The Best Mexican Vanilla Is Called Vanilla Molina

Is there anything more relaxing than a sweet, subtly spicy vanilla flavor? Vanilla is the perfect touch for any dessert or cocktail, and vanilla flavors are also used in many other foods. This article will talk about some of the most popular sweet and savory uses of vanilla.

It’ll reveal why Mexico produces some of the world’s best quality vanilla, how you can use it in your kitchen to make delicious desserts, smoothies, and cocktails, as well as some fascinating facts about this useful spice that you wouldn’t expect to read on a blog!

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Vanilla is an ideal ingredient for almost any kind of dish. Mexican vanilla can be used in everyday cooking, baking, gourmet recipes, drinks, desserts and so much more. The question, “What is the best Mexican vanilla essence or extract?” is what this article answers. If you want to buy top quality vanilla products for personal use or to sell it on your store, the Vainilla Molina brand offers three vanilla types to pour a splash on your creations.

Read on to learn more about Vainilla Molina and why it might be a good choice to sell their products to your customers.


Vainilla Molina was born in 1944, in a small family shop in Guadalajara, Mexico, which was managed by José Molina and his family. This company is the pioneer of the Mexican Vanillas. Molina Vanilla is made with high-quality ingredients, and its original formula, which helps to give their products a natural vanilla flavor.

It was first sold in the Pacific and in Guadalajara, but it gradually reached the Central and Northern States of Mexico, and the United States.


Check out this list of the best Vainilla Molina vanilla products available on the market today


This emblematic product from Vainilla Molina is defined by its aroma and unmatched flavor. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this particular item is ideal in the preparation of salty dishes, confectionery, biscuits, pastries, daily uses such as coffee and smoothies.


Vanilla at its finest and purest form. Add a gourmet splash to your high-cuisine dishes with the purity of Molina Pure Vanilla Extract.

Ideal in the preparation of the finest dishes, side dishes such as salad dressings, gravy, confectionery and more. An indispensable product for your high-cuisine dishes!

Aside from offering vanilla products, Grupo Molina has a wide array of other products. Here is its complete portfolio.

Molina Vanilla does not contain coumarin and it is a blend of Mexico’s finest pure vanilla and vanillin. Molina since 1944 is the pioneer of the Mexican Vanillas, Molina® Vanilla is made with high quality ingredients, and it’s original formula, which helps to give our product a natural vanilla flavor. It will give your cakes, bakery, frozen or frozen snows, trowels, yogurts, drinks, desserts, candies, etc., an additional flavor. Molina Vanilla has an incomparable flavor. It’s the favorite kind of Vanilla in Mexico and the United States.

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Ingredients: Water, 1.8% Ethyl Acohol, Propylene Gycol, Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin, Pure Vanilla Extract, Caramel Color and Potassium Sorbate (as preservative)

Is Mexican vanilla blend the same as vanilla extract?

In the United States, Mexico and most other countries, vanilla is sometimes called “vanilla extract.” However, Mexican vanilla is not considered the same as an extract. In Mexico, what’s called a vanilla extract can actually be considered a diluted form of vanilla.

Mexican Vanilla has its own one hundred percent natural flavors that are obtained with a very complex process of distillation and extraction. The resulting liquor has an aroma that is closer to Bourbon in quality than Bourbon itself. Mexican Vanilla is made from the beans of the Vanilla Planifolia orchid native to Mexico, Central America and some parts of South America. Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract comes in one-ounce glass bottles filled with Mexican Vanilla Extract.

Is Mexican vanilla stronger than regular vanilla?

Vanilla flowers are rated as an average strength, not quite strong enough to make a good extract. Mexican vanilla has 150 times the flavor of vanilla beans, which are the part of the flower that is used for extract. Mexican vanilla is also twice as sweet as regular vanilla and there is a slight floral aroma with Mexican Vanilla Extract.

Mexican Vanilla is stronger than standard extracts, but it can be diluted to taste with 30% water. The result will have little in common with real Mexican Vanilla(bean). For more about Bluebonnet Vanilla Bean Extract.

What is Mexican vanilla flavor?

Mexican vanilla flavor is a fun blend of vanilla tasting and aroma. It is rich, sweet and very aromatic. Mexican vanilla is also well-balanced with many characteristics that make it different than regular vanilla extract:

The Mexican Vanilla Flavor is complex – Aroma notes include clove, cocoa butter and floral/fruity notes.

Aroma strength – stronger than an extract, but not as strong as a synthetic flavoring product.

Sweetness – twice as sweet as natural vanilla flavor (vanilla bean). This means that it takes half the amount of Mexicn Vanilla to achieve the same level of sweetness (per volume) in a recipe than the amount of extract needed to achieve the same level of sweetness.

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Mexican Vanilla Flavor is rich and creamy vanilla. Mexican Vanilla Flavor has a slight floral note (Chocolate Vanilla Blend is clean, crisp and sweet).

Mexican Vanilla Flavor is well-balanced.

Mexican vanilla is often used in Mexican desserts, cookies, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages to add flavor without overpowering the drink. It can also be used as an ingredient in other recipes that call for vanilla extract or extract flavoring. Use Mexican vanilla flavoring on ice cream, cake mixes, whipped cream, and more.

Is Mexican vanilla real vanilla?

Mexican vanilla flavor is the most commonly identified, but it is not real vanilla. Mexican vanilla is a blend of vanillin and other natural flavors. Real Mexican Vanilla is made from beans – the part of the vanilla plant that’s used to make extract flavoring. It’s not possible to buy bottled Mexican vanilla extract anywhere in the United States and it’s definitely not available in grocery, convenience or mass market stores

Can I save money by buying regular vanilla extract and then mixing my own flavors?

You can save money by buying an inexpensive bottle of extracts (such as almond), which you can use to concoct your own combinations. But, because vanilla is so expensive, you won’t find this approach very cost-effective. Pure Mexican Vanilla Extract is much more economical and comes with a much richer vanilla taste than regular vanilla extract.

Why does Mexican vanilla taste different?

Using a Mexican Vanilla Extract has a profound effect on the natural flavors of your baked goods. Using pure vanilla extract will allow you to capture the true essence of vanilla without depleting the natural elements or overpowering it with synthetic additives.

What is premium Mexican vanilla extract?

Premium Mexican Vanilla Extract does not contain any artificial smoke flavorings or artificial vanillin/ethyl vanillin. There is no added water, alcohol, glycerin or coloring agents. The extract is phospholipid enriched and contains Vanillin from natural sources. Each bottle is filled with Mexican vanilla at 96% concentration. A 2oz serving contains 2mg of vanillin (approximately 240 servings).

All Mexican Vanilla Extracts will provide the same flavor and aromatic attributes. The difference lies in whether or not you need artificial ingredients, such as water and glycerin, smoke flavoring, and added vanillin. Bluebonnet’s Mexican Vanilla Extract is 100% Pure Mexican Vanilla (bean) extract with no additives whatsoever. It can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: as a sweetener for tea, coffee or baked goods; to enhance the flavor of ice cream or fresh fruits; as an addition to yogurt or custards; or simply by itself in a small glass with a spoon for those who just want to appreciate its flavor.

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