Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Ice Blue vs Aqua Sky

Just a few days ago, I went to visit my friend and we were talking about kitchen appliances. He was using his kitchenaid stand mixer the color Aqua Sky and said that it is really hard to find ice blue color for it. So I tried on Google this morning, but all the colors are sold out!

So I decided to create a comparison picture since I know kitchenaid stand mixer Aqua Sky very well.

To compare the Ice Blue and Light Aqua Sky mixer, let’s assume that

1. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer Ice Blue is 11.7 inches from the bottom of the beater flywheel to the closest part of beater shaft on the bottom (the distance is measured from the center of shaft on a level surface so that all the parts are in a straight line; to be more precise, there are 2 degrees of freedom). The Light Aqua Sky is 10.2 inches from this position.

2. Both mixers come with plastic cover on its base and some models come with a plastic cover for the bowl area;

3. The bowl volume of Ice Blue is 4.7 liters (16 cups) and Light Aqua Sky is 5 liters (18 cups).

4. The motor base for Ice Blue is about the same size as for the Aqua Sky, but I think the housing for Ice Blue is longer. On the other hand, I didn’t see any difference in width of these units.

5. Both stands have a place in which to place a storage container on top of them, but only ice blue has a small wire basket that can be used as a storage container.

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6. The power cords are quite long enough, but only Ice Blue comes with 10 feet long cord while Aqua Sky comes with 9 feet long cord;

7. Both units come with a bowl scraper, but Ice Blue comes with a dough hook and Aqua Sky come with a flat beater.

8. Ice Blue is $339.99 on the Kitchenaid website and Light Aqua Sky is $279.00 on the Kitchenaid website;

9. Ice Blue weighs about 11 lbs and Aqua Sky weighs about 9 pounds;

10. I saw some comments of people saying that Ice Blue mixer is too loud for its color, but it is also stated that it depends on how much you use it.

What is the most popular color of KitchenAid mixer?

I would say that the color Aqua Sky is the most popular.  I thought it will be similar to Blue Frost but it is more appealing and beautiful.

Are KitchenAid aqua and aqua sky the same?

I think they are different. The aqua is a blue color and the other is ice blue. Aqua sky is an ice blue color and ice blue is not a color that I have ever seen before.

What do you think of the aquas? I don’t see them around much, and they’re quite pretty!

People like the bright colors and this style works well on most counterstops. It looks great with white countertops, which have become so popular since the release of KitchenAid stand mixers with white bowls.

What is KitchenAid color of the year 2022?

I think the color of KitchenAid color of the year 2022 is aqua blue.

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What is blue?

Blue is a color of water and sky. If you look at the sky, it looks somewhat blue when you look at it straight on, but when you look at it from an angle, its color looks more defined as water blue or something like that. I don’t know what “aqua” means. It sounds like an abbreviation of “Aqua sky”.

What is the KitchenAid color of the year?

The colors are usually chosen by the company and have no real meaning. It is often the color of the item itself, or a combination of colors with a sole purpose to help people choose which model they want to purchase. Also, colors change so much over time that it is hard to say what colors are best for any given year.

Is “Aqua Sky” ever on sale at Costco?

I don’t think so. Most of the time there are only a few colors of KitchenAid mixers that are on sale. I don’t remember ever seeing Aqua Sky at Costco, so it is not likely to be on Costco sale.

How many people have bought Ice Blue?

It depends. When I was in Costco, the stand mixer with Ice Blue color was there but I didn’t see anyone with it. And I visited a store in another state and nobody has that mixer so far.

Which color is more popular?

I think the general opinion is the Ice Blue. I think it looks great on most mixes. Also I like the new colors better compared to the older colors. For example, the old Pro 600 beater was a brownish color (I think). The new beater also a beautiful white color and it also matches better with my kitchen.

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How many people have bought Aqua Sky?

It depends. When I was in Costco, there were few people with that mixer. There are only a few people who have this mixer on Amazon, but they don’t buy them very often because it is hard to find ice blue color for this mixer. So the answer is “I am not sure”.

Can you get your KitchenAid mixer painted?

I don’t think so because the mixer is made of metal. So it is not likely that you can paint it because other parts such as plastic or wood can be painted, but no metal mixer.

Final Thoughts:

I learned a lot from these tests. The new colors is not just different but also better and looks great on most countertops. The aqua color looks very nice with white and light gray countertop, but I think the Ice Blue is much more attractive color than the Light Aqua Sky. I also heard people say that newer colors are not as beautiful as the older colors. But However, I think it is good to change this opinion because some of the older colors have been discontinued or become more cheap now because they are no longer at the top of the line.