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Originally founded in 1958 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, QuikTrip Corporation is a family-owned business that operates over 1,400 restaurants across the U.S. While many franchises have expanded to several states or even countries outside of the United States, QuikTrip has resolutely remained headquartered in Tulsa despite growth opportunities all around them.

QuikTrip’s signature product is their Made Fresh To Order food menu. They offer a broad range of hot food items, including their trademark Burritos, Tacos, Fries, Salads, Sandwiches, Quesadillas and Desserts.

QuikTrip was one of the early adopters to the popular Burrito franchise in America, when they launched their Burritos in 1997. This has become a staple menu item for QuikTrip customers to enjoy with any one of the wide range of drinks that are offered by QuikTrip.

QuikTrip Corporation has an extremely dedicated customer base that have formed strong relationships with the iconic QQQQ logo, which is displayed at every location. They also pride themselves on providing top quality customer service at their facilities.

There are over 1,400 locations across 12 states in the U.S., mostly concentrated in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. The corporation has always been family owned and operated since its inception in 1958.

The QQQQ logo is the iconic sign of QuikTrip Corporation. It consists of a blue circle with a white “Q”, an orange “t”, and a white “triangle” signifying the company’s buildings. There are some regional differences in some stores that have adopted an orange-colored Q or T, while others have occasionally used a different colored background for the logo.

Despite being involved in the food industry for over half a century, QuikTrip has not allowed franchising to become its main source of growth. This is mainly due to their desire to stick with the values that have led them to become one of America’s best-loved brands.

While many franchisors have launched over 700 new franchise locations each year, QuikTrip has only enrolled 25 new franchises per year on average since 2009.

The corporation has made it clear that they do not intend on opening any more locations and that will remain their current expansion strategy: development of self-owned locations or strategic acquisitions of existing franchises.

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QuikTrip has always been known for their unique, unique and unique concept of creating a family environment. All employees are encouraged to be engaged and collaborative with customers and each other. Employees at QuikTrip receive the employee benefits that they desire, particularly health care and 401k savings plans.

QuikTrip Corporation is a very charitable corporation that contributes generously to the community and local organizations that represent them. Over the years they have been involved in many different charitable causes, from donating chairs for kids with disabilities to supporting Oklahoma’s young entrepreneurs.

While many franchisees are pressured to open new locations every year, QuikTrip Corporation has an extremely slow expansion rate. The corporation has strict criteria for all locations, which involves a lengthy approval process that weeds out franchises that are not a good fit. They have also used strategic acquisitions to expand their business into numerous states across the U.S., including Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

QuikTrip Corporation has an extremely loyal customer base that have formed strong friendships with the iconic QQQQ logo. They also pride themselves on providing top quality customer service at their facilities.

First introduced in 1986 in Atlanta, Georgia, the concept has grown to over 1,300 locations across the country. As of Sunday March 18th 2014 QuikTrip Corporation announced that they would be discontinuing the Made Fresh To Order menu starting Monday March 26th 2014 at 6am. The decision to do this was made by company founder Doug Fraser.

He stated that it is “not economically feasible to continue to serve hot food on wooden tables by someone who isn’t on site all day.”

The first ever Made Fresh To Order restaurant was the newly opened Auburn, Alabama location. QuikTrip wanted to test out the concept before expanding its size.

The announcement of this menu change seemed rather sudden, as the menu change was originally made on Saturday March 10th 2014 with all locations being informed of the news after it happened.

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As of today, QuikTrip has not listed any information regarding replacement menus, price changes or other factors concerning this new menu feature. As the Made Fresh to Order Food menu has been a staple since 1986, many customers are disappointed with this decision.

Does Qt sell breakfast all day?

QuikTrip is known for making almost their entire menu fresh to order. This includes offering made to order sandwiches, burritos, tacos, quesadillas and desserts.

Recently QuikTrip has started testing out offering breakfast all day at some locations.

How much is pizza at QT?

The price for pizza depends on the ingredients used and the size of the pie, but most locations sell a large pizza for $6.00.

Is there a Starbucks at QT?

Some locations offer Starbucks coffee and other items such as hot chocolate and muffins, but what has marked QuikTrip as unique is that they serve all their coffee in fresh cups. Coffee is still sold in individual bags or in bulk amounts, so customers may purchase whatever size they desire at whatever location they desire.

Is QT serving food?

Yes. Some locations such as those in Tulsa serve food such as hot dogs, nachos and pizza year-round; however, the rest of its locations serve Made Fresh To Order food.

Are QT’s price high?

No, QuikTrip is known for having some of the lowest gas and food prices of all gas stations and convenience stores in general. For example, a $1 draft beer is $1 at most QT locations. It also carries about 60 different types of soda and other beverages to satisfy any type of customer taste buds.

QuikTrip Corporation offers their customers an array of choices ranging from small flavor options such as vanilla or strawberry for $0.

What does Qt have for breakfast?

QuikTrip has a full breakfast menu, including the new Made Fresh To Order dishes. Breakfast is served all day at some locations while some locations have specific hours for breakfast service.

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Is there Wi-Fi at QT?

No, but according to QuikTrip this is because they find that it is more important to create an environment that caters to its customers where they can feel comfortable without being on their laptops or cell phones.

The business began in 1958 when founder Chester Cadieux bought a single store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and named it “Twin Teepee”, after the local landmark Twin Rocks.

Is a cheeseburger a good deal at QT?

Yes, a QT cheeseburger is a great deal as it consists of a beef patty, cheese and bun for only $1.15.

Does Qt make their own donuts?

No, this is because maintaining the freshness of the donuts does not make sense for the company because ingredients for donuts are purchased in bulk and not made-to-order.

What other products does Qt sell?

Low prices along with convenience are what make QuikTrip Corporation great. The company stocks all of their locations with over 60 different flavors of soda, candy, chips and snacks to satisfy any taste buds that customers have. The entire menu consists of Made Fresh To Order products that are prepared fresh to order at each location.

The stores offer a wide range of items such as sodas, water, snack foods, bottled beverages and even ice cream.

Though the franchise has excelled in many areas it is noted that QuikTrip Corporation is lacking in its soft-drinks division. This division may also be suffering due to the fact that it offers fewer choices compared to other convenience store franchises.

QuikTrip Corporation is known for having one of the lowest gas prices at their locations. Most locations offer gasoline for $1.84 per gallon, which allows customers to save money on top of already low-priced food and snacks found at QT.

This gas price has steadily declined over the years as fuel prices have become more uniform across all gas stations and convenience stores.