GoWISE USA provides top-quality, innovative, healthy home products to the US market. We are committed to developing sustainable products that work to improve your lifestyle and help you live a healthier life. Our vision is simple: provide first-rate home products at the competitive prices that our customers deserve for an enhanced way of living. GoWISE has offices in both Los Angeles and Shenzhen.

We are dedicated to creating high-quality products that perform as intended and exceed our customers’ expectations. GoWISE USA is committed to sustainability and strives to implement environmentally conscious business practices in all facets of the organization. We work with many manufacturers in our supply chain, seeking out those that meet our high standards for environmental stewardship.

In 2009, GoWISE USA was launched with a mission of providing quality home products at competitive prices while instilling an honest value and a sense of trust with every customer interaction. Our products have been designed to fit seamlessly into your home life while saving you time, energy and effort in everything you do.

Having partnered with U.S. business leaders, GoWISE USA has established a strong footing in the industry and is on its way to becoming an industry leader in eco-friendly home products. With this goal in mind, GoWISE USA employs a comprehensive quality management system to ensure product safety and customer satisfaction. GoWISE USA assembles their products in Los Angeles under strict guidelines.

GoWISE USA remains steadfast in its commitment to customer service and product excellence as it enters what many believe will be one of the most important years for the sustainable home industry. [1]

GoWISE USA has worked with many companies in its supply chain, and is committed to creating a long-lasting relationship with them. We have partnered with emerging businesses that are the future of sustainable home products. Understanding the many benefits of developing a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers helps us create new and innovative products that protect the environment and improve people’s lives at the same time.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our strict quality management system requirements. We hold true to the motto “Sustainability for Life”.

Looking closer at the Amazon page, the first air fryers on this page were both by GoWise USA. They even have USA in the name, so they must be made there, surely! Let’s find out for ourselves.

My first port of call would be the GoWise USA website, surely this is the best place for reliable information on the brand. After a bit of searching, I came across the ‘FAQ’ or frequently asked questions section of the website. Great!

The third question down hit the nail right on the head.

“Where are your products made? Our products are designed in the US and manufactured in China.”

Dang! made in China. Back to the drawing board then…or more likely that Amazon page

The second brand on that article was Cosori, one I have covered before in my air fryer brands article. Are Cosori air fryers made in the USA? Let’s do the same research as before. But after extensive searching, I couldn’t find the info I wanted. After searching the questions on a Cosori air fryer’s Amazon product listing, I did find that someone posted that the box says ‘Made in China’ on it! Another air fryer brand struck off the Made in America list!

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OK, I am losing faith with this Amazon page, so let’s just look at one more air fryer on this list. It turned out to be the Instant Vortex air fryer oven made by Instant Pot. To the Instant Pot website we go. Maybe I am blind, but I couldn’t see anything on there about where the air fryers are made. Good on GoWise USA to be the only ones so far that are clear about this on their website……..I suppose they do have USA in their name though.

After perusing this video, I saw already that their top 5 list has a GoWise USA and a Cosori model in there! I already know that they are made in China! Not a great start!

Moving on, we do have some other brands on there, namely Ninja, Innsky and Yedi.

Starting with Ninja. Again their website didn’t bring up any useful information, so I found myself on the Amazon listings page, and the question and answer section (again!!). And yes, several customers confirmed that their Ninja was made in China.

I am starting to loose all hope….. are you?

On to Innsky, a rather obscure air fryer brand. This will be fun. Their website was the worst yet, with very little useful information and a guy fixing a washing machine on the warranty page….even though they only sell air fryers….call me confused. You know the drill now though….Amazon….listing…..what do you reckon? Yes, made in China. The nice person from Innsky even gave a province of China, Zhejiang. If you are wondering where that is.

See, Google does get some things right

Finally, Yedi….I thought that was a monster with big feet in the snow? Maybe I am wrong  Well, this time both the official website and the question and answer section of Amazon didn’t have much information, just one guy saying he thought it would be made in China because of the price.

More research is needed then! Actually, all I can find out is that they have their headquarters in Los Angeles and the President is Bobby Djavaheri. Others may assume things here, but not the Air Fryer Bro.

Are Any Air Fryers Made in America

Out of all the air fryer brands that we could find out about, none of them were made in America. All those on both the Amazon page and the YouTube video were made in China. So, I think it is pretty safe to say that most air fryers are made in China.

Actually, I scoured around a lot of air fryers on Amazon, to find one that might be made somewhere other than China, and I couldn’t find any!

Why Aren’t Air Fryers Made in America

It seems that most commonly used domestic appliances aren’t made anywhere other than China these days, especially when it comes to the smaller domestic appliances. You might find some premium coffee makers and the like made in America, but air fryers are not really in the same league. No one is buying a premium air fryer anytime soon, so I don’t see much hope for the American-made air fryer. This is just my humble opinion, though.

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The reality is, at the time of writing, making an air fryer in China is a lot cheaper than making one in America. Unless air fryer manufacturers come up with a good reason to take on that extra cost, they are always going to use the cheaper option. Welcome to our modern business culture.

Is GoWISE Made in USA?

The simple answer is no, GoWISE air fryers are not made in the USA. They are made in China. The GoWISE USA website says that they are designed in the USA and manufactured in China, which is a fair way to say it. That’s not to say the brand doesn’t make other products that are Made in America, though.

Where Are GoWISE Air Fryers Made?

GOWISE air fryer models such as their Smart (Countertop) or Oven model or their Mini Portable models for RVs or motorhomes or boats and so on are all made in China as I write this article. GoWISE USA are big on their offerings of healthy cooking and meal preparation solutions, so they have made sure to include air fryers in this healthy range that they offer.

The GoWISE USA Website says:

“GoWISE USA is a joint venture between Memorex Electronics and Oueyes Technology Co. Ltd., the leading producers of home appliances in China.”

Best Air Fryer Brands Made in America

If you are here looking for the best air fryer brands that are made in America, then you may be disappointed to know that as far as I know there aren’t any that exist. All the air fryers reviewed here on AirFryerBro.com are made in China.

Saying that, the GoWISE USA website does mention that their company is a joint venture between Memorex Electronics and Oueyes Technology Co. Ltd., the leading producers of home appliances in China.

Is an Air Fryer a Fryer?

Air fryers refer to themselves as air fryers or airfryers. And yes, they are just air fryers! Fryers usually refer to oil fryers or deep fat fryers nowadays, though you may see some old cook books that still use the term ‘fryer’ to mean any cooking implement that fries foods on the stove top.

What air fryers are made in the USA?

For the American consumer, if they want an air fryer then they have to make a trip to China to buy their air fryer.

Though I feel that I have answered these questions on this page, there will always be someone new to the world of air frying and air frying equipment, so if you have a question in regards to this answer or any other questions related to this article or what is made where in an air fryer ask me. I am always happy to help out!

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And I hope you found this page interesting and helpful in finding out where are the best air fryers made in the USA. Thank you for reading my post.

Where is GoWISE USA Airfryer made?

This is the common question in many minds. This article will work towards the answer of where is the GoWISE Airfryer made. GoWISE Air Fryer is a small electrical appliance that can be used for deep frying but uses air instead of oil. It was manufactured in China and sold in USA as an American product.

This device has a combination of convection technology and infrared technology which enables it to cook food very fast without using any oil or fats while maintaining nutritional values. The first company to develop this product was GoWISE USA based in Los Angeles California. The company has been able to reach top markets as a leading air fryer brand thanks to its good performance, safety, usability and great design.

Where are Cuisinart fryers made?

Cuisinart fryers are made in China. I am unsure about the Cuisinart deep fat fryer, the cuisinart pro classic fd300h 30-quart deep fat fryer is made in China.

Where are Presto Fryers Made?

The company that makes Presto Fryers is now owned by Newell Brands. The product is made in Asia though it’s unclear exactly where at this time. There are various manufacturing companies that work with Newell Brands to produce the product but they all operate under the same brand name when they sell them to stores and online retailers like Amazon.

Where are All Clad products made?

All Clad products are made at their plant in Canda and also they have a facility in USA. All Clad manufactures many household items such as cookware sets, cutlery sets, and bakeware like cookie sheets and pizza pans, among others. Some of the other items that they manufacture include maple syrup vessels, breakfast plates, wooden utensils and more.

Where are nuwave products made?

Nuwave products are made in China. NuWave Ovens were first designed and manufactured in the United States. They have since been acquired by a couple of companies and now they are manufactured primarily in China or Taiwan.

Where are Combi Fryers made?

Combi Fryers are made in many different factories over in China mostly for top brands like Philips, Bosch, AEG, Siemens and Neff. For example, the Combi fryer from Philips is manufactured by Rongtai Home Appliance Company Limited based out of Shenzhen of Guangdong Province of China.

While you can find air fryers made in different countries, the best air fryers are made in China. However, there are still some that are manufactured in the USA.

You might not be aware of this but all the kitchen appliances purchased from Walmart, Target and other retail stores come from factories overseas. Not only that but many times you can even buy an American made product without knowing it was made overseas. The same goes for many products sold on Amazon especially when they aren’t labeled as made in America at all.