Should I Buy A Hand Mixer Or Stand Mixer? Let’s See!

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a hand mixer or stand mixer. With so many brands and models, it can be hard to choose and sometimes frustrating. This blog post will compare the two types of mixers, showing you what each one is best for in order to help make your decision easier. Let’s get started.

What is a hand mixer?

A hand mixer is a very basic machine that looks like a handheld motorized mixer with two paddles, one on each side, which are used to stir ingredients and mix together foods. Some mixers are powered by batteries while some are powered by electricity. The two types of mixers we will compare the most closely in this article are: stand mixers and hand mixers.

What is a stand mixer?

A stand mixer is a more powerful version of the hand mixer that has more attachments than the basic style, more power and speed settings, plus there is an optional bowl assembly for mixing larger quantities.

These are the most popular brands of stand mixers:  KitchenAid, Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart and Oster.

Different models of stand mixers have different features. For example, some come with dough hooks for kneading bread dough and other models do not include these hooks. Under each model name there are many different sized machines that have slight differences in their attachments and settings. In this article I will compare the two most basic types of mixers- hand mixers and stand mixers. When you go to the store, here are some things you should know:

Most stand mixers have a plastic bowl while some higher priced machines come with stainless steel bowls. Built-in beaters and kneading attachments are common on most stand mixers but not all hand mixers come with these attachments. Almost all stand mixers have a motorized system instead of a motor driven by a hand crank.

What is a hand mixer used for?

A hand mixer is used mostly for everyday kitchen tasks such as mixing up cake batter, cookie dough, and making whipped cream. Any task that doesn’t require a lot if batter or ingredients or any mixing that needs to be done at different speeds can be done with a hand mixer.

What is a stand mixer used for?

A stand mixer can do anything that the hand mixer can do and more! The optional bowl assembly allows you to add multiple extra attachments and do tasks like whip cream, beat eggs, knead dough and even grind meat.

Best Hand Mixer/Stand Mixer Comparison

HAND MIXER STAND MIXER Power & Speed Settings? Hand Mixers Used for? Power & Speed Settings? Stand Mixers Used For?

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Speed of the Beater Blades – Too slow for kneading the dough for bread Dough, Pasta, Grains Slow speed for light beating. Can use attachments to make sure this can beat harder by holding down the button and increasing the speed. Does not need to beat as fast. Uses up a lot of electricity in a short period of time and can be noisy if not properly plugged in or turned off to save energy. Simple bead blenders Work with knives and electric mixers Can only be used with electric mixers. Stand mixers are very powerful and can be used for things like grinding meat and making bread dough. Hand mixers are certainly not suitable for such large amounts of work.

Speed of the Attachments – Right speed for kneading the dough for bread Dough, Pasta, Grains Stands Mixers can work at a high speed to make sure your dough is kneaded well. Hand Mixers only have one attachment that is able to get this result. Extra attachments may be necessary to stop the mixer from becoming a miracle worker or allow you to do so many tasks at once. Switching attachments can take time and can be a hassle. It would be dangerous to use a hand mixer if you were trying to knead bread dough. For this reason, stand mixers are the way to go.

Noise Level – Can be loud Work with knives and electric mixers It doesn’t really matter how loud or quiet it is if you’re using an electric mixer instead of hand crank machine but still it’s not very loud when using this machine. With a stainless steel bowl there is no extra noise that comes from the bowl itself and no need for extra insulation around your bowl. If it is being used in a commercial environment, there is usually background noise that will cover up any unwanted sounds from the mixer.

Batter and Filling Capacity – Can’t handle large batter or filling amounts Heavy duty work Beating Meat, Kneading Dough, Mixing Bread Dough Beaten eggs, whipped cream works better with the stainless steel bowl.

Can you buy attachments for a hand mixer? Yes Yes You can purchase extra attachments that come with the basic stand mixer. They include: a dough hook which is used to mix and knead bread dough, a whisk attachment which is used to whip up eggs or heavy cream and a beater which is used to mix up condensed milk or meringue. There are also special attachments for certain types of mixing like a meat grinder or slicer that do not come with most stand mixers.

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Can you buy attachments for a stand mixer? Yes Yes You can purchase extra attachments that come with the basic stand mixer. They include: a dough hook which is used to mix and knead bread dough, a whisk attachment which is used to whip up eggs or heavy cream and a beater which is used to mix up condensed milk or meringue. There are also special attachments for certain types of mixing like a meat grinder or slicer that do not come with most stand mixers.

Which is better stand mixer or hand mixer?

Hand mixers are much more compact and portable, but stand mixers have additional attachments that a hand mixer does not have. Hand mixers can be used for many other tasks besides mixing things like grating cheese or making whipped cream, but the extra tasks that a hand mixer can do is usually done better by having an extra attachment for your stand mixer.

Hand mixers tend to come with fewer attachments so you could purchase attachments for your stand mixer instead of having to buy them separately.

A hand mixer will not be able to handle large amounts of ingredients or batter that is necessary for tasks like kneading bread dough or grinding meat. Stand mixers are much better equipped to perform these tasks than a hand mixer. Stand mixers are designed to do a lot of tasks and it is very unlikely that you will need to get other machines for your kitchen.

Hand mixers, on the other hand, are more portable and can be stored in places like cupboards so you don’t have to worry about them taking up space on your kitchen counter 24/7.

Do I need a hand mixer if I have a stand mixer?

Stand mixers are much more powerful and have much more attachments than a hand mixer. The attachments that come with a hand mixer are mainly used if you’re making items like whipped cream or kneading bread dough. Other tasks like meat grinding or egg beating is not things that you should use a hand mixer for. If you have the money, go ahead and buy stand mixers if they match your kitchen’s needs better.

Are there any good reasons to purchase both a stand mixer and a hand mixer?

There are many good reasons to get both, but the two main ones are for different cooking styles and for certain tasks that require either one or the other, but not both. Hand mixers can be used for many different tasks and they are very handy when you need to travel with something that needs to get mixed or beaten. Hand mixers are good for small amounts of batter, but it is much easier using a stand mixer if you are making something like a large cake or if you need to knead bread dough. Hand mixers can also be used for tasks like making whipped cream, chopping and cutting food and shredding cheese. Stand mixers don’t come with accessories that can handle these tasks as easily as hand mixers do.

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Can you use a hand mixer instead of an electric mixer?

Hand mixers are cheaper and easier to store than electric mixers. So, if you just want to try out a hand mixer for a few things, sometimes it is better to spend very little money than a lot of money on a stand mixer.

Can you use a stand mixer for small amounts?

If you’re only making small quantities of bread dough, or if you don’t need the attachments that come with your stand mixer, then there is no need to buy a separate stand mixer. It will probably be more cost-effective and easier to purchase just a hand mixer instead of one with all the accessories so making bread dough can be much easier in the long run.

Is hand mixer and beater same?

Yes Yes Hand mixers come with the same attachments that are usually used for hand beating, like a beater and a whisk. Stand mixers come with much more attachments, but generally they have the same base attachments that can be made into different attachments by purchasing extra accessories.

Is it expensive to buy both stand mixer and hand mixer?

You can find good deals on both hand mixers and stand mixers when you shop around, but costs may vary depending on the brand and your location. The prices will also vary depending on how many attachments the mixer has and whether you need all of them or just some of them.


A little bit of research can save you a lot of money over time by not having to buy a separate stand mixer and hand mixer. Having both will leave you with more options to choose from and you won’t have to worry as much about getting things mixed or beaten because they are both handy tools that can be used in many different ways. Once you get one, your confidence will grow because of the various tasks that it can handle so adding it to your kitchen’s repertoire is a great idea. However, keep in mind that just because multiple attachments are more helpful than one doesn’t mean that you’ll use them all at once.