Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is a rich, liquid extract that offers a clean and intense flavor. It can be used as an adjunct to other foods or beverages, such as baking and cocktails. This decoction is traditionally made by hand according to the time-honored methods of Mexican vanilla-growing regions.

The popularity of Mexican Pure Vanilla has taken off in the past few years because it offers an exceptional value for its quality. The processes used to make this extract are time-tested and are still used in the production of other high-quality vanilla extracts.

This process is labor intensive, using hand methods in small batches that allow for careful control of the extraction. The flavors imparted by these extracts are rich, complex and distinct. Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is made from Papirosene Vanilla Beans that have been specially cured and fermented for at least 5 months. The beans are air-dried, split open and then soaked in a decoction of pure alcohol.

This traditional Mexican Vanilla Extract is the result of a careful and controlled process that requires years of experience and the use of small quantities of beans. It begins with curing vanilla beans with a solution of pure alcohol, then fermenting them for 5 months. The resulting extract possesses a deep, full and lingering taste.

Once the decoction is prepared, it is added to vodka and aged for an additional 3 months to complete the process. For this reason, this extract has much stronger flavors than “vanilla extracts” found in supermarkets. When used as a flavoring ingredient in cocktails or cooking, Mexican Pure Vanilla can greatly enhance other flavors.

Mexican Vanilla Extract can be added to hot or cold brewed coffee, whipped cream, yogurt and desserts. It is also great for flavoring ice creams, mousses, puddings and beverages such as shakes, smoothies and milkshakes. Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract from Hamdy-Misr is a natural ingredient that delivers a distinct vanilla flavor with a strong aroma. Due to its authentic taste, Mexican Pure Vanilla can easily replace more expensive extracts on your menus.

Some of the most popular dishes made with Mexican Pure Vanilla are flans (caramel custards), fresh fruit salads and vanilla pudding. In some areas of Mexico, it is used to make a drink known as “Rompope,” which is typically made with rum, sugar and Mexican Pure Vanilla.

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Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract appeals to customers who are searching for a product that delivers additional value with its rich taste. With its intense flavor, Mexican Pure Vanilla can be added in small quantities to other foods or beverages without overwhelming their tastes.

The extract is made from the highest quality vanilla beans and contains no artificial colors or preservatives. It can be used straight from the bottle as a flavoring ingredient or as an extract in recipes and cocktails. This product is an excellent complement to other food products and does not have the strong alcohol scent that some pure extracts have.

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is the ideal choice for chefs, bar owners and bartenders. It is also a good fit for food and beverage manufacturers who are looking to expand their menus with bold flavors.

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is made from premium, hand-selected beans cultivated in Mexico, the original birthplace of the vanilla plant. Our proprietary cold extraction process gently draws out and preserves the vanilla’s more than 300 flavor compounds, resulting in one of the world’s most exceptional vanilla.

A rich marriage of sweet and woody notes, the Mexican vanilla flavor profile has a deep, creamy, spicy-sweet character, similar to clove or nutmeg. Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract’s unique flavor profile means it works especially well with chocolate, citrus fruits, cinnamon, cloves and other warm spices. The vanilla’s spiciness complements chile peppers and tomatoes, smoothing out their heat and acidity.

You can finally get the authentic pure Mexican Vanilla from Mexico without the cost of travel, hotel, avoiding the water, etc! Our vanilla product is made from real vanilla beans, is brought into the U.S. legally (FDA# 16359565038) and doesn’t contain dangerous Coumarin or Corn Syrup as most vanilla products at the border have. Shop safely and securely at our online store.

We offer Mexican Vanilla in many shapes and sizes. Economical easy to ship plastic bottles are great for baking and store for years. We also have Exquisite Hand Blown Glass bottles that are some of the most beautiful packaging we’ve ever seen! Many people will buy the hand blown glass bottles for their counter top, and use the plastic economical bottles to refill them. They make great gifts for friends, family and co-workers.

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Discover the taste and scent of this wonderful plant today!

Mexican Vanilla can be found in ice cream, pastries, desserts, shakes and is one of the most popular flavors in the world! It also has a soothing scent that makes it a favorite among oils and candles. Use it like you would with any recipe but be prepared… You’ll never be able to go back to any other vanilla!

Does your Mexican Vanilla contain Coumarin?

No. The FDA banned Coumarin in food products quite a few years ago which wiped out most of our competition in a hurry. As far as we know, there are only three companies allowed to export their vanilla from Mexico as a result. Coumarin is a blood thinner used in rat poisons that causes liver damage. That’s one of the reasons you shouldn’t buy your cheap vanilla just across the border.

What is Vanillin?

If you inspect the inner core of the vanilla bean you will discover small crystals that form on the inner layer of the pod. Those crystals contain much of the scent of the vanilla bean. It’s true that a synthetic scent has been introduced into the Mexican market in recent years but that is not found in our Pure Mexican Vanilla.

What is the difference between Clear and Dark Vanilla?

Color 😉 Actually, the vanilla beans do not shed much color at all. Do you remember your last bowl of vanilla bean ice cream? You’ll see a lot of little brown spots in the cream colored ice cream. Those little tiny spots are the actual vanilla beans. We have grown so accustomed to the brown color from imitation vanilla that we have added caramel coloring (made from molasses) to our darker versions of Mexican Vanilla. The darker version is by far our best seller too!

What is a good brand of Mexican vanilla?

Beware of imitation. Vanillin is the name given to a synthetic that has been added to products and is not derived naturally. There are only three companies allowed to export their vanilla from Mexico as a result of FDA regulations. Those three companies are Hamdy-Misr, Dulce de Mexico and Sauza (formerly Zafra).

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Why does Mexican Vanilla cost more than Imitation vanilla?

The demand for quality and authentic Mexican Vanilla has resulted in high prices for the beans, making it very difficult for our competition to provide an honest product. We purchase from the original companies in Mexico that have been exporting their product for over 60 years now.

What should I look for when buying vanilla in Mexico?

You should look for the name of the company. The main companies are Hamdy-Misr, Dulce de Mexico and Sauza (formerly Zafra). There is a fourth company, but they didn’t get around to obtaining FDA approval and don’t export vanilla from Mexico as of yet.

What is Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract?

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is made from hand-selected beans and is prepared using a gentle cold extraction process. Our extract contains only one ingredient that provides a rich flavor – pure Mexican vanilla beans. It’s ideal for use in cocktails, deserts, liqueurs and other food products.

How much vanilla is needed for 1 gallon of extract?

We have done our own testing and found that the beans need to be almost completely covered by alcohol for about 90 days. The true rule for making extract is: put enough liquid in your container to cover 1 cup of beans and add more liquid as the beans absorb it, changing your liquid every 30 days or so (just like you do with a scoby). That’s what we do here at VanillaBoys.

Which is better Mexican or Madagascar vanilla?

In Mexico we use 18,000 vanilla seeds per kilo and the overall price of the beans is $6.50 per kilo. In Madagascar they use 18,000 beans but charge $10.00 per kilo. We feel that Mexican vanilla is superior but the price difference is dramatic.

Mexican vanilla is not just for Mexicans. It’s one of the most popular flavors in the world and can be used in many applications such as baking, ice cream, desserts and drinks. Just like with any extract, we prefer to mix it with something other than water. Try mixing 5% with a whole milk or heavy cream that you use in your coffee or tea. You’ll taste that difference. Pretty Vanilla Beans (14 oz) 5 Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract $12.95 7 Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract $19.95 9 True Mexican Pure Extract $24.95 12 Whole Mexican Vanilla Beans 20 True Mexican Pure Extract & 10 Pretty Vanilla Beans $49.