Should I Buy a Breville or a KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

The Breville classic mixer and the KitchenAid stand mixer are two of the finest commercial-grade mixers on the market. Their price points, power, and functionality are remarkably similar; both will work well in a variety of kitchen settings. But which is right for you? Read on to find out more about each model and which may be best suited to your needs.

Breville Classic Mixer Review:

The Breville is a powerful mixing machine that offers incredible versatility with eleven speeds (ranging from 5 to 170 rpm), three bowl sizes, six attachments including an ice cream maker attachment and pasta extruder, as well as voltage compatibility so you can use it internationally if desired. The heavy duty machine also has a five year limited warranty and is monitored by Food Safety Engineers for quality control. It’s also easier on your countertop than the KitchenAid, weighing in at only 28 pounds (compared to the 34 pound weight of the KitchenAid).


– Amazing Value with more functionality than competing high end mixers like the KitchenAid Classic 5 qt model (which has fewer speeds and no pasta press)

– High Capacity Motor – The Breville is less expensive but has a higher capacity motor so it works faster and mixes more recipes before it needs to be cleaned. You can make almost double batches of cookies or bread dough in one mixing session compared to other brands.

– Stainless Steel Bowl vs Plastic Bowl – The bowl on the Breville is made of stainless steel meaning you can use a scraped out dough hook or balloon whisk to scrape the bowl instead of having to clean it. The KitchenAid has a plastic bowl so dough sticks and gets stuck in the crevices making it harder and more time-consuming to clean.


– A Bit Bulky – As with any appliance there is a trade off between size and weight, so while the Breville will sit on your countertop and blend more than a KitchenAid it’s slightly bulkier and heavier at 34 pounds instead of 28 pounds (with a 5 quart bowl). The larger size may be a deterrent for some.

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– Two Bowls Are Necessary – The other issue is that with the Breville you need to use two bowls because of the extra attachments. The bowl it comes with is small, so you will probably also want to buy a larger 5 or 6 quart bowl as well. Depending on your needs this may make the Breville too expensive if you need to buy a second bowl.

KitchenAid Mixer Review: The KitchenAid is a more traditional style mixer designed with smaller bowls, a lower profile, and fewer attachments. It also doesn’t have all of the extra features and modes of the Breville. However, it shares the benefits of being completely versatile for almost every recipe including multiple bowl sizes, speeds from 200 to 12000 rpm (highest speed), thickness settings from .02 mm to .75 mm, speed lock mode to prevent over-speed (and create consistent thickness), and an ice cream attachment.

Does Breville Make A Stand Mixer?

Breville also makes a less expensive stand mixer called the BMX series. The Breville BEM800XL is their most expensive model and is incredibly powerful, but is not a substitute for their classic mixers. While it’s similar in price to the KitchenAid 5 quart model, it may have fallen victim to trying to be too versatile and has many negative reviews online.

Is The Breville Or KitchenAid Mixer Better?

1. Make sure you know how much counter space you have available before deciding. If you don’t have much room for storage then the KitchenAid with its smaller size may be better choice for you.

2. The motor on the Breville is more powerful than that of the KitchenAid, so it will work faster and mix more recipes.

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3. If you plan to use a pasta press, the Breville is a better choice due to its higher capacity motor. You will get much better control over the thickness of your pasta dough and you can keep going longer before cleaning is needed. The KitchenAid has a smaller capacity motor (and no pasta press) and may only be able to make one batch of noodles or mac ‘n cheese before you have to clean out all of the attachments.

4. The Breville has more power and will work faster than the KitchenAid for most recipes.

5. The Breville has more attachments and perhaps better warranty protection (though the 5 year warranty is common for high end mixers) so for the price it’s a better value than the KitchenAid.

6. The Breville may be a better choice if you need to use recipes that require different bowl sizes or, if you want the pasta press attachment, due to its higher motor capacity.

7. If you have less space on your countertop then the KitchenAid may be a better fit due to its smaller size and weight.

The Bottom Line:

If you are making a lot of cookies or cakes, then the Breville is undoubtedly a better buy. However, if you will be making other things such as dough for pizza, bread or pasta, then the KitchenAid is probably a better buy due to its higher motor capacity and multiple options for different recipes.

Where Is Breville Mixer Made?

Breville Mixer USA makes the Breville line of mixers and other products including blenders and food processors. Most of their manufacturing plants are in China but they have a plant in the United States in Canton, Ohio that makes their mixing machines.

Where Is KitchenAid Made?

The KitchenAid line was originally made in the United States and Canada, but it has since been taken over by Whirlpool’s parent company (the Electrolux Group). Today the products are made in China and other Asian countries. Breville Mixer Comparison Chart

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Which Is The Best Mixer For Home Use?

Breville BEM800XL 5 Qt. Mixer

The Breville is a high powered, versatile mixer that is suitable for almost any recipe. It has a wide range of speeds and thickness options, as well as an ice cream attachment for frozen treats. The only downside is that it’s slightly bulkier and heavier than the KitchenAid.

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer

The KitchenAid has a smaller capacity motor and fewer speed options than the Breville but it’s suitable for pretty much any recipe as well (though without an ice cream attachment or pasta press you can’t make your own tomato sauce).

Which Stand Mixer Lasts Longest?

Many people keep their mixers in the kitchen and use them daily, some even multiple times a day. Thus it’s important to know which ones can take it. They may last longer than a year but if they get too old to keep going, you might need to buy a new one.

The kitchenaid KSM150PSER has proven itself to be one of the most durable models on the market. It’s been used by professional chefs in San Francisco and at Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City and Chicago. (See more information on KitchenAid Mixer.) Some even claim it lasts longer than 20 years!

If you don’t want to spend $500 on a top-of-the-line Breville, then look for the KitchenAid 5 Quart Artisan Series model for around $400 at Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart.

Final Thoughts:

The Breville mixer is the better of the two for almost any recipe. However, if you don’t mind spending a little extra money and have less space on your countertop, then the KitchenAid may be a better choice for you. In addition to being smaller, it can still handle any recipe you want to make.

There are other good stand mixers on the market as well, but few that measure up to these two in terms of power and versatility. Now that you have a better idea of which one will suit you best, go ahead and add it to your wish list!

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