KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Vs Classic Plus

In the post-industrial era, we have made some dramatic changes in our way of life. We have vastly increased the speed at which information is transmitted, reducing time wasted on laborious tasks and maximizing time spent on more enjoyable ones. When it comes to everyday tasks such as cooking, it can be argued that this has created a new set of challenges for would-be cooks.

As a result, market forces seem to be driving us towards purchasing convenience over quality which has led people away from buying products that are made with high quality materials and an optimal mix of modern and classic design features.

Let me start by saying that I am a huge fan of the design of the kitchen aid brand. I have owned 3 different machine models, a super 6, artisan mixer and now a classic plus. All of them have been very well built and looked great. Also, it’s no secret that mixers can be quite expensive, but you get what you pay for when it comes to big name brands: top quality materials, precision and durability.

On the other hand, at some point in my baking career i started to think about my choice of kitchenaid artisan mixer. After purchasing one for 3 years back in 2011 i was all set to give an honest review, but i never got around to writing it up until now.

The reason for that was that the mixer was so bloody good, the only thing i could really say about it was i didn’t really have a bad thing to say. I knew there must be some disadvantages to owning a kitchenaid, but they must be small enough problems not to affect my decision or ability to recommend the mixer.

But then something happened that made me take some time out and actually write this post

It’s actually a fairly decent mix of good quality ingredients and a bit of a mishap. The mixer has as good as it gets design, build and reliability. The parts that aren’t quite so good are the rubber plunge base, the mixing action and the motor.

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I’ll start with a bit of positive news first: Kitchenaid has an excellent warranty policy. They will replace equipment for two years regardless of how much use you put it through during that time period, with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do i find the best deal on a kitchenaid artisan mixer?

When it comes to buying online you are always looking for the cheapest possible price. Especially when buying a high-quality product such as this, with a good warranty period and direct support from the manufacturer. You should never buy something without having a clear understanding of what all the different options are, how much they cost and which one is best suited to your needs.

To make sure you are getting everything you paid for, and actually get the best value you can out of your purchase, it’s important to always read customer reviews. This is where you will find out if the product is reliable, durable and easy to use. It’s also important to know whether the company has a good reputation in the industry, and whether they supply an extensive warranty service on all their products.

Where to buy?

The best place to buy a kitchen aid mixer is always Amazon. Kitchenaid stands behind their products and the customer service is excellent.

Let’s start with the positive, before i get into the negatives i want you to understand how great this mixer really is.

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It looks awesome standing on your countertop whether you have it in a modern design or traditional kitchen setting. It has a unique retro look that really makes it stand out from other mixers on the market today. The colors are also matched well with different types of kitchen or workbench tops, meaning you don’t need to worry if it’s going to fit in with your current color scheme or style of home décor.

Which mixer is better: Artisan or Classic Plus?

I don’t know where people get the idea that all kitchenaid products are automatically better than the other. To me, it seems like people are always comparing apples and oranges, when comparing these two mixer models, which sounds very stupid to me.

The mixers are completely different from each other, and there is no reason why one should ever consider it superior to the other. All you need to do is choose which you think looks better on your kitchen or worksbench , or something along those lines.

Which one is more powerful?

Power is very important when it comes to any kind of kitchen appliances. If you are a professional chef or baker, then you will need an exceptionally powerful workplace machine that is able to mix up a large amount of ingredients in a short time.

This is where the power of the Kitchenaid artisan mixer really shines through. With over 3 horsepower and 250 watts of power, this mixer will break down even the toughest dry ingredients into a nicely blended result in minutes.

Which one is quieter?

I think many people believe that there can be no comparison between the noise levels of two products that perform such different duties, but I beg to differ. If you are looking for a mixer that’s quiet and doesn’t arouse suspicion from other people in the kitchen, then you will be pleased to find out that the artisan mixer is quiet, even when it’s in full speed mode.

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Which is easier to use?

If you are, or have ever been an amateur cook or baker before, then you will know how nerve wracking it can be to mix up ingredients. There is always room for improvement and i’m sure there are many people who would rather have a user-friendly product than one that takes hours to operate.

The Kitchenaid artisan mixer certainly falls into that category of easy to use. The various functions are designed from the ground up to be user-friendly, and there is a large collection of accessories available for even the most unusual tasks.

Which one weighs more?

This is where I can’t help but laugh a little. While i’m sitting here weighing both mixers on my kitchen scales, i’m wondering how much of a difference it can actually make if one were on your countertop for 12 hours instead of 2 minutes.

To me, weight is irrelevant when comparing two different products that both withstand the same amount of wear and tear from constant use in the kitchen environment.

Which one has a stronger motor?

Kitchenaid manufactures all of their products with the user in mind, and one of the ways they do this is by providing a strong motor to power all their mixers. The stronger the motor, the faster you can work, or the more ingredients you can blend at a time.

So if you are using your mixer every day for several hours, then it’s important to understand that both mixers have strong motors that provide plenty of power to complete even difficult tasks without ever letting up.

Final Thoughts:

The Kitchenaid Artisan mixer is great for professional use, or just to use every day on a home machine. I have my doubts about the pros taking their mixers on holidays with them, though. I don’t know if they would break or get damaged while they are away from until, you know, they arrive back in their country and open up the box!

Let’s not forget that this is a professional mixer with all of the right accessories included. They should see it as an expensive add-on because it’s different to any standard product.