Watkins – Vanilla Extract

Naturally & artificially flavored. Non GMO: no corn syrup; gluten free. No artificial colors. Original gourmet. Extra rich. Since 1868. Watkins Famous Original. Award-winning Baking Vanilla delivers extra rich gourmet flavor to any recipe that calls for pure vanilla extract. Trial-Mark: The original Watkins Satisfaction Guarantee – Since 1868. Watkins Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla delivers twice as much of our award-winning rich, vanilla flavor.

Keep it as a staple in your kitchen for baked goods. Try it in milk shakes, pancakes, French toast, coffee, frostings, custards and more. Superior quality since 1868. Made with pure vanilla extract, the delicious double strength formula provides extra rich flavor that does not bake out or freeze out. For the Finest Baking and Ice Cream Making! Award gold medal for highest quality. For recipes and more, go to Watkins1868.com. Please recycle. Made in the USA.

Watkins Vanilla has been the choice of generations of Americans. Made with highest quality Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, their Pure Vanilla Extract is extra rich in flavour.

Watkins Vanilla Extract is available in two forms: as a pure organic extract (with only water and alcohol as the other ingredients; there is a recipe for good old-fashioned vanilla ice cream on its box), or blended with sugar and other ingredients in their Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla to hold up better to both baking and freezing, to enhance the flavour of everything from cakes to chocolate chip cookies (there is a recipe for those on its box).


Baking Vanilla with Pure Vanilla Extract

Water, sugar, glycerin, propylene glycol, vanilla extract (water, alcohol, extractive of vanilla beans), alcohol, artificial flavors, caramel.

Organic Pure Vanilla Extract

Water, organic alcohol, extractives of organic vanilla beans.

Both types are Gluten-free, Corn syrup-free, Kosher, and with no artificial colours.

Suggested Usage:

In addition to being a delectable addition to dessert recipes, vanilla isn’t just for the kitchen: it’s also a deodorizer! You can also use the pure vanilla extract to counteract odours in microwaves, fridges, or coolers; or add a little bit to the paint to lessen the smell of paint fumes when you are painting.

When To Use Pure Vanilla Extract.

For recipes that do not require high heat or freezing use pure vanilla extract.  Pure vanilla has the highest alcohol content (35%) and some of the flavor is lost along with the alcohol when it evaporates. Some uses for pure vanilla are in icing or frosting, add it to fresh fruit, berries and fruit salad, uncooked desserts, chocolates, candies, and in cooked puddings or sauces after cooking.

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When used for baking cream the pure vanilla with the shortening or butter portion of the ingredients, to help prevent the flavor from volatilizing in the baking process. Watkins offers you both organic pure vanilla extract and pure vanilla extract in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

When To Use Baking Vanilla Extract Watkins Double Strength Vanilla

For almost all your recipes Watkins Baking Vanilla is your best choice because it’s the most versatile and a great value. This is Watkins Original Double Strength Vanilla which has just been renamed. Watkins hopes the new name All Natural Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla will reduce the confusion especially for people who are just being introduced to our products.

This vanilla has been the home baker’s favorite for over 100 years so I don’t want my current customers to be confused either! Watkins brews a pure vanilla extract then fortifies it with vanillin and other ingredients to retain the flavor even when your recipe calls for heat or freezing.

This also makes it double strength so it’s more economical and you’ll save money by only using half the extract called for in most recipes. The very low alcohol content of 8-1/4% helps make this vanilla more heat and freeze resistant so you can enjoy more vanilla flavor in your frozen desserts, baking, and cooking. Watkins All Natural Original Gourmet Baking Vanilla is available in a variety of sizes to suit your usage needs.

For recipes that need to be pure white such as cakes, icings, meringues, and whipped cream use clear vanilla. It has the same bake-proof, freeze-proof, double-strength flavor of our famous baking vanilla extract. This imitation flavor is the vanilla used for white wedding cakes.

You’ll find all of these vanilla extracts here.

I hope you found this helpful, if you have any questions about vanilla please don’t hesitate to ask! In order to be completely transparent, you should know I’m an Independent Watkins Consultant and when you purchase through my links I’ll earn a commission. Thanks in advance, your support is very much appreciated.

What is the shelf life of these products?

All of Watkins Vanilla Extracts have a shelf life of two years. Please store your vanilla out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures above 80% humidity and between 59 – 71 degrees Fahrenheit / 15 – 22 degrees Celsius.

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Where can I purchase Watkins Vanilla Extracts?

You can find Watkins Vanilla Extracts here in all sizes on amazon.com, grocery stores, and specialty markets such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, Belmont Farmacy and many other stores that carry Watkins products.

Can gluten-free have vanilla extract?

No, vanilla extract has gluten content, so we would not recommend this product for use in making gluten-free items. However, you can purchase the many other gluten-free products that are available at Watkins.

Can breast milk be used in the recipes?

Watkins vanilla extract is safe to use with all formula and milk mixes including breast milk. The vanilla will not “kill” any beneficial bacteria in your ingredients if you choose to use it in a formula or milk mix. You may also choose to add butter or shortening to your formula as this will help prevent excess baking soda from setting up during mixing.

Is there a difference between Watkins Stevia-based Sweeteners and Watkins Organic Stevios?

No, both are made from the same high quality all natural ingredients. The only difference is that Watkins Sweeteners are organic which makes them more expensive.

What is different between Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract and Watkins Once Bitten Original?

Watkins Pure Vanilla Extract has been fortified with additional extractives of organic vanilla beans to ensure a richer more intense flavor and more rapid evaporation. Only 105 milligrams per teaspoon (0.5%) of pure vanilla extract is added. This allows the flavor to penetrate deeper into baked goods and the use of the purer extract will also help prevent your baked goods from becoming too sweet or over-baked.

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What are the benefits of using vanilla extract when cooking?

Vanilla not just provides a rich, lingering flavor to your recipes, but also helps to tenderize your ingredients. It’s like adding a little bit of magic to your home cooking. To find out more about how Watkins vanilla extract can work for you please visit the Watkins website.

How do I choose the right vanilla extract size?

You can buy 1, 2 or 5 gallons, with different amounts of vanilla bean per glass depending on how much you use in your recipe. You may want to experiment with how much you use of each so it can work out on your budget and quantity needs.

What is Watkins vanilla made from?

The vanilla that Watkins uses is the best quality of the vanilla bean grown in Madagascar. It is ethically sourced from a small family farm in Madagascar. The vanilla beans are then aged until their flavor is concentrated to perfection.

Can I steam my rice in vanilla extract?

No, this will not work as well as coconut or olive oil because the fats in the vanilla extract will burn at high temperatures so it is not recommended for this application. If you are looking to cook with coconut or olive oil then it’s best to use virgin and organic varieties because they contain compounds that help with flavor absorption and do not produce any unwanted flavors. Keep these oils refrigerated between uses to prolong their freshness.

What is the difference between Watkins baking vanilla and pure vanilla extract?

Pure Vanilla Extract is made with only pure vanilla beans and alcohol. Pure Vanilla Extract has a very long shelf life of 2 years, with a viscosity of 1.5% to 3% at 78.3 degrees Fahrenheit, making it very stable at room temperature and in your food items, making it perfect for baking and cooking. You will receive the following volume per teaspoon:

There are many uses of vanilla extract is easy to use and cheap. Vanilla extract is not only can use in cooking and baking, but also can use in DIY to make vanilla sugar, lip balm and so on. There are many online stores sell high quality vanila extract with good price.