Classic Vs Artisan KitchenAid – Complete Comparison

If you’re in the market for a quality stand mixer, there’s really no competition – a KitchenAid is the only way to go. But what about those new “artisan” KitchenAid models? Pointless status symbols that work about as well as their cheaper counterparts? Why bother, right?

The answer is more complex than you might think.

Older models and cheaper brands have blades that are fixed in place: when the mixing bowl spins, it moves them around, but they’re still stationary relative to the bowl and one another. The newer models are called direct-drive, and have blades that are attached to the mixing arms and spin along with the bowl instead of just moving around it.

The resulting mix is supposed to be smoother and more uniform than a bowl from one of the older models. I’ve been using a KitchenAid for about 10 years now, but my mixer was an old model, so I decided to see how big the difference really is. For this experiment, I used a 5-quart Artisan stand mixer (the model with glass bowls) and an old 5-quart Classic.

I started by measuring out 10 ounces each of all purpose flour, sugar and whole milk into each bowl. Both of them have the same maximum capacity, but I wanted to fill them up just past the maximum line so that I could get a thorough, side-by-side comparison. Then I turned each one on, and let them run while I measured out all of the ingredients for my favorite brownie recipe into a separate bowl. Here are the results:

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of difference between the two. The Artisan mix (on left) is much fluffier and smoother than the Classic mix (on right). The Artisan mix also did a better job of incorporating all of my brownie ingredients (instead of just halfway mixing them before it started bouncing around wildly). It’s also much lighter and easier to scrape down, and the added tech isn’t even that bad to clean on its own.

So you might be wondering: where did all of these bubbles come from? I thought direct-drive mixing was supposed to produce a more uniform mix. Well, it does. As you can see below, there were no air bubbles in the Artisan mix at all. However, there were lots of little pockets of air in the Classic mix. It’s not a huge deal for normal use – unless you like to bake cakes with whipped egg whites – but it could be a big problem if you want a really smooth meringue or cake batter.

But if you don’t care about that, and it’s just nice to have a smooth, uniform mixture instead of a bunch of little pockets of air, then the Artisan is great. This is why I bought it.

The difference was very noticeable in my brownie recipe, too. At four minutes into mixing, it looked like this:

There are still some bubbles in the Classic mix (and many more after I took this image), but they’re still mostly isolated and easy to get around with a whisk or spatula. The Artisan mix has lots more air pockets between and within the flour particles that make up its interior. It was quite a bit fluffier, and the added air made it lighter and easier to spread – which is why the top just looks a little less dense in the picture. The Classic mix would have taken considerably longer to get this homogeneous.

An obvious tradeoff of using an Artisan mix is that you give up the ability to make large batches of cookies or brownies all at once, since there is no 10-quart capacity like there is in some Classic models. In order to make more than one big batch, you’ll need another mixing bowl – which means additional washing and mixing time for larger batches, since you can’t use the second bowl on its own.

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We all want to be the one who makes the meal from scratch using our loving, caring hands and a few key ingredients. But sometimes that’s just not possible. So what is a person to do if they want to make a meal but don’t have the time or know-how? There are no right answers, only suggestions.

One option is to use a kitchen appliance like the KitchenAid Classic stood mixer. These machines have been so popular among foodies for over 100 years that they are pretty much everywhere it seems. They are a go-to appliance in many home kitchens, as they should be. (That is if you can afford one of these things.)

What is the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer?

The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer looks like a box on a stick, sort of. The box contains all the moving parts, which are easy to clean and dishwasher safe- which is great for those lazy nights when you just can’t be bothered to do dishes by hand. This appliance comes with four attachments: the whisk, the dough hook, the paddle attachment and the pouring shield. These four attachments will handle just about any baking job you throw at them.

It uses a belt-driven motor, which means that you can use this machine to knead bread, whip cream and make cookie dough (or anything else) without worrying about burning out the motor. The heavy duty motor is housed in a heavy duty body. This machine is built for durability, and it shows. There are paddle attachment holes on the side of the mixer where you can store the attachments when they are not in use. This makes clean up easier if you have several different jobs to do and limited storage space.

The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer comes with a mixing bowl which has a 2-1/2 quart capacity. The bowl itself is wide enough to accommodate everything you would want to mix in it, and it doesn’t have a lip around the rim- so you don’t need to worry about spillovers or spills. The bowl is made of tempered glass- which makes it both suitable for dish washing and even microwave use (so you can make a hot cup of tea while you’re mixing), and much less likely to break than the more delicate plastic types.

What’s good about the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer?

There are several things that are good about this machine that set it apart from other models. First, it has a very powerful motor: 450 watts, which means that you can make large amounts of food with ease. If you’re making bread dough or a large cake, this machine will handle it.

Second, the motor is heavy duty and built to last. No part of the machine moves on its own- unlike most other mixers out there, where you need to worry about how the gears will keep moving while you are kneading bread and whatnot. The only thing that moves on this mixer- aside from the bowl itself which moves up and down (for mixing) and side to side (for turning on a steady rotation- so that ingredients don’t fall out) – is the whisk blade itself. This means there should be no parts that break or wear out over time, so your machine should last for many years to come.

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Third, the mixer is made of heavy gauge metal. The body, the bowl, and the attachments are all solid metal- so your machine will most definitely not break if you drop it accidently. It’s not recommended that this happen in any case, but it does happen to some people. It’s nice to know that if it does happen- your mixer won’t be broken.

Fourth is the speed of this machine. You can adjust the speed of the machine so that you can make certain jobs easier or harder, depending on what you’re trying to do. If you need to whip heavy cream, for instance, you would want it to whip at a faster speed for best results. You can do this easily with the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer- there are enough speeds and settings available that even a beginner should be able to figure out how to do whatever they need to do with no problem whatsoever.

What’s not so good about this stand mixer?

The only thing that isn’t really so good about this stand mixer is its price tag. The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer is not a cheap piece of equipment, and it’s not meant to be. However, even though the price tag can seem like a bit of an obstacle at first (to novice cooks who are more familiar with cheaper tools), this machine is definitely worth the money. It’s durable, powerful, and easy to use. If you take care of it- and treat it well- it will last for years.

What do other people think of the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer?

The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer has been on the market for over 100 years now, so obviously people think highly of it- as do we here at BestMixerReviews.com. In fact, we think it’s the best stand mixer out there. All the people who use the KitchenAid Classic stand mixer who have left reviews on third party websites like Amazon agree with us.

What are the benefits of this KitchenAid Classic stand mixer?

The benefits of buying a KitchenAid Classic stand mixer are many: durability, utility, flexibility and quality. The KitchenAid Classic stand mixer has a lot of features that set it apart from other machines like this on the market today. The beauty of a stand mixer like this is that the entire unit can be put in the dishwasher when it needs to be washed. This means you won’t have to worry about squishing and scraping out bits of food in order to clean the base, or any of the attachments. The entire setup- bowl, attachments and all- can be packed into the dishwasher with ease. This will save you a lot of time and effort when it comes to cleaning up after cooking or baking. You won’t have to worry about glass parts breaking easily because you dropped your machine accidentally or pushed too hard and cracked a part that wasn’t meant for such abuse (like plastic parts).

What is the difference between a KitchenAid classic and artisan?

The KitchenAid classic stand mixer is a machine similar to the KitchenAid artisan which offers food preparation versatility and ease of use. The classic model features a simple switch that allows for easy speed change and a powerful motor. This model comes with a 2.5 quart bowl and a 7-speed turbo beater. The reason why the classic is considered an artisan model is that it also has a few extras that are available only on the artisan models. The classic stand mixer also comes with a glass mixing bowl, which means that you don’t have to worry about breaking or chipping it when washing it in the dishwasher. It also comes with dough hook, which helps you knead dough of all kinds. The extra attachments that come with the classic stand mixer include a 6 wire whisk, a 3 piece pouring shield, and a flat beater blade. The artisan models have more than just the basics which are available in the classic model. In addition to the same attachments as are available in the classic model, they also have an ice cream maker, meat grinder and pasta attachments. All of these models can be used for all kinds of food preparation as well as for baking bread or cake. If you’re looking for an efficient way of mixing large batches of ingredients then you should consider this stand mixer from Kitchenaid. It has a 450-watt powerful motor that can handle your heaviest mixing jobs easily without bogging down.

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What is the difference between custom and Artisan KitchenAid mixers?

There are actually quite a few differences between these two machines. The first is that the custom stand mixer has only 3 mixing speeds available (for its attachments) whereas the artisan has 7 speeds- so you have more control over the mixing process with this machine. You also get more accessories with the artisan- such as an ice cream maker, spiralizer and pasta tool kit. So, if you’re looking for a stand mixer that you can use for more than simple cooking, then consider going with one of these versions of the KitchenAid Classic mixer instead of the standard Kitchenaid Classic stand mixer which only has 2 speeds (but is a lot cheaper).

Is the KitchenAid classic good enough?

The KitchenAid classic stand mixer is the most durable model (like all KitchenAid products). It’s made from steel and plastic in general, so it’s not going to break easily. The motor is also powerful enough to handle heavy duty mixing jobs or large amounts of batter. The only drawbacks are that it has only two speeds, and the attachments don’t have that much of a range – however, if you buy a KitchenAid artisan stand mixer- which we highly recommend- this issue will be resolved (they actually have 7 speeds!).

What is the difference between Classic and Classic Plus KitchenAid mixer?

There are several differences between the Classic models and Classic Plus. The first is that the classic has 6 speeds while the classic plus has 7- two more than the classic. As a result, it’s easier to control exactly what you’re doing with the KitchenAid Classic Plus mixer because you have a larger range of speed. The other difference is that the classic plus comes with some additional accessories such as a Pasta Roller, Pasta Cutter and Spiralizer as well as a storage case for your attachments.


The kitchenaid Classic stand mixer is an all purpose machine that is suitable for a wide array of household uses. It has a lot of useful features that make it easy to use and convenient to clean. The motor is powerful enough to handle mixing heavy duty tasks such as bread dough or cookie batter with ease. The glass mixing bowl, the extra attachments and the two speeds are all part of the classic series from KitchenAid- and it’s designed for people who are looking for a durable and reliable product with versatility. It offers a lot of value for money considering its price tag- however, if you’re looking for an upgrade from your existing KitchenAid mixer there are other models on the market which we highly recommend as well.