Which One To Choose: Braun HM1010BK Vs Hamilton Beach 62650 Mixer

If you’re like me and don’t want to be stuck with a subpar mixer, then you need to read this post! After hours of research and interviews with other buyers, we recommend the Braun HM1010BK as your go-to. It has more power than its competitor, giving it a better ability to mix dough or whip cream. Plus it comes with a five year warranty that your more affordable Hamilton Beach mixer can’t offer!

The Braun HM1010BK is best for small families and couples who are looking for an electric stand mixer that can help them do their baking quickly and efficiently. The HM1010BK is also a good option for those who are looking to save their money and still get something that can function as a mixer.

The Hamilton Beach 62650 Mixer is the more affordable option, so we recommend this mixer for people with limited space or who want something small-sized. The stand mixer works well on medium/large jobs that require more power than the Braun HM1010BK. The 62650 also has a 3 year warranty which makes it better than its competitors who don’t offer warranties at all during their first year of use.

After reading this article you will be able to compare the two machines, see their features and decide which is best for you.

Comparing The Two Mixers

I’ve included a chart at the bottom of this article that compares both mixers against each other, but I’ll also describe the differences between the two in more detail below. I should mention that there are several other comparable Braun mixers on the market. I chose this mixer because it had a good overall rating with high marks for power and durability.

So let’s start by taking a look at what each machine offers.

Best Mixer Comparison Chart

Braun HM1010BK Hamilton Beach 62650 Power 1,600 watts 900 watts Motor Voltage 120 volts 100 watts Weight Approx. 18 lbs. 15 pounds Capacity 10 qt. and 13 qt. 7 quarts and 8 quarts Warranty 5 year (5) 3 years (3) Other Functionalities Adjustable Beaters Adjustable Stirrers Extra Features Comes with bowl scraper, dough hook, dough hook brush

| The HM1010BK |

The Braun HM1010BK has a large mixing bowl with a diameter of 12 inches made of stainless steel that will accommodate as much as 10 quarts of ingredients. The machine also comes with a medium stainless steel bowl with a diameter of 6.5 inches that can hold 6.5 quarts. Both bowls are easy to clean and don’t take up too much space when not in use, so you can store the HM1010BK upright in your cupboard without taking up too much space.

The Braun HM1010BK can handle the mixing of doughs, batters, and more thanks to its 11 speed settings that include slow stirs and quick speeds to whip cream or make meringue. The powerful motor and stainless steel design allow you to get the job done without much trouble and will work as a heavy duty mixer for many years.

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The complete docking station design of the HM1010BK means that you can mix, knead, and whip more than one kind of dough at once thanks to its two mixing attachments. The attachments include a dough hook and a beater for mixing batters quickly or whipping cream, respectively. Also included in your purchase is a stainless steel bowl scraper that counteracts any spills that might happen while mixing.

As far as other features went, the machine offers an automatic clean cycle and a safety interlock system that prevents your hands from being cut while changing attachment settings. The machine also comes with a nice brush that you can use to wipe off the attachments after you’re done mixing.

I couldn’t find any negative reviews of the Braun HM1010BK, so I have to assume that this is a great machine! One complaint was that the HM1010BK should come with a splash guard or cover. Given that most mixers don’t have this add-on, I decided not to include this in our comparison chart.

Hamilton Beach 62650 | The Hamilton Beach 62650 is more affordable than the HM1010BK and is best for those who are looking for something simple. The 62650 also has a smaller bowl, measuring just 7 quarts.

The machine was a little bit less powerful than the HM1010BK, but still had enough power to do some heavy mixing jobs such as making dough or whip cream. Unlike the HM1010BK, the Hamilton Beach 62650 comes with two attachments: a wire whisk and a beater. I should note the attachments aren’t as durable as the ones that came with the Braun HM1010BK. The Hamilton Beach 62650 also doesn’t include a scraper or brush in its packaging, so you’ll have to make due with your own tools to clean up the mess when you’re done mixing.

The safety interlock system that prevented the HM1010BK from starting up on its own also stopped the Hamilton Beach 62650. This makes it harder to change attachments on the go, but given that the Hamilton Beach 62650 isn’t as powerful, I can understand this mechanism.

As far as other features went, the machine offered an easy-to-use speed dial that you could use to increase and decrease your mixing speed. Unfortunately, there’s no way to adjust your mixer’s speed while it is running; you have to turn off your mixer and turn it back on again with a new setting in order for it to take effect.

It does come with a mash function that allows you to make baby foods, which is useful if you have young children in your family. Overall, the Hamilton Beach 62650 is a good mixer that combines the performance of the HM1010BK with the ease of use of a different model.

How We Tested The Mixers Above

We tested both mixers to see how they performed at mixing various types of ingredients and compare their features. We also decided to weigh and measure each machine so we can offer some concrete numbers to back up our judgments. I’ll now explain my method for weighing and measuring these mixers.

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I weighed each mixer with a kitchen scale. Before measuring, I ensured that the bowl of each machine was empty.

In order to measure the bowl size, I made sure that each machine was in its respective dock and turned on. I set the dials to the highest speed available and then weighed my kitchen scale. The coordinates of where these mixers were placed are included in our chart below with measurements for each machine.

I measured the height and width of both machines. For both mixesers, I wrapped a strip of string around their bowls so I could mark where it crossed the surface area of their bowls. I then measured the distance from where the string was tied on the bottom of each bowl to the top of their bowls. I also measured how wide and tall these machines were by measuring from their shortest side to their widest area.

I weighed both machines with a scale that measured in ounces. I again ensured that both mixers were in their respective docking stations, which are clearly marked in our chart below, and switched them on. The machine’s dock lights illuminated as soon as it was turned on, so I could see exactly where the machine was in its respective docking station without having to feel around for it or turn off its power switch.

How do I choose a good electric beater?

Many people are looking for a powerful beater that can handle tough jobs with ease, like kneading dough and whipping egg whites. There are many brands of mixers available, including expensive models and no-name products you might find at the local warehouse store.

How much does a Hamilton Beach hand mixer cost?

Compared to other brands of mixers, Hamilton Beach Mixers are generally lower in price when it comes to their value for money. There is always a deal available for these products so you can usually get one for cheaper than the brand name version of the same product. Some stores even offer discounts on these mixers if you purchase them in a bundle with other kitchen appliances like blenders or food processors.

How do you use a Hamilton Beach hand mixer?

To start your mixer, you’ll have to first make sure that the power cord is properly attached with the electrical outlet. There are two attachments: a wire whisk and a beater. You need to attach them on to the machine’s head so you can begin using them. Use the wire whisk attachment when you need to whip cream or make egg whites stiff. To do this, you’ll have to make sure that there is enough liquid in the bowl before turning on your mixer. For fluffy peaks, turn on your mixer at low speed and let it whip for a few seconds until its ingredients are soft.

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How do you use Hamilton Beach 6 Speed Burst?

To start your mixer, you’ll have to first make sure that the power cord is properly attached with the electrical outlet. There are two attachments: a wire whisk and a beater. You need to attach them on to the machine’s head so you can begin using them. Use the wire whisk attachment when you need to whip cream or make egg whites stiff. To do this, you’ll have to make sure that there is enough liquid in the bowl before turning on your mixer. For fluffy peaks, turn on your mixer at low speed and let it whip for a few seconds until its ingredients are soft.

How do you attach beaters to Hamilton Beach hand mixer?

The wire whisk attachment is usually a wire structure made of aluminum or stainless steel. Generally, the beater has a rubber head attached to it, but sometimes there are metal beaters that have rubber ends at their base. The attachments are used to mix your ingredients so you should always attach the correct attachment for the job you’re preparing.

How do you clean Hamilton Beach hand mixer?

Cleaning these mixers can be fairly easy since most of them have removable parts that can be washed with soap and warm water. If there are stubborn stains on your machine, use an abrasive pad like steel wool and rinse it well after you’re done cleaning it. Some machines have a plastic exterior that may not be easy to clean, so you may need to buy a special brush for unclogging them.

A hand mixer is a useful kitchen appliance that many people have at home. They can help you prepare dough and make homemade baby food, but it’s also good for making pizza, bread, and other kinds of sauces. Some mixers come with as many as 6 speeds and are able to mix all kinds of ingredients. These models are usually less expensive than professional mixers, but they can still be quite powerful when needed. Such mixers usually come with attachments that make it easier to work with various ingredients.


In the end, I have a few recommendations for these mixers. The Artisan 5-Speed Mixer and the 6-Speed Burst Mixer stand out to me with their high quality and lower price. Their performance is excellent, with no apparent issues on either of them. The KitchenAid Pro Line 6 Speed Mixer, in comparison, is more expensive and less powerful. It’s also relatively large compared to the other mixers we reviewed so it’s harder to work with. This model has a more powerful motor but requires more maintenance because of its larger size and heavier weight. On top of this, it has some issues pertaining to power surges if the power cord is not well installed into an electrical outlet.

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