Vanilla Concentrate Vs. Vanilla Extract Recipes

Vanilla extract is often mistaken as a more flavorful alternative to vanilla concentrate. However, the extracts contain less vanilla flavor and more alcohol, which may make it a less desirable version of the flavoring.

This article will discuss what the differences are between the two types of vanilla products, as well as their uses in recipes and baking. It also will give some tips on how you can choose which one you should buy based on your recipe or what type of dish you are cooking.

# In recent years, homemade desserts have been rising in popularity because many people find them cheaper and tastier than store-bought desserts from bakeries. The only problem with baking homemade desserts, however, is that it can be expensive because of the many ingredients that are needed.

Vanilla concentrate is all natural and does not contain any artificial flavors or coloring. It’s made from freshly cut vanilla pods and water, then left to age for up to six months. The extract is often used in candies, syrups and cake icings. The flavor of the vanilla comes from the use of real ground vanilla beans, which contain a high percentage of alcohol and must be diluted in order to prevent the flavor from becoming too strong.

Vanilla extract is different from the concentrate because it contains a higher amount of alcohol. It’s a result of aging vanilla beans in an alcohol solution. The amount of alcohol in the extract will affect how hot the flavor is, which means that a mixture of both vanilla extract and pure vanilla concentrate should be used if a more mild flavor is desired.

The boost in popularity of homemade desserts has led to an increase in the demand for vanilla, which has come at an expense to its quality. Since so many people are looking for inexpensive ways to make desserts, purity has been compromised for higher profits. This means that there is often added sugar and artificial flavoring found within many brands’ products.

#The Difference between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Concentrate

Vanilla extract and vanilla concentrate are used in baking recipes for sweet desserts, yet have a different taste. The unique flavor of vanilla comes from the vine of the orchid plant. The fruit can be eaten or the pod can be used to make vanilla extract. Vanilla extract is made from grinding up the pods while vanilla concentrate is made by steeping whole pods in alcohol.

Vanilla extract has a higher level of alcohol compared to vanilla concentrate, which means that you should use less of it when making recipes.

#How to Choose the Best Vanilla Product

Before picking a vanilla product, it’s important to consider how it will be used and what type of dish it will be paired with. For example, a cake or a cupcake would call for the use of vanilla extract, while mayonnaise would need vanilla concentrate. Actors in the movie Love Actually use pure extract because they want their characters to taste like their own perfume. The only way to do this is by using pure vanilla and not extracting it through alcohol.

Another important factor that should be considered when buying your favorite spread or icing is the fragrance level.


2019-07-08  · Single-Fold Vs Double-Fold Vanilla Extract. Most store-bought vanilla extracts are what’s known as single-fold. Single-fold vanillas are weaker and to make your own, you need about 4 vanilla beans per 8 ounces of alcohol. I prefer a stronger vanilla so the homemade flavor is more prominent in desserts.

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Using a sharp knife, slit the vanilla beans so the beans are exposed. No need to completely split the bean in half, just slit down the middle. If the length of the vanilla beans don’t fit into your bottle or jar, cut the vanilla beans into smaller pieces. Place beans into bottle or jar.

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Pour vodka on top. A funnel helps. Use a little extra vodka, if needed, so the beans are fully submerged. Shake a few times.

Store vanilla at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Shake about once per week or once every couple weeks. Vanilla can be ready to use in as little as 8 weeks, but I recommend at least 6 months for optimal flavor. 12+ months is great!

As you begin to use your vanilla, you can refill with a little vodka each time. Give it a shake after you refill and give it a shake before each use, too. If you’re gifting the vanilla or if you don’t have any more alcohol to refill, remove the beans completely after first use. The beans will become a little slimy if they aren’t almost fully submerged.


2020-05-13  · Madagascar Vanilla Beans: most common flavor used in vanilla extract. Tahitian Vanilla Beans: has hints of cherry and anise. Mexican Vanilla Beans: has hints of clove and nutmeg. How to make Vanilla Extract: 1. Cut the vanilla beans: Use a sharp knife to gently cut slits in the vanilla …

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Gather your jar(s), alcohol and vanilla beans. You will need 4-5 beans for every 8 ounces (1 cup) of alcohol. Use a sharp knife to gently cut slits in the vanilla beans, lengthwise.

Place the vanilla beans in jar (you may need to cut them in half to fit, so they will be submerged in alcohol). Fill with vodka. Secure lid tightly on the bottle and shake gently.

Add labels to jars, or write the date on the bottle. Allow to steep/brew for at least 2 months before using, (although 6-12 months is preferred for best flavor), shaking the bottles occasionally.

When running low, add more vodka to the bottle and brew again, reusing the same beans for up to one more batch.


2019-12-04  · Most recipes for homemade vanilla extract call for 2-3 vanilla beans per cup of vodka. We’re going to use 5 per cup. This will result in a more potent vanilla extract that will make your baked goods and desserts soar. That will also enable you to use less extract in a recipe to get just as much vanilla …

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Cut the vanilla beans in half lengthwise and scrape out the vanilla flecks inside. Add the flecks and the beans to the vodka in a glass jar with a fitted lid. Make sure the vanilla beans are submerged under the alcohol otherwise any exposed parts can become slimy and potentially ruin your extract.

Place the extract in a dark, cool place, shaking occasionally for the first few weeks. The extract “can” be used in as little as 8 weeks but it won’t have reached optimal potency. The extract gets better with age. For far better results use after 6 months and for optimal results wait 12 months.

Once the extract is ready, place the funnel on the glass jars and fill them with the extract. If you like, to get even more flavor out of the beans as the extract ages, slice the used vanilla beans to fit the length of the jars and place about 2 pieces in the 2-ounce jars and 4 pieces in the 4-ounce jars. That way the extract will continue to “ripen” as it sits.Makes 1 cup or 8 ounces of premium vanilla extract*See blog post about how to reuse vanilla beans

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2012-10-23  · How to make Vanilla Extract for a homemade gift. First be sure to wash your bottles in hot soapy water. Rinse well, then allow your bottles to air dry. Using a sharp knife, slice each vanilla bean in half. then starting about 1/4″ from one end, cut the vanilla bean lengthwise (see picture below) Place 3-5 vanilla …

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2013-04-30  · Last fall, Kelly (of KellyBakes ) and I made homemade vanilla extract. We went in together on a bulk purchase of 4 different types of vanilla beans and then blogged about our extract-making . Our plan was bottle some of our vanilla bounty for holiday gifts and bake together (using part of the remainder) to see if we could discern a taste difference between the various types of vanilla.

Is concentrated vanilla flavor the same as vanilla extract?


2019-02-26  · The best recipe for homemade vanilla extract not only makes super concentrated vanilla with a delicious deep flavor, but it also preserves the vanilla in the bottle and can last up to two years. Vanilla extract is used in just about every baked good and dessert you can think of.

DIY Vanilla Extract Recipe – THECLAVERE

2019-11-08  · Using a clean, sharp knife, slice the bean lengthwise into four equal parts. Push out all of the beans’ insides by running your knife along one side of each half.

Put the jar on a drying rack. Now put the beans in, then cover them with vodka. Refill with more vodka if needed to cover all of the beans. Cover and let sit for one month (Refrigerated: 1 month, room temperature: 3 months). After one month (soaking time), no more white spots will appear on beans when squeezed under water.

You are welcome to add more vanilla to your extract, but it is not necessary. The extract can be stored up to 2 years after being made. If you made your own expensive vanilla (like I did), be sure not to use it as you can lose some of your investment by discarding the alcohol at the end of each brewing process.

What is the best way to store homemade vanilla extract?

With all that vanilla flavor, it’s no wonder homemade vanilla extract is so popular! But what if you’re running low? Is there anything you can do to get more uses out of your homemade vanilla extract? We’ve got an easy solution – use the leftover scraped seeds from your used vanilla beans to make a “second generation” batch of homemade vanilla extract! You can also use these seeds directly in your baking recipes. Use them in baked goods to give a bold, rich flavor that makes everything taste even better. This process takes time, but the results are well worth the wait!

Where can I use vanilla concentrate?

There are a lot of great recipes out there for using vanilla extract, but did you know that vanilla also comes in concentrated form? Vanilla concentrate is a little different from vanilla extract. It’s not to be confused with vanilla paste, which is also concentrated but made from dried vanilla beans. Concentrated vanillas have about twice the flavor of extract and are often used for baking and making drinks.

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To make your own vanilla concentrate, start with 5 ounces of your favorite bourbon or rum. You can use vodka too; just be sure to pick something you wouldn’t mind drinking. Add two split and scraped vanilla beans per fluid ounce of alcohol.

How do you dilute vanilla concentrate?

Most of the time, vanilla concentrate is used in its concentrated form, but there are a few times when you’ll want to add water to it. For example, if you’re making a moist baked good recipe and want to balance out some of the extra liquid from the other ingredients, adding vanilla concentrate will give you the flavor without changing your consistency much. You can also add vanilla concentrate to your hot drinks like coffee or hot chocolate for an indulgent boost of vanilla flavor that won’t change the consistency much.

Can I make my own vanilla extract?

Given that whole beans cost $15 a pound or more, homemade vanilla extract actually isn’t too difficult or expensive to make yourself. You can make a big batch, store it in pretty bottles for gifts, and still save money.

The process for making homemade vanilla extract is similar to the process for making homemade vanilla sugar–which we’ll get to in a minute. You simply pour a liter (about 34 ounces) of vodka over two split cinnamon sticks and several whole vanilla beans, then let the mixture sit for at least two weeks. Shake daily.

After two weeks, filter out the beans using some cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer. How much alcohol you’ll be left with depends on how many beans you used and how long you let it sit before filtering out the beans.

What’s the best substitute for vanilla extract?

When you’re making something like cookies and need just a bit of vanilla flavor, it can be tempting to grab whatever bottle of vanilla extract you have in the pantry and not worry about whether it’s the right amount. But if you haven’t used that bottle in a while, or maybe you’ve never used the entire bottle at once, chances are good that your extract is pretty old.

Instead of reaching for all that extra extract, why not make your own homemade vanilla extract? It’s easy to get started with a couple split beans, some vodka, and some time.

When done, simply strain out the vanilla beans using a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer. You can use the beans to make vanillapaste or vanilla sugar. Give your homemade vanilla extract a shake before using.

You may also be wondering, “Is it safe to use old vanilla extract?” After all, if it’s not safe for eating, why would it be safe for baking? The best advice is to avoid using extracts more than two years old. After that, you’re probably better off tossing the extract and making your own.

What happens if I use too much vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is one of the most commonly used ingredients on the planet. It’s used in a lot of baking recipes and makes just about every dessert taste better with the few drops that you get from even a tiny bottle. But what happens if you use too much vanilla extract?

Turns out, you’re probably going to have nothing to worry about. The amount of alcohol in most vanilla extracts isn’t enough to cause any sort of problems with typical recipes that use small amounts. Even if you use too much vanilla extract, it’s unlikely to cause any sort of problems with your cake or cookies or whatever else you’re making.

You can make your own vanilla extract at home and get a great price using vanilla beans that you can buy online. Homemade vanilla extract is always a good idea if you want to save some cash and create something that’s even better than store-bought. You’ll find a great deal on vanilla beans at Simple Organic Vanilla.