Bella Coffee Maker Targets Grown-Up Millennials

Millennial consumerism is reaching new heights as the demographic consumes products that are tailored to their lifestyle. With an upwardly mobile world where customer expectations are high, companies are searching for ways to capture the spending power of this age bracket.

And being focused on what they lack in traditional priorities—family commitments, mortgages, and other responsibilities—Bella Coffee Maker brings out a product with all the trappings of adulthood without any of the hassle.

A visit to Bella’s webpage reveals products that are similar to those sold by high-end department stores, but priced at less than half what consumers would pay there. It features items like coffee makers and water heaters, but also offers designer furniture and crockery sets.

The company claims that living the good life is only a “click away” for customers, who can access these items at prices that reflect the millennial’s desire to live in a world of quality, luxury and convenience.

Bella Coffee Maker has nearly 2,000 products on offer and recently introduced an online ordering system, enabling buyers to do all their shopping in one place. The website also features information on how consumers can maximize their coffee making experience.

Bella Coffee Makers are marketed as “a product that anyone would be proud to own”. This consumerism-focused way of life is what millennials crave and companies like Bella Coffee Maker are jumping in to fulfill this need.

Bella Housewares made a splash in 2013 with a line of products specifically intended for millennials, and its coffee makers included such series as the Bella Dots Collection, $35, and the Bella Linea Collection, $45—both priced cheaply and available in an array of bright colors.

But millennials are growing up, and those who are outfitting a kitchen rather than a dorm might prefer a more sophisticated machine like the Bella Triple Brew 14405, $90. At least that’s what Sensio, the manufacturer, is banking on.

What paying roughly twice the price of the earlier models gets you is more versatile brewing. In addition to the same 12-cup capacity as the Dots and Linea series, the Bella Triple Brew accepts K-Cups. The third option of the “triple” brew is merely a K-Cup adapter, which accepts loose grounds—as do many other single-serve coffee makers that aren’t billed as double coffee makers.

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As with other coffee makers that make both drip and single-serve coffee, this Bella coffee maker appears in our coffee maker Ratings for both drip and single-serve coffee makers. (The tests vary significantly, hence the separate Ratings tables.) As a drip coffee maker, the Bella Triple Brew brewed close to recommended guidelines for brew performance and duration. We found it convenient to use, and we judged the carafe fairly easy to handle.

One caveat: After the initial break-in, our testers still noticed some plastic off-tastes in hot water cycled through the new Bella coffee maker. We can’t say for sure, however, that you’d notice it in what you’re brewing, particularly if you add milk and sugar.

But as a single-serve coffeemaker, it didn’t impress us. We won’t be done with our testing until we’ve completed our taste tests, but so far the Bella Triple Brew is clearly a mixed bag. Serving temperature and size were very consistent from cup to cup, but we waited relatively long for that first serving to appear—and even longer for subsequent servings. The latter result owes to the manufacturer’s recommendation that you let the Bella coffee maker cool off for five minutes between brewing cycles.

Outfitting a Kitchen

Of course, there are many more brands to choose from, although you’re limited to the Bella coffee maker and a few others—such as the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 49988, $100, if you’re committed to models that deliver both drip and single-serve coffee. And both those models perform well at just one task.

Our advice: Look for machines that make coffee just one way, but do it well. Among our top picks are the DeLonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Genio EDG455T, $130, a single-serve machine, and the KitchenAid KCM1202OB, $100, a 12-cup drip coffee maker.

Where are coffee makers manufactured?

Just as with any other household appliance, coffee makers are manufactured all over the world. However, companies often manufacture their products in countries that have a reputation for quality craftsmanship and design. For example, Italian manufacturers tend to be known for creating high quality espresso machines and Nordic countries have a reputation for building the highest quality conventional coffee makers. The Asian market is known for a combination of high quality and low cost making it one of the largest producers of coffee makers worldwide.

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Where can you find a Type 4 Coffee Maker?

Type 4 Coffee Makers are different from any other machine on the market because they are meant to be used at home or in small offices or break rooms. They are designed to be used at home or in smaller offices, and they come without a touchscreen and with simple controls instead. In addition, they are usually made with stainless steel panels on the outside of the machine to mimic a look that is synonymous with high quality machines. This can also give them a premium appeal and will make them more appealing to users as well.

What’s the difference between Type 4 Coffee Maker and Type 5 Coffee Maker?

Type 4 coffee makers are made for people who want to brew coffee for themselves or for one or two other people in their household. The 4th type of coffee maker is designed for small offices or break rooms in small buildings, hotels, and gyms. Type 5 coffee maker are usually used by different companies so they don’t have to pay any taxes on them as they can be a lot cheaper to make/sell because logistically it’s not a big deal. Type 5 coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes, with or without touchscreen.

Are there different types of filters for Type 4 Coffee Maker?

Most people don’t like the idea of using paper filters when making their morning cup of coffee, but these are necessary for the machine to function properly. The paper filters are usually cone shaped and they help to filter out any excess grounds that might find their way into your cup. When purchasing these filters you will want to ensure you buy the correct size of filter for your machine. Most of the time when using a Type 4 Coffee Maker, you need to use a No. 4 or No. 5 filter which measures approximately 2 inches in diameter and is about 3 inches long.

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How often should I change the water container for my Type 4 Coffee Maker?

The water reservoir on a coffee maker is a small plastic container that holds water for brewing coffee, tea or any other hot beverage that requires water from the machine. As water evaporates, more water is required. The cleaner your machine is, the more frequently you will have to change the water container. If your coffee maker does not use a water reservoir then you can simply use clean tap water for coffee brewing.

How fast do I need to pour the coffee from my Type 4 Coffee Maker?

Even though we have made a recommendation in Materials and Manufactures what’s important to remember is that when you use a coffee maker like this make sure that you are very careful when pouring your coffee from the machine. When you make your first cup of coffee it takes about 30 seconds for it to drip through so warning put on pause for about 30 seconds before continuing with your first cup of coffee.

Which company coffee maker is best?

There are many different companies that make coffee makers and we’ve narrowed down the list of brands below to our top choices. If you’re looking for something different, head over to our Buying Guide Guide for recommendations on what to buy and our Coffee Maker Reviews section for reviews of specific coffee makers.

So, there you have it. To sum up, the PerfecTemp 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker was the best overall machine tested because it produced some of the best tasting coffees and can be programmed to work for three different types of brewing methods. It also has features not found on other machines. However the Keurig B1 Elite Programmable Drip Coffee Maker was also excellent and is more versatile as it can also be programmed for single serve coffee with a single feature button. The Hamilton Beach BrewStation (4) Single Serve Coffee Maker is also very good and offers features not found on other machines as well. It’s one of our top picks for finished coffee quality.