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Who Makes Kirkland Ice Cream? Why Are They So Delicious!

Kirkland’s ice creams are one of the most celebrated names in the premium ice cream category. Their rich flavor and high-quality ingredients made them an obvious choice for ice cream lovers.

In this article, we will talk about who makes Kirkland ice cream and why people love them so much. We will also give a brief Kirkland ice cream review in the latter part of the article.

Who Makes Kirkland Ice Creams?

Kirkland ice creams are found nationwide. It is a house production by Humboldt Creamery. They are the one who makes Kirkland ice cream and sells nationwide via Walmart.

However, they don’t own the Kirkland brand. The Kirkland ice creams are sold under the brand Costco. Costco is the owner of Kirkland and many other brands. Humboldt Creamery is the one that manufactures those ice creams for them.

Humboldt Creamery

Humboldt Creamery was founded by Peter Philipson in 1929. At first, it was an association including 152 local dairy farms. Later on,  they limited their operations to 50 family dairies. At that time,  only two firms including Humboldt had the “free farmed” certification.

As per reports, they have produced 10 million gallons of ice cream in an annual year alongside milk, butter, cheese, and other dairy products. In later years, they made new contracts and purchased new ice cream companies thus making them one of the largest creamery in the USA.

Unfortunately, from 2009 they started to face numerous financial issues. Throughout the later years, they went through quite a few organizational and strategical changes.


Costco is a membership-only big-box retail store based in America. They have started their journey in 1983. In 2016, Costco is the largest retailer of items like organic foods, rotisserie chicken, wine, choice and prime beef, etc.

Costco was placed in 10th position on the Fortune 500 in 2021. They are operating in countries like – Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, etc. As of 2020, their revenue was US$166.76 billion.

Kirkland is their private label. The name Kirkland came from the former location of the company in Kirkland. The main goal behind starting private label products was to give customers good products at relatively more affordable prices.

How to Pick The Best Ice Cream?

Before jumping to Kirkland ice cream review, let us discuss how to make a good ice cream purchase decision. There are a few things you might want to consider when you are planning to buy ice cream.

Quality Comes First

Ice cream is quite opposite of what we consider healthy food. It is usually made of preservatives, artificial colors, and high sugar. These ingredients have been criticized for the longest.

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In recent times, Ice cream makers have been more cautious about what they are putting in their ice cream as people are more health-conscious nowadays. They are promoting ice creams that are chemical-free, low carb, less sugar, etc.

Make sure you are buying the ones that have the quality ingredient with them. It may cost you a bit more than the usual ones, but the taste and feel would be better.

Always Check The Nutritional Values

Have you ever checked the opposite side of the jar where there are quite a few miniature labels and writing? We bet you rarely have checked those. And you’re not alone. Most of the consumer doesn’t look at those labels. Everyone is busy with the beauty of the packaging

But you should read and take those labels seriously. Oftentimes, we have some allergies or sensitivity towards certain ingredients. Reading those labels on any product, will help to us to avoid them and stay safe.

Texture Means Business!

Have you ever bought an ice cream and seen all those shiny crystals reflecting sunshine?

No, not really. But we all have seen crystals of ice in cheaper ice creams whereas the expensive ones are more creamy and thick. That is because of the good texture of ice cream. Textures prevent the cream to become more ice rather than cream.

Also, good textured ice cream will not melt too quickly in your mouth. That should allow you to enjoy the full taste of ice cream. They hold the flavor better with milk. Oftentimes the flavor got too mixed up with the milk and thus the milk overrules the added flavor.

The Freshness of The Cream

If you are buying from a truck, ask the seller to show at least some of the cream beforehand. Some may resist that but we suggest you insist on them. You can also try a little if they offer you so.

The reason is, the cream is very prone to degrading. If they are not made of good quality ingredients, it will be hard for them to stay fresh for a longer period. Also, the hygiene of the truck freezers can be questionable as well. Be careful with them.

Kirkland Ice Cream Review

Kirkland is one of the most liked ice creams in the world, especially in the west. They are known for their good taste and enriched textures. Kirkland ice cream ingredients have always been top-notch and better than most of the competitors.

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If you look at Kirkland ice cream bar nutrition, you will find they have all the nutritional value on point. They also have low-fat ice creams so that they can capture all types of customers in the market.

Some of their products, such as – Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream has over-throned big names like Baskin Robbins with their enriched taste and overall texture. Customers have made that their go-to premium Vanilla ice cream choice.

Kirkland ice cream comes in many forms. There are Kirkland ice cream sandwiches, Kirkland ice cream bars, and regular box-sized ones. You can find them in all the online grocery stores, especially in Walmart.

So now you know who makes Kirkland ice cream. They are coming from one of the best dairy product manufacturers Humboldt.

We have also talked about how good Kirkland ice creams are and told you how to pick the right ice cream for yourself. Hopefully, next time when you buy one, you will get the best one.

What brand is Costco vanilla ice cream?

Vanilla is the most popular flavor, and it’s not just in ice cream. Customers are always looking for good vanilla ice cream brands. So we have to tell them what is the best store bought brand of vanilla ice cream.

What is Costco’s brand of vanilla ice cream?

It is a brand of its own, Kirkland Signature Premium Vanilla Ice Cream. The label describes it as smooth and creamy with no artificial colors or flavors added but with a hint of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Extract. There are 150 calories in each 1/2 cup serving with 10 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of protein.

Where is Kirkland vanilla ice cream made?

The brand is made in the U.S., but the ingredients may come from many different countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia and France.

How can I buy Kirkland vanilla ice cream?

Kirkland Signature Ice Cream is sold in supermarkets like Walmart and Costco as well as at Costco.ca. However, one of the most popular places for its sale is Amazon where it can be found on page 18 in the frozen food section or by clicking on “Frozen Food” on their website.

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Who makes Costco’s vanilla?

In addition to the Kirkland Signature brand, Costco’s vanilla is also offered under several other labels. They include Bakers & Chefs Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, Blue Bunny Milk and Cookies Ice Cream, Blue Bunny Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in a Pint, Carvel Vanilla Fudge Premium Ice Cream, Edy’s Grand Vanilla Fudge Premium Ice Cream and Klondike Sundae Shoppe Vanilla Bean No Sugar Added Ice Cream.

What does Costco vanilla taste like?

The Kirkland Signature Premium Vanilla tastes very good. Their ingredients have a great flavor and come from some of the best suppliers in the world. The texture is creamy, just like it should be for ice cream.

What other vanilla ice cream brands are there?

The most popular brand is Ben & Jerry’s. It is a Vermont-based company that has been around since 1978. They have many different flavors including Chunky Monkey, Half Baked and Cherry Garcia. Another good one is Breyers where every product is made with natural ingredients, minimally processed and free of artificial flavors or colors. Breyers also offers its own vanilla flavor in Cherry Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream as well as Vanilla Bean No Sugar Added Ice Cream . . . More about those brands a little later on.

What is a calorie bar? Is it healthy?

A calorie bar is a nutrition bar that has between 150 and 350 calories per serving, depending on how big it is and whether there are any other ingredients in it besides nuts and chocolate chips. A typical calorie bar is about half an inch thick and about 3.5 inches by 5 inches in size. That’s the same size as a candy bar, but it lacks the creamy filling and chocolate coating filled with “junk” that comes on most candy bars. It is “healthy” because it contains wholesome ingredients like nuts, grains and fruits. However, a calorie bar is still a treat, so if you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to try other bars with less calories instead of calorie bars.

Kirkland ice cream is sold in many different forms, on Amazon and in Costco. They are one of the most popular ice cream brands in the world. If you want to know more about their nutrition facts and ingredients, you can always check that out on their website. There are Kirkland vanilla ice cream reviews out there that say that Kirkland brings a good taste but not always a great texture with it. There are vanilla flavors that do have a creamy texture, but they may lack the natural vanilla taste they promise to have.