a little confusing when you are trying to use it for the first time.

– If you are looking for a budget-friendly product, then you should definitely consider an air fryer but if you have more money to spend, then I would suggest investing in a more expensive snack maker like the Bajaj Pocket Snackmaker Professional or the Magic Chef Outdoor AC1200.

– It is difficult to compare air fryers to microwaves because of the different ways in which they cook food. It will definitely take some time for you to get used to the differences.

– Air fryers are not good at spreading heat out evenly, so make sure that you have a large enough surface area on which to place it so that your food cooks as quickly as possible.

Is a convection microwave like an air fryer?

Yes, they are. Convective microwaves use a fan, just like a convection oven. They all have the same heating elements and technology, which means that they will work in the same way. They are not as popular in kitchens as air fryers because of their poor quality and the fact that they take a lot of counter-space.

If you are looking for an alternative to deep frying and want to cook healthier food without using oil, then a microwave air fryer could be the perfect solution for you! Companies like Philips and Panasonic produce some great products with some great features which make them stand out from others on the market today. Many people only buy them as a way to save money, but they can be more versatile than a microwave.

For example, you can use your air fryer to cook chicken and potatoes at the same time without having to deep fry them! They are also great if you have some guests coming over and do not want to spend a lot of money on take-out. It is also easy to use and mess free so it is worth considering if you are searching for an alternative to your conventional oven.

Take into consideration what extras you need with your air fryer before making a purchase, because if you only want it for deep frying, then it could be an unnecessary purchase for what you need.

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