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How to Get Rid of Home Odors Using Vanilla Extract

Regardless of how well you try your best to scrub the grime and dirt out of your home, there are times when the entire place reeks like someone just exploded a barrel of pig’s blood in between the kitchen cabinets and up on to the countertops.

You can tell that unpleasant smell is coming from someplace since it’s permeating every room, but you may not know where exactly it is coming from. You can take steps towards getting rid of that odor by applying vanilla extract around areas of suspected contamination.

The idea behind using vanilla extract to get rid of unwanted house odors is that many household chemicals don’t mix well with vanilla because it has such a strong natural fragrance.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to use vanilla extract as a last resort. You can get rid of even the strongest semi-permanent and permanent odors using a combination of other household supplies such as vinegar and dryer sheets.

If you’re struggling to get rid of an odor in your home [1] , then try using vanilla extract as a primary cleaning agent . Vanilla has some dramatic natural fragrance that actually enhances the scent of other cleaners, accelerating the effectiveness of each one of them.

It’s also common sense that anything that smells so strongly naturally is likely to be stronger in cleaning power than any household substance outside of vanilla [2] . Even though you can get rid of strong odors using vanilla extract and other household chemicals, there’s something more to it than just throwing some vanilla into a vat of vinegar or mixing in a couple of dryer sheets.

The meaning behind getting rid of strong odors in your house is that you first must identify the sources of the odor and eliminate them. If your house smells like fish no matter how many times you wash and scrub, then it’s possible that the source of all those stinks is actually coming from inside your carpets or your freezer. Once you eliminate the source of the odor and put something else in its place, you can liberate yourself from the lingering smells that were once so strongly present.

The problem is that a lot of people feel that they can’t tell where a particularly strong odor is coming from. Even if you get rid of the smallest source, there’s still the problem of what to put in its place once you have eliminated those nasty odors using vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract is going to be used in conjunction with other household cleaners as well as commercial products because it has an aromatherapy effect on people first and foremost. It has healing qualities that promote relaxation and aid in stress relief [3]. It’s also common knowledge that the vanilla bean has more antioxidants than the blueberry [4] , so there’s a lot of healthy reasons to use vanilla extract as well.

The natural smell of vanilla will also enhance other scents present in your home, making it possible for you to eliminate odors without having to spend a lot of money on commercial products. The best way to get rid of strong and unpleasant home odors is to first determine the sources of those smells and eliminate them slowly.

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The next step is applying vanilla extract around areas of suspected contamination for two weeks straight. It doesn’t take that long for vanilla extract to eliminate strong odors because it’s such a strong and effective scent [5]. You can also use vanilla extract as an air freshener when you want to get rid of those lingering smells in common areas of your home.

When you start getting rid of smells using vanilla extract, you might be tempted to just keep using it until the smell is gone, but that isn’t really a good idea. Vanilla extract has a way of neutralizing other scents, so if you use too much at once then the smell will go away and never come back.

Whether you want to remove cooking or foul odors from your home, using regular vanilla extract and an oven-safe skillet will get the job done simply and quickly. This method is also suitable for simply adding another layer of scent to your home, one reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.

Find an oven-safe pan or dish. Alternatively, use an oven-safe coffee mug or similar heatproof container. Turn your oven to 300ºF/150ºC.

You don’t want to actually cook the vanilla, just warm it, so if your oven runs hot, decrease the temperature to 275ºF/140ºC.

Do not use a non-stick pan as the odors might be compromised by the chemical make-up of the non-stick surface and you may not get the true essence of the vanilla. You want the aroma of the vanilla to permeate the cooking device, which will translate over to your home. Prefer ceramic, terracotta, glass, etc. style containers.

Re-arrange the oven racks so that you can place the pan or cup of vanilla on the middle rack. This way the extract won’t burn or scorch.

Pour two capfuls or two tablespoons of vanilla into the pan or cup. Using good quality vanilla extract will help bring out more aroma.[1]

Lace the vanilla extract with a few vanilla bean pods to enhance the scent. The beans will support the extract and give the vanilla a more sugary aroma.

Bake the vanilla in the oven for up to 20 minutes or until the odor has left the building.[2]

If the vanilla smell seems a bit on the strong side, open a few windows and allow the breeze to diffuse the fragrance.

Set the kitchen timer so you don’t forget the vanilla is in the oven. Twenty minutes is usually adequate to refresh the home. Setting the timer will remind you to turn off the heat and remove the pan from the oven or stovetop.

Consider reinforcing the vanilla smell if your home smells particularly funky. Pour two tablespoons of vanilla into a pan and cook the vanilla at low heat on your stovetop. As with the oven method, only cook for about 20 minutes and set the timer to remind you to remove it.

How do I make my house smell good with vanilla essence?

Violet vanilla essence is a delightful aroma and it can transform any room into a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

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To use violet vanilla essence, simply add a few drops to your chosen cleaning items which compliment the smell you want to create. You will need to store in a clean glass or metal bottle and make sure that the lid stays securely fastened so that no air can enter the bottle.

It is better not to use the top of an old wine bottle as it can be chipped or broken easily, but rather use bottles that have been specifically designed for this purpose. If you go this route, make sure they are clearly marked as containing essential oils so that you do not accidentally inhale them.

How do I make my house smell like vanilla?

Vanilla is a delicious sweet smelling flower but it is also one that can be used in the home to create a beautiful scent. To make your home smell like vanilla, you will need to use the vanilla essence in conjunction with the other scents you have in your home. If you want to attract customers or potential renters to your property, then this can be an excellent marketing tool, especially if you do not have a great deal of money.

The best way to attract potential clients, tenants and customers is by creating an atmosphere that feels welcoming and inviting. You can use vanilla essence to subtly add this welcoming quality to your home. When you make your house smell like vanilla, you want to use a scented candle since they are the best way of creating a great atmosphere.

To make your home smell like vanilla, you will need a candle that is made from pure soy wax. Buy one of these in advance and also buy a small amount of clear glass bottles so that each bottle can be used as an air freshener in the same way as the others.

If you want to create more of a scent then put two drops of vanilla essence into the bottle.

Then, for every lit candle burn two drops of vanilla essence. You will need to re-lit the candles and then carry out the same procedure for each lit candle. However, be careful not to overdo it as this can cause a problem if you are trying to create a strong presence.

If you don’t have any vanilla essence then you can get away with using vanilla essential oil, but again be careful not to use too much of this and overdo it in the same way as with the candles.

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You should be able to create a lasting effect within just one or two hours and there are also other methods of making your home smell like vanilla that you should try as well.

Can you scent things with vanilla extract?

There are a great number of things that you can scent including carpets, sofas and even clothing. You will be able to pick up the vanilla scent from the vanilla extract, which means that all you will have to do is get a few drops of this and then add one or two drops to any item of your choosing.

If you have pets or children then Vanilla will help to calm their nerves, so this could come in handy if they are feeling worried or nervous. You can also use Vanilla extract as part of your cooking as this will create a delicious aroma in every dish you prepare.

What is the smell of vanilla?

The smell of vanilla is part of a flower that is grown in Central and South America, which uses the sweet aromatic smell to attract its pollinators. The scent of the vanilla flower comes from a compound called coumarin, which can also be used as a fragrance in the home.

Vanilla can only be found on certain vines where it has been noted that bees and flies favor these flowers. The growing process for vanilla beans is complicated and can take up to 8-9 months before they mature and are ready for picking.

The colour of the vanilla flower is white, and the scent is sweet and floral with a spicy undertone. It is the aroma that gives vanilla its name, which comes from the word ‘vainilla’ in Spanish. Vanilla was first used in desserts and cakes and soon became a popular flavoring for ice cream.

What does vanilla smell like?

Vanilla smells like rich, creamy goodness. It’s a complex scent of mostly sweet notes but it also has hints of spice to keep things interesting. Its aroma works very well in cooking as it adds depth and character to recipes without overpowering them.

Can you use vanilla extract as an air freshener?

Yes you can use vanilla extract to freshen your home. It is a very versatile ingredient and will impart a sweet scent that will linger in the air for hours. When you are deciding on which solution to use, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each one.

Air fresheners are usually made from chemical compounds that have been formulated into aerosol sprays or industrial-strength sprays. These varieties of air fresheners tend to have a more intense scent than other scents and therefore tend to be more effective in improving the odors around your home.

The vanilla essence and extracts are very versatile in the home. They can impart a beautiful scent to your surroundings and it is also extremely useful as an ingredient in many other cuisines. They also have a range of benefits when used for the purpose of health and beauty. The problem with most vanilla products is that they typically contain alcohol, so you need to be careful with those products when it comes to consuming them.