Give Boring Brussels Sprouts a Kick with Spicy Air Fryer Seasoning

Spicy brussel sprouts air fryer

Tired of plain and boring Brussels sprouts? Give them a spicy kick with this easy-to-follow air fryer recipe. By air frying your sprouts, you’ll get them crispy and delicious without all the added oil and calories. And with the addition of a spicy seasoning blend, they’ll become a new favorite dish that everyone will love.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elevate plain Brussels sprouts with a spicy air fryer seasoning.
  • Air frying produces crispy and healthier results compared to traditional frying methods.
  • Using an air fryer is a quick and effortless way to prepare flavorful vegetables.
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of your air fryer will ensure optimal performance and longevity.
  • Try other delicious vegetable recipes using your air fryer, such as crispy zucchini fries and seasoned sweet potato wedges.

Why Choose Air Frying for Your Brussels Sprouts?

If you’re looking for easy air fryer recipes that are healthy, quick, and delicious, air frying Brussels sprouts is a great option. Not only does it require very little oil, but it also results in a crispy and flavorful dish that is sure to please your taste buds.

One of the biggest advantages of using an air fryer is its speed. Air frying Brussels sprouts is much quicker than using an oven, with the added benefit of producing better results. This is because the hot air circulation in an air fryer ensures that your sprouts are evenly cooked and perfectly crispy.

Air frying is also a healthy option for cooking meals. Compared to traditional deep frying, air frying requires significantly less oil, which reduces the calorie count of your meals. Additionally, air frying is a great way to retain the nutrients in your food, making it a more health-conscious choice.

The Secret to Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Transforming Brussels sprouts into a crispy and flavorful dish is easy with the help of an air fryer. To ensure the best results, follow these key tips:

  1. Start with fresh Brussels sprouts. Choose sprouts with tight, firm leaves and no signs of yellowing or wilting.
  2. Trim the ends and remove any loose or damaged leaves. Wash the sprouts thoroughly and pat them dry.
  3. Cut the sprouts into uniform sizes for even cooking. Halve smaller sprouts and quarter larger ones.
  4. Preheat the air fryer to the recommended temperature for Brussels sprouts, usually around 375°F.
  5. Arrange the sprouts in a single layer in the air fryer basket, ensuring that there is enough space for air to circulate.
  6. Cook the sprouts for the recommended time, shaking the basket occasionally to ensure even cooking. Check the sprouts towards the end of the cooking time and adjust as necessary to achieve desired crispiness.

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to create crispy and delicious Brussels sprouts every time you cook them in your air fryer.

Creating the Spicy Seasoning Blend

Now that you’ve prepped your Brussels sprouts for air frying, it’s time to create the perfect spicy seasoning blend. This blend will not only add a kick of flavor but also enhance the crispiest of the sprouts themselves. Here is everything you need to know:

Gather Your Ingredients

To make the seasoning blend, you will need:

  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (or more for extra spice)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil

Mix the Ingredients

In a small bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients. Then, add two tablespoons of olive oil and mix well until all the spices are evenly distributed.

Season Your Brussels Sprouts

To season the Brussels sprouts, place them in a large mixing bowl and pour the spice blend over them. Use your hands to toss the sprouts, making sure each one is coated in the spice mix.

Once your sprouts are coated with the seasoning blend, they are ready to air fry!

The spicy seasoning blend is perfect not just for Brussels sprouts but also for other flavorful air fryer vegetables. So, feel free to experiment with different vegetables and see what works best for you!

Preparing Your Brussels Sprouts for Air Frying

To begin preparing your Brussels sprouts for air frying, start by cleaning them under cold running water. Remove any damaged or wilted outer leaves and trim the stem ends. Pat them dry with a paper towel.

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Next, cut the sprouts in half lengthwise. If any are particularly large, cut them into quarters. Be sure to cut them into uniform sizes so they cook evenly in the air fryer.

Once you’ve cut the sprouts, toss them in a bowl with a tablespoon of olive oil, salt, and pepper. This will help them develop a crispy texture while air frying.

Transfer the seasoned Brussels sprouts to the air fryer basket, making sure to arrange them in a single layer. Avoid overcrowding the basket, as this can cause uneven cooking and prevent them from getting crispy.

Preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees F before adding the sprouts. Then, cook them for 10-15 minutes, shaking the basket occasionally to ensure even cooking. Once they’re golden brown and crispy, remove them from the air fryer and serve immediately.

Pro Tip:

If you want to add even more flavor to your Brussels sprouts, try tossing them with the spicy seasoning blend before air frying. This will give them a bold and zesty kick that pairs perfectly with their natural nutty flavor.

Air Frying Brussels Sprouts to Perfection

Now that your Brussels sprouts are prepped and seasoned, it’s time to air fry them to crispy, spicy perfection!

First, preheat your air fryer to 375°F. Once it’s heated up, carefully place your seasoned Brussels sprouts into the fryer basket. Be sure not to overcrowd them. It’s best to air fry them in batches if needed.

Next, air fry the sprouts for 12-15 minutes, shaking the basket every 5 minutes to ensure even cooking. Adjust the cooking time if necessary to achieve your desired level of crispiness.

Once the Brussels sprouts are golden brown and crispy, remove them from the air fryer and let them cool for a few minutes before serving. These tasty air fryer appetizers are sure to be a hit at your next gathering!

Air Frying Brussels Sprouts to Perfection Tips

Here are some additional tips for air frying Brussels sprouts to perfection:

  • Preheat your air fryer for 3-5 minutes before adding your Brussels sprouts. This will ensure even cooking.
  • Ensure your sprouts are cut into uniform sizes to ensure even cooking.
  • Don’t overcrowd the air fryer basket. This will prevent the sprouts from cooking evenly.
  • Shake the basket every 5 minutes during cooking to ensure even browning.
  • Adjust cooking time if necessary to achieve desired level of crispiness.

Serving Suggestions and Pairings

Now that you have delicious and flavorful air-fried Brussels sprouts, it’s time to decide how to serve them. These spicy sprouts make for a perfect and healthy side dish for any meal, from roasted chicken to grilled fish. But don’t stop there!

You can also incorporate them into other recipes, such as stir-fries, salads, and pasta dishes. The spicy flavor adds a new dimension of taste for a truly unique and enjoyable meal experience.

If you’re looking for a tasty appetizer for your next party or gathering, these spicy air-fried Brussels sprouts are a perfect choice. Serve them up with a side of ranch dressing or aioli, and watch your guests come back for seconds (and thirds!).

If you’re looking for other flavorful air fryer vegetables to add to your meal, consider trying crispy zucchini fries or seasoned sweet potato wedges. These easy air fryer recipes are sure to impress your taste buds and elevate your mealtime experience.

Tips and Tricks for Air Frying Success

Air frying is a convenient and healthy cooking method that can elevate your Brussels sprouts to the next level. To ensure successful air frying, follow these tips:

Preheat your air fryer

It’s essential to preheat your air fryer before cooking to ensure that your Brussels sprouts cook evenly. Preheating also helps to achieve that crispiness that makes fried foods irresistible. Preheat your air fryer to the recommended temperature before adding your seasoned Brussels sprouts.

Avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket

Arrange the Brussels sprouts in a single layer in the air fryer basket, leaving space between each one. Overcrowding the basket can result in uneven cooking and soggy Brussels sprouts. If you have a large batch to cook, do it in batches for the best results.

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Check and shake the basket frequently

During the cooking process, it’s crucial to check and shake the basket frequently to ensure that the Brussels sprouts cook evenly. If you notice any uneven browning, rearrange the sprouts in the basket or rotate the basket for even cooking.

Adjust cooking time and temperature based on your air fryer

Every air fryer is different, so it’s crucial to adjust the cooking time and temperature based on your air fryer’s specifications. Keep a close eye on the Brussels sprouts, and if they’re not as crispy as you’d like, cook them for an additional few minutes until they reach your desired level of crispiness.

Experiment with different seasonings

While the spicy seasoning blend is certainly delicious, don’t be afraid to experiment with different seasonings to find your favorite flavor combination. Try adding garlic powder, onion powder, or paprika for a different flavor profile.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create perfectly crispy and flavorful Brussels sprouts in your air fryer every time!

Other Delicious Air Fryer Vegetable Recipes

Air frying is not just for Brussels sprouts. You can use this versatile cooking method to prepare a variety of flavorful vegetables that are both healthy and easy to make. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Vegetable Preparation Seasoning Options
Zucchini Cut into sticks or rounds Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese, garlic powder
Sweet Potato Cut into wedges or cubes Cinnamon, brown sugar, paprika
Broccoli Cut into florets Lemon pepper, garlic and herb seasoning, parmesan cheese
Cauliflower Cut into florets Taco seasoning, curry powder, buffalo sauce

These flavorful air fryer vegetables make a great addition to any meal or can even be enjoyed as a tasty snack. Best of all, they are quick and easy to make, making them the perfect addition to your busy weeknight dinner rotation.

Health Benefits of Air Frying Brussels Sprouts

If you’re looking for healthy air fryer meals, look no further than Brussels sprouts. These flavorful air fryer vegetables are loaded with nutrients, low in calories, and rich in fiber, making them a perfect addition to any meal.

Air frying your Brussels sprouts helps retain more of their nutrients compared to traditional frying methods. This means you can enjoy all the health benefits of this nutrient-rich vegetable without sacrificing taste or texture. Plus, air frying uses little to no oil, which reduces your calorie intake and helps promote weight loss.

Brussels sprouts are also high in antioxidants, which can help reduce inflammation in the body and lower your risk of chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. They also contain vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate, all of which are essential for optimal health.

To reap the full benefits of these delicious and healthy vegetables, try air frying them with a spicy seasoning blend for a flavorful and nutritious meal or side dish. Your taste buds and body will thank you!

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Air Fryer

To ensure your air fryer continues to function optimally, it’s important to properly clean and maintain it. Here are some tips:

  1. Before cleaning, ensure that your air fryer has completely cooled down. Never attempt to clean while it is still hot.
  2. Unplug your air fryer before cleaning it.
  3. Remove the basket or tray and wash it with warm water and soap. Use a non-abrasive sponge or cloth to avoid scratching the surface.
  4. Use a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places such as the heating element.
  5. Wipe the exterior of the air fryer with a damp cloth. Do not use strong detergents or abrasive materials that can damage the surface.
  6. For tough stains or grease, use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the basket and exterior of the air fryer.
  7. Allow all parts to air dry completely before reassembling and storing your air fryer.
  8. To maintain the functionality of your air fryer, refer to the user manual for additional maintenance tips and best practices.
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By following these tips, you can ensure your air fryer stays clean and in excellent condition, ready to prepare delicious and healthy meals.


Brussels sprouts are a nutritious and versatile vegetable that can be transformed into a mouth-watering dish with the help of an air fryer and a spicy seasoning blend. By air frying your sprouts, you’ll enjoy the benefits of faster cooking times, healthier results, and less oil usage. Plus, the crispy texture and flavorful seasoning will make this dish a new favorite in your household.

To get the most out of your air fryer, be sure to properly prep your sprouts and adjust the temperature and timing accordingly. Use our step-by-step guide to create a delicious and spicy seasoning blend that will take your sprouts to the next level. Serve them as a side dish, a tasty appetizer, or incorporate them into other recipes that call for flavorful and healthy vegetables.

Don’t stop at just Brussels sprouts! Explore other delicious vegetable recipes that can be prepared in your air fryer, including zucchini fries and sweet potato wedges. And don’t forget to follow our cleaning and maintenance tips to ensure your air fryer remains in perfect condition for years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Elevate your Brussels sprouts game by whipping up a batch of spicy air fryer sprouts today!


Why should I choose air frying for my Brussels sprouts?

Air frying offers several advantages, including the ability to cook with less oil, faster cooking times, and healthier results. It is also convenient and versatile for preparing delicious meals.

How can I achieve crispy Brussels sprouts in an air fryer?

To achieve crispy Brussels sprouts, it’s important to select fresh sprouts, properly prep them, and adjust the temperature and timing in your air fryer. This will help you achieve the desired level of crispiness.

How do I create a spicy seasoning blend for air-fried Brussels sprouts?

To create a spicy seasoning blend for your Brussels sprouts, combine the desired spices such as chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Adjust the amounts to suit your taste preferences.

How should I prepare my Brussels sprouts before air frying them?

Start by cleaning and trimming the sprouts. Cut them into uniform sizes for even cooking. This will ensure that they cook evenly and achieve the desired texture.

What are the recommended cooking times and temperatures for air frying Brussels sprouts?

It is recommended to preheat your air fryer to around 400°F (200°C). Cook the seasoned Brussels sprouts for approximately 15-20 minutes, or until they are crispy and golden brown. Remember to shake the basket occasionally for even cooking.

How can I serve my spicy air-fried Brussels sprouts?

Spicy air-fried Brussels sprouts can be served as a flavorful side dish or incorporated into other recipes. They can also be a delicious appetizer for parties and gatherings.

What are some tips and tricks for air frying success?

To ensure air frying success, remember to properly preheat the air fryer, arrange the sprouts for optimal airflow, and avoid overcrowding the basket. These steps will help you achieve the best results.

Are there other delicious air fryer vegetable recipes I can try?

Absolutely! Air fryers are versatile for cooking a variety of vegetables. Explore recipes like crispy zucchini fries or seasoned sweet potato wedges to experience the range of flavors you can create.

What are the health benefits of air frying Brussels sprouts?

Air frying helps retain more nutrients in Brussels sprouts compared to traditional frying methods. This promotes a healthier diet and allows you to enjoy the nutritious benefits of this vegetable.

How do I clean and maintain my air fryer?

To clean your air fryer, safely remove and wash the removable parts with warm soapy water. Wipe down the inside of the air fryer with a damp cloth. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your air fryer.

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