The Watkins Company To Introduce New Spices, Extracts, And Baking Vanilla

The Watkins Company, a family owned and operated business, is introducing new spices, extracts, and baking vanilla. The company offers a global selection of the finest herbs and spices in the world from over 400 vendors from around the world. This company has been around since 1982 with its headquarters located in Cincinnati Ohio.

It offers two routes to purchase supplies ranging from 1 oz to 50 lbs of every ingredient needed for cooking or baking needs as well as wholesale purchasing options for vendors needing to sell their products worldwide. The Watkins Company specializes in herbs and spices but also sells fruit extracts like orange juice concentrate, lemon juice powder, lime juice powder etc. Watkins Company also offers a variety of baking extracts such as vanilla that is sold both in individual bottles and also available for wholesale to baking supply companies.

The Watkins Company does not have just one type of vanilla from one producer but rather a selection from different manufacturers such as Kohinoor, Sharwoods, Aetna and Croda. The company believes in using only the best ingredients so this is why they offer such a wide array of unique and exotic flavors varying from chocolate chip spice, gingerbread spice and chocolate fudge to French vanilla, Mexican vanilla, Tahitian vanilla etc.

This company believes that quality products are essential to making delicious food items like baked goods and sauces. For example to make a delicious vanilla pudding, the quality of vanilla is essential and the Watkins Company believes that their wide selection of extracts are ideal for this type of recipe.

These extracts can be used in both sweet and savory dishes but are most commonly used in deserts and baked goods such as cookies, cakes, pies etc. Vanilla extract is often used by chefs to make unique sauces that will taste delicious with rice or ice cream as a topping. With over thirty varieties of extracts that Watkins Company offers, there is a very high chance that a chef will be able to use at least one type of extract in their recipes to experiment with numerous combinations, flavors and spices.

The Watkins Company is excited to unveil its newest all-natural, high-quality products at Natural Products Expo West, March 5–9 in Anaheim, California: a new line of organic spices and blends, organic extracts and a first-to-shelf All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract. Based in Winona, Minnesota, the reputable gourmet flavors company has upheld its commitment to making tried-and-true, award-winning products for more than 150 years.

New Organic Spice Line

Watkins’ new organic spices and spice blends are made with the highest-quality, USDA Organic Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified herbs and spices. The products are free from unsafe and unnatural ingredients, including dyes, high-fructose corn syrup and added MSG. Watkins sources only the freshest spices and herbs from trusted growers that follow sustainable standards to ensure the best organic flavor in every meal. The organic spices will have glass packaging, which not only protects the aroma and flavor of the spice, but also is the most sustainable and reusable packaging option.

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The Organic spices and blends line includes spices and spice blends in 40 varieties, including Organic Ground Pepper, Organic Ground Cinnamon, Organic Cilantro and more. The spices are available in 5-inch glass bottles and have an SRP of $4.99 to $6.99.

New All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract

Watkins’ new All Natural Baking Vanilla™ Extract is the first all-natural alternative to pure vanilla on the market. Watkins only buys the best grade of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans to make this exquisite vanilla with its rich aroma. Unlike high-alcohol vanilla extracts, this award-winning, low-alcohol, bake-proof, freeze-proof formula retains delicious flavor that does not evaporate when baking or freezing. With extra rich gourmet flavor, this extract enhances recipes like chocolate chip cookies, cakes and much more. With no artificial flavors or colors, GMOs, corn syrup or gluten, Watkins new All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract is available in a 2 fl. oz. size with an SRP of $5.99.

New Organic Extract Line

More than just delicious, Watkins organic extracts deliver pure flavor, free from GMOs, gluten and corn syrup. Made from natural ingredients in trend-forward flavors, they are perfect for your favorite baked good recipe or hot beverage.

The organic extracts are available in three varieties: Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, Organic Almond Extract and Organic Pure Lemon Extract. All three products are available in a 2 fl. oz. size and have an SRP of $5.99-$10.99.

Expo West – Booth #871

The Watkins Company will have its organic spice and blends line, All Natural Baking Vanilla Extract and organic extract line available at its Expo West booth (#871), held at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 5–9. Please stop by to learn more about The Watkins Company and its newest products.

About The Watkins Company

Crafted in the USA since 1868…Naturally. Watkins is committed to making gourmet flavoring products from high-quality ingredients, meaning they have no artificial flavors, artificial colors, GMOs, corn syrup or gluten. From the bluffs high above the Mississippi River in Winona, Minnesota, comes the purity of The Watkins Company. Our tried-and-true products have been good and natural through and through since 1868.

What is the sweetening agent in Watkins vanilla baked?

Our vanilla bakes contain milk and sugar, and the cookies are fortified with vitamins and minerals (see nutritional information for specific contents). We do not use any high fructose corn syrup in our recipe. I work in a bakery and I have never heard of Watkins Company. What products do you offer?

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We offer many spice blends, extracts, spices and gourmet quality foods for the whole family to enjoy. What does your product mean by “natural”? Does the vanilla extract contain any additives? I am allergic to corn syrup. Is there any corn syrup in your product?

Many of our products do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. Please feel free to check the ingredient panel in our recipes and see which products do not contain these harmful ingredients.

How many carbs are in Watkins vanilla extract?

There are approximately 22g of carbs per 1oz serving of Watkins Vanilla Extract. I purchased Watkins Vanilla Extract and it does not seem to stop the growth of mold on my ice cream. Why?

We are sorry the product did not work in your recipe. I’m trying to make vanilla ice cream and have successfully made it with a competitor’s vanilla extract, but am consistently unsuccessful when using Watkins Vanilla Extract. Do you know why that is? Thanks! It could be that your recipe was not tested with our vanilla extract, so it will not work properly in your recipe.

Is Watkins baking vanilla pure vanilla?

Yes, Watkins pure vanilla is certified pure vanilla extract. Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract is made in the USA and is Gluten-Free. Does it contain corn syrup or any other additives?

Yes, the Vanilla Extract contains sugar and water, but no corn syrup. Is this product gluten-free? Yes, our extracts are gluten-free. Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract contains sugar, water, and natural flavorings such as vanillin. Does this product contain alcohol? No, it does not contain alcohol. It does contain water but does not contain any added alcohol. Do you have any suggestions for the best way to store Watkin’s pure vanilla extract?

Watkins Pure vanilla is not tested for stability or freeze ability but can be stored indefinitely at room temperature in an airtight container. I am trying to make a recipe and your product doesn’t work in conjunction with it! Can you tell me why? Please feel free to contact our customer service department so we can help you. I would like to get your free sample kit. Please include an email address with your order so we may contact you regarding the promotion.

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Is baking vanilla the same as vanilla extract?

Yes, baking vanilla is the same as pure vanilla extract, but a slight flavor variation may occur. Are you selling other merchandise besides Watkins baking vanilla, as I would like to purchase all your products?

No, we are not selling any other products besides our baking vanilla at this time. How long does it take for my order to ship out? It takes 3-5 business days for your order to arrive from the date that you purchase it. My bottle of Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract is leaking! What do I do?

Please contact our customer service department so we can assist you with a product replacement. My bottle of Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract appears to be leaking. What do I do

Please contact our customer service department so we can assist you with a product replacement. What is the difference between Watkins Vanilla Extract and Watkins Vanilla Bakes?

Both are made from pure ingredients, only contain natural vanilla and have no artificial flavors, colors or high fructose corn syrup. The difference is that Watkins Pure Vanilla Extracts use milk and sugar for their base, while Watkins Vanilla Bakes use milk and flour for their base.

What is the best way to store Watkin’s pure vanilla extract?

Keep the bottle in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. I have an allergy to corn syrup [or high fructose corn syrup]. Is your Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract made with corn syrup?

No, Our extracts do not contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors. I would like to order Watkins Baking Vanilla [Extract] but cannot find it on the website. What is the process for ordering?

Please contact our customer service department by calling us at 1-800-WATKINS so we can assist you in placing a phone order. My bottle of Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract appears to be leaking.

The majority of online reviews for Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract are 5-stars, with some 4-stars. There is a single 1-star review on Amazon that claims to have allergy issues because they contain corn syrup. The other reviews appear to be competitors trying to damage the reputation of Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract (or maybe just spreading negativity). In any event, all of the negative reviews appear to be trying to “fit in” with their other product reviews. For example, if you put the review of Watkins Vanilla Extract next to the review of McCormick Vanilla extract (which has 99% 5-star reviews), you can clearly see that they are written by different people, using different language and using different formatting techniques.