How to Clean Your Air Fryer?

So you got an air fryer? If you’ve already put it to use, you know that these trendy kitchen gadgets allow you to still enjoy all your favorite fried foods with less fat and fewer calories. But you’re still frying after all, which means you’re going to have some grease to deal with afterwards.

An air fryer cooks food quickly, uses minimal ingredients during preparation, and is easy enough for pretty much anyone to use — from kitchen novices to cooking pros. Famous for making french fries, chicken tenders, and other crunchy snacks without a ton of oil, air fryers can help you save on calories, too.

The good news? It’s an air fryer, so you’re going to have way less greasy residue to clean than you would using a deep fryer. Learn how to clean your air fryer using items you likely already have on hand.

Tips for Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Before you deep clean your air fryer, learn the do’s and don’ts of air fryer maintenance.

Don’t use metal utensils, abrasive sponges, or steel wire brushes to remove food particles and residue from your air fryer. This could damage the non-stick coating on your air fryer.

Don’t submerge your air fryer in water. The main unit is an electric appliance, so this will ruin it.

If you notice a foul odor coming from your air fryer, you can put half a lemon in the basket and let it sit for about 30 minutes before cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Air Fryer

After Each Use

Each time you use your air fryer, wash the basket, tray, and pan with soap and warm water, or place them in the dishwasher. (Refer to the owner’s manual to be sure these parts are dishwasher safe.) You should also quickly clean the interior using a damp cloth with a bit of dish soap soap over the area. Dry all the parts and reassemble.

After Every Few Uses

Though it’s not necessary to take these steps after every use, washing the following parts on occasion will keep your air fryer functioning properly. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior every once in a while. You should also check the heating coil for oil or residue. If you notice some build-up there, let the machine cool and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

How to Deep Clean an Air Fryer

If it’s been a minute since you’ve given your air fryer a good clean, or you just don’t know where to start, read on for our instructions on how to clean an air fryer from start to finish.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

Damp microfiber cloth or non-abrasive sponge

Dish soap

Baking Soda

Soft-bristle scrub brush

Clean, dry cloth


Start by unplugging your air fryer. Allow it to cool for about 30 minutes.

Remove the baskets and pans, and wash with hot soapy water. If any of these parts have baked on grease or food, allow the parts to soak in hot soapy water for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing with a non-abrasive sponge.

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Some of the parts may be dishwasher safe, so refer to your manual if you prefer to use the dishwasher to clean.

Use a damp microfiber cloth or non-abrasive sponge with a bit of dish soap to wipe down the interior. Wipe away soap with a clean damp cloth.

Turn the appliance upside down and use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down the heating element.

If there is any baked on or hard residue on the main appliance, make a paste using water and baking soda. Scrub the paste into the residue using a soft-bristle scrub brush and wipe away with a clean cloth.

Use a damp cloth to wipe down the exterior. Wipe away the soap with a clean damp cloth.

Dry all removable parts and the main unit before reassembling.

Just like your microwave, toaster oven, or any other kitchen gadget, you should regularly clean and maintain your air fryer. If you don’t clean your air fryer, it won’t perform optimally and can accumulate smells and flavors that can transfer straight into your freshly made food. Dirty air fryers can also build up grease, and that grease can cause your fryer to smoke and reduce the quality of your food

Here’s how to clean your air fryer and keep it running at its best.

Unplug the device

Before attempting to clean your air fryer, unplug it from the wall socket and allow it to cool completely. This is to prevent electrocution, injury, or damage to your unit. Now, this may sound obvious, but sometimes when people are in a hurry, they really do forget to unplug their gadgets before cleaning.

Clean the basket and pans

Step 1: Clean the removable baskets and pans (frying basket, baking tray, etc.) with hot, soapy water. If your basket has stuck or burnt-on food (like batter or potato), you can soak it in hot water and dish soap for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Wipe off the food particles with a sponge or disinfecting wipes.

Step 3: Put your air fryer basket in the dishwasher (if it’s safe). Note: Some air fryers have dishwasher-safe accessories. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to find out about dishwasher safety.

Step 4: Make sure your air frying basket, pan, and other removable accessories are all completely dry before you attempt to reassemble your air fryer and use it again.

Clean the interior

Step 1: Using a soft cloth or nonabrasive sponge and hot water, clean the heating element. If there’s any grease present on the heating element, add a small amount of dish soap to the cloth or sponge to help remove the grease.

Step 2: Wipe away the soap with clean, hot water. You may want to turn the air fryer upside down to make cleaning the heating element easier. You can also use a soft-bristle food brush to remove any stuck-on dirt or particles.

Step 3: Wipe the interior completely with a nonabrasive sponge or cloth and hot water. You can use a very small amount of dish soap if needed to remove grease. Again, you can use a soft-bristle cleaning brush to remove stuck-on foods. There are multiple ways to clean kitchen grease.

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Step 4: Allow the air fryer’s interior to dry completely.

Clean the exterior

Wipe the exterior with a moist cloth or sponge and a mild detergent. Don’t use bleach, glass cleaners, or other chemicals. Never submerge your air fryer in water to clean it.

If your fryer happens to feature a stainless steel exterior, we recommend using stainless steel wipes. Stainless steel wipes are a valuable household commodity that will come in handy to clean numerous household appliances. For example, these wipes work wonders in removing smudges, stains, and fingerprints from your stainless steel fridge and dishwasher.

Maintain your air fryer

If you want your air fryer to perform as well as the day you bought it, you’re going to want to wash it well each time you finish using it. This prevents food particles and grease buildup from damaging the appliance. After you clean your air fryer, allow it to dry completely, and then store it in its original box or a clean and dry place (i.e. don’t keep it next to your stovetop or right near your dishwasher).

Follow the instructions to ensure you’re using the frying basket and pan in the right ways to keep food from touching the heating element. The paramount rule for using the air fryer is to never overload it with food. When you put too much food in the basket, it doesn’t cook properly, it has to cook for longer, and more grease and food particles can get onto the heating element.

How to clean air fryer basket and removable parts?

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1 Lightly grease the baking pan that came with your air fryer. Place the baking tray inside of your fully heated oven, close the lid and let it cook for ten minutes.

2 Remove the tray from the oven and gently wipe away any oils, grease and residue with a damp sponge.

How do I clean the gunk out of my air fryer?

Wipe away any un-cooked batter residue by using a clean, damp cloth or sponge. Air fryer users often wipe the interior with a soapy sponge or cloth to remove any leftover crumbs. After you are done cleaning, allow your airfryer to cool completely before trying to reassemble it.

Wipe all removable parts of your air fryer, as well as the main appliance, down with a damp cloth and dry with a clean dry towel. Make sure all removable parts of your dishwasher-safe accessories are dry when you attempt to put them back together. To prevent rusting of the casing, we recommend using stainless steel wipes on your appliance’s exterior components.

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If you don’t clean your air fryer often, note that there is some grease inside.

How do I clean the inside of my air fryer?

I see a bunch of little black bits in there that looks like…

First be sure to grease the heating element before you start cleaning if it is a fryer that uses oils (such as this one). Then, remove the non-stick coating from the heating element by following these instructions:

1. Put 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a coffee mug and combine with 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. Microwave for 4 minutes.

2. Place the mug in the microwave, inside of a microwave-safe bowl (to catch any drips).

3. Microwave for an additional 5 minutes and let it sit for five minutes after removing from the microwave.

4. Strain the baking soda and oil mix into a separate bowl and use it to clean off your heating element. Be sure that you wear rubber gloves when you are handling this mixture.

5. Let your oven air dry completely before trying to use it again. You may need to repeat this procedure if there is still grease on the heating element, or if you want to remove the grease coating entirely (if you don’t want a smoke detector that grows fur!).

How do I open the insignia air fryer?

It is important to note that the insignia air fryer arrived with a totally non-functioning induction burner. It appears that the company shipped an induction burner, but incorrectly labeled it as an insignia fryer, and the customer was not able to contact them to report the issue (they think it is a manufacturer quality issue).

How do I clean my insignia air fryer?

Wipe away any un-cooked batter residue by using a clean, damp cloth or sponge. Airfryer users often wipe the interior with a soapy sponge or cloth to remove any leftover crumbs. After you are done cleaning, allow your air fryer to cool completely before trying to reassemble it.

How do I clean my insignia air fryer? Can it be cleaned in the dishwasher?

Wipe away any un-cooked batter residue by using a clean, damp cloth or sponge. Airfryer users often wipe the interior with a soapy sponge or cloth to remove any leftover crumbs. After you are done cleaning, allow your air fryer to cool completely before trying to reassemble it.

Can you use oven cleaner on air fryer?

We have found that air fryer companies don’t recommend oven cleaners for the cleaning of the exterior of your appliance. The grease and oils from the heating elements can cause your oven cleaner to blacken and become permanently stained if you use it on top of your appliance.

Will my airfryer burn out?

No, but it depends on how much oil you use in it. Make sure that before using your air fryer, you pre-heat it by putting some vegetable oil inside of a cold fryer and switch to the appropriate temperature setting. Be sure this temperature is appropriate for what you are trying to cook.

We hope you keep in mind that there are many ways to clean an air fryer and that the steps recommended above are only suggestions. The options listed can help you learn how to take advantage of this kind of appliance, but if none of them work for you, be sure to feel free to experiment with your own methods!