How To Hand Whip Cream | It’s Easier Than You Might Think!

You don’t need to buy whipped cream at the grocery store anymore. Whip up your own with just a few ingredients and with this handy guide!

Want to make whipped cream but are intimidated? Don’t be! It’s easier than you might think. And there are tons of reasons why you might want to make your own — it tastes fresher, it’s cheaper, and it’s healthier for you because it doesn’t contain preservatives or harsh additives. Plus, the feeling of whipping up that sweet-fluffy treat is enchanting on its own.

Let’s Make It Whipped Cream!

In a bowl, combine 1 cup heavy whipping cream, 1 cup powdered sugar and 2 tsp vanilla.

I like to use the mixer attachment on my hand mixer for this step. Or you can do it by hand using a whisk and your arm!

Start off with a slow speed and mix until the mixture starts to thicken. Gradually increase to medium speed and keep mixing until it’s thickened. Check the consistency of your finished whipped cream by placing it on top of some chopped chocolate or meringue cookies, aka “marshmallows”. It should hold its shape.

In the original recipe, I used a whisk to make sure I got those lovely peaks. But for this version, I recommend the egg-whipping technique — which is just three forks. The original method for “whipping” cream doesn’t involve an egg at all. It’s done by whipping in a bowl until stiff peaks form.

Then folding in a meringue…

Who has time for that?!? You’ll need to stand over the bowl whisking until your arm falls off. Or you could buy a hand mixer!  I have this one, and it’s amazing. And cheap! Okay, so let’s recap: There are two ways to make whipped cream — the old-fashioned way or the egg-whipping method. What will you choose?

*The original recipe called for 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 2 tbsp of vanilla extract. I thought that would be too sweet so I changed it to 1 cup of sugar and added 2 tsp of vanilla extract. For the marshmallows I used 1 cup of chocolate chips and 1 cup of meringue cookies. *You can make your whipped cream into many different flavors.

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Add a pinch of salt for a salty taste or to make it sweeter by adding some sugar (1 tsp per cup) or a few drops of food coloring! For more fun ideas, check out this post on making pink and green whipped cream here !

*You can also add in alcohol. I love vanilla vodka with my whipped cream! For example, you can make White Russian whipped cream. Or use bourbon to make bourbon whipped cream. The possibilities are endless :0)

These would look pretty alongside a cake!

A few more ideas — you could add a dollop of blueberry jam or some homemade lemon curd. Pumpkin pie mousse would be perfect with this!

You can use this whipped cream to frost cakes and cupcakes, or for decorating cupcakes or cookies.

I think these would be really pretty on top of a chocolate sheet cake! Also, think about using it to fill a cake and frost the top or sides. You could also use it to make trifles or layer a dessert. The possibilities are endless, but the method is easy!

*To store your whipped cream, place it in an airtight container and then into the refrigerator. It will keep for up to three days.*

*For extra-stiff whipped cream, simply add in some more powdered sugar ! The more you add, the stiffer it will become. And don’t worry if your whipped cream isn’t as stiff as you want — just put it back into the mixer and whip again until desired consistency. You don’t want to overwhipped cream. It will get runny and big chunks of air will form.

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Kitchen Essentials You’ll Love:

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1/2 cup cornstarch (to make white chocolate pudding) 1 cup milk 3/4 cup butter, cut into cubes 12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 cup confectioners’ sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla extract Note: This method is different than the traditional method of making pudding. So be prepared to do some extra work. You’ll have to heat up the milk in a small saucepan to make it warm enough. You can also heat up the butter until it’s melted, then add it in.

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You’ll also have to continuously stir the mixture while it’s heating up. If you need a rest, that would be fine too! Once both are the correct temperature and equal portions of each, add them in and immediately put on high-heat (like on medium-high) for about 8 minutes or until pudding starts to thicken and bubbles form at the top. After about 10 minutes, remove from heat and add chocolate for last 2 minutes of cooking time or until melted. Pour into bowls and set in the fridge until it’s firmed up. Top with chocolate sauce or whipped cream :0)

Notes: * – You can use a double boiler if you don’t have a pan with a bottom (I don’t). Simply heat water in a large pot on medium-high, put the bowl containing the milk and butter (and chocolate chips) into the pot and heat until ingredients are warm. Then put all of them into bowl which will fit into your pan that has the water inside it. Heat for about 10 minutes or until pudding is set.

What is better whipped cream in butter or oil?

Definitely butter because it has a higher fat content which means it’s going to whip up easier without getting clumpy. You can also make this with coconut oil, but it may not be as fluffy.

What is whipped cream made from?

Whipped cream is just heavy whipping cream that’s been beaten with air by using a whisk or mixer until it becomes thick and white. It is mostly used as a topping for desserts.

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How do you make whipped cream at home?

To make whipped cream, all you need is heavy whipping cream and a whisk or a handheld mixer. If you don’t have an electric mixer, you can beat heavy whipping cream with a whisk until it becomes stiff. Then fold in some other ingredients like chocolate syrup or fruit just before serving to give your whipped cream another flavor! You can also use powdered sugar to sweeten it.

How to make homemade whipped topping?

Whipped Cream Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup heavy whipping cream (cold) 4 tablespoons powdered sugar Directions: 1) Beat your heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form.

What’s your favorite thing to put whipped cream on?

The way I make my own “whipped cream” is pretty different from the traditional recipe. It’s made from an egg white and sugar mixture which I’ll show you how to do below!I’m going to share my twist on making homemade marshmallows, which are a popular Christmas treat!Instead of using sweetened condensed milk, we’re going to use powdered sugar instead.

How do you whip whipped cream quickly?

You can use a mixer or a whisk. Whisking is the best method because you don’t have to heat up your cream. I like to spray a water bottle with non-stick spray so I don’t have to use as much hand whisking as I would if I were beating it without a spray bottle.

What is the best way to make whipped cream?

The best way to make whipped cream is with a whisk or electric mixer. Also, make sure you beat your heavy cream first until it’s stiff enough so it will be easier to beat. Colder heavy whipping cream works better as well.

Whipped Cream Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup heavy whipping cream (cold) 4 tablespoons powdered sugar Directions: 1) Beat your heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form.


Remember this post is just a guide. Like I said, you do need to do some trial and error here. Your whipped cream will not always be perfect right out of the gate, so don’t be discouraged if it’s not perfect the first go around. It’s better to keep trying different methods and see what works best for you.* Also remember that the more heat your ingredients get, the less time you’ll need to cook it.

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