Smeg vs KitchenAid – Which is the Best?

This article is a comprehensive comparison of two of the most popular brands of kitchen appliances: Smeg and KitchenAid. We’ll take a look at some important aspects of both appliance lines and then decide which one stands out more in terms of quality, performance, design, and cost.


Smeg is a brand of appliances, most notably refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers. The company originated in Italy and was founded in 1946. Smeg’s headquarters is located in Gussago, Brescia, Italy. Smeg employs around 1,400 workers and ships its products to over 70 countries worldwide (1). Each appliance is uniquely designed so that the products appeal to consumers looking for an alternative to KitchenAid. Smeg products are known for their sharp edges and turquoise color schemes.

One of the most popular product ranges in the Smeg range is the stand mixer. We’ll take a look at each model and determine which one is better.

Smeg design

This mixer has a retro look, with an attachment arm designed in an hourglass shape (1). The handles are turquoise, providing a touch of color for an otherwise dull appliance (1). The bowl is made from die-cast metal and glass (2), and the beaters are stainless steel with plastic casing for additional protection. Overall this looks like a high quality product, especially when compared to other kitchen appliances that are similar in price.


The mixer is fairly quiet, and produces a high pitched noise when engaging the beaters (1). It is also reasonably loud, enough that when cutting strawberries it could be heard in the kitchen (1). However, it should not be considered particularly loud. The sound is a definite plus. It’s quiet enough to be used in a large kitchen without bothering those around you, but not quiet enough to cause problems in areas such as living rooms where there may be occupants who are particularly sensitive to noise.


The timer on this model can only be set for one hour and no longer. This could make it difficult for some people who find themselves oversleeping or need particular cooking times broken down into smaller increments. However, this could also be considered a feature, as some people may find it convenient to have one long cooking timer for their entire household.

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This model comes with a 30 minute countdown that sounds when the time is up (1). There’s no way to get it back to zero, so no more cooking can be done. The kitchen will be given a warning before the countdown ends, and there’s also an advisory light on the front of the appliance (1). This product is extremely simple and easy to use. It’s perfect for those new to cooking and those that enjoy making short spur of the moment meals. Those who feel like they can’t cook things properly may appreciate this product too.

The only issue with this mixer is the fact that it doesn’t come with power or speed controls. This can be a problem for people who like to cook with eggs or who want to take their time whisking egg whites into stiff peaks. Users also have no way of knowing how fast the mixer is going, a feature similar to KitchenAid’s signature attachments. However, Smeg could potentially add this feature in future models and so it can’t be ruled out as a potential negative aspect of the product.

This mixer has an attractive price tag and a host of good features (1). The design is good, and the device works well on all settings. However, this mixer doesn’t come with power or speed controls, so those who are particular about their cooking may want to look elsewhere. This mixer is perfect for new cooks who enjoy making quick meals and also those looking for an alternative to KitchenAid.


KitchenAid’s first motorized stand mixer, the model K5A, was released in 1919 (3). The company was founded by Hobart Corporation in 1919 in Cleveland Ohio. Hobart was the first company to produce commercial mixers (3). However, these were mechanical mixers that simply stirred ingredients together. It wasn’t until 1921 that the patented planetary mixing action was created (4) which allowed for a more thorough process of mixing ingredients.

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KitchenAid stand mixers are still hand made in Ohio (4), and the company currently has around 1,300 workers. KitchenAid products are sold to over 120 countries worldwide (1), and over 15 million households own a KitchenAid product (5). It’s fair to say that this company is one of the main players in the kitchen appliance industry. 

There are a number of different models of stand mixer available from KitchenAid, with some specifically designed for commercial use in restaurants and bakeries. The mixers vary in price depending on how many accessories they come with, what speed settings they have and what color they are.

Is Smeg a good brand for mixer?

Smeg’s stand mixer is a great choice for new cooks who enjoy making quick meals. The retro design will blend well with other appliances in your kitchen, and the capabilities of this product are good for most common household tasks. However, those who need more precise control over the speed and power of their mixer may want to look elsewhere. The timer is also less than ideal, as users are unable to set a timer longer than an hour.

KitchenAid Mixer

KitchenAid stand mixers are great value for money and come with close to 20 attachments (6). This means that they can be used in a wide variety of cooking situations.

What can a Smeg mixer do?

The mixer comes with a one-year warranty, and also has a five year warranty for parts. There is also a lifetime guarantee on the motor from the manufacturer. The mixer is powerful enough to do almost anything that users want to do. It can be used in almost any kitchen situation, and the attachments available from KitchenAid mean that it can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

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KitchenAid stand mixers are sometimes called ‘full size,’ although this model isn’t as large a stand mixer as others available on the market (8). The main benefit of this product is its large bowl, which means that it can do more tasks at once than other mixers.

What is the difference between Smeg SMF02 and SMF03?

The Smeg SMF02 mixer is a bar style, whereas the Smeg SMF03 is a traditional mixer. There is an additional mix feature on the Smeg SMF03 model that allows you to mix dry ingredients coming from a bowl with the mixer.

The main difference between these two models is the length of their warranty periods. The Smeg SMF02 has a 5 year warranty on its motor, while the Smeg SMF03 offers a 10 year motor guarantee. Both models come with their own matching bowls and beaters.

How do you adjust the SMEG mixer height?

There is a dial on the base of the mixer that can be used to adjust the height of the mixer.

Why do so many people love Kitchen Aid Mixer?

A classic stand mixer like Kitchen Aid’s K5A has proven performance and reliability for over 90 years, and still after all these years continues to benefit from constant improvements and upkeep. This high-quality stand mixer is designed for optimum performance in professional settings or by home chefs that have learnt to appreciate its features.

Do Smeg products ever go on sale?

Smeg products are not generally on sale, however we can sometimes see them discounted by 40% or more. You can also find interesting deals such as free delivery with certain items or free cashback offers.

Final Thoughts:

Smeg is a well-established brand with a long history. Their mixers are great for those new to cooking and for experienced cooks that want an option that looks great and performs well. The quality of their products is second to none, and it’s widely known that Smeg stand mixers last much longer than other brands on the market.