Comparing Sunbeam And Hamilton Beach Mixers

The Hamilton Beach Mixer: What you need to know before buying

The first thing that you should do is compare the features of the Hamilton Beach and Sunbeam mixers. The Hamilton Beach mixer features a pre-programmed timer, whereas the Sunbeam model does not. In addition, the filter basket on the Hamilton Beach is deeper than on the Sunbeam.

The timer of both models can be set to automatically shut off after a specified time while mixing. However, if you want an additional feature in your mixer, like pouring speeds or mixing sizes that are larger than those offered by these mixers and other mixers in this price range, then investing in a more expensive one might be wise.

Also, be sure to compare the wattage ratings of the two mixers in order to determine which one will be more suitable for your needs. While the mixed portion of both mixers is at least 400 watts, there are some models that have a mixed wattage as high as 1200 watts. This is great for making large batches of batter that you want to bake or cook in one or two batches at a time. However, you may want to avoid these if you plan on only making small batches at a time because they will produce too much vapor and give off too many fumes while they are working.

However, there is definitely a benefit to having powerful mixers. They will be able to mix even the richest and heaviest doughs, like those used to make breads or cakes. This can result in fewer crumbs, making your finished product more attractive, and making the mixing process less messy and more efficient.

The Hamilton Beach: Pros & Cons

Pros: The Hamilton Beach mixer features a timer with an on/off switch for better convenience when it comes time to clean up after mixing your batter. This is also where you can set the timer for automatic shut off if you want. Another plus for this model is that it has a convenient tilt-back head that eases the strain of leaning over the bowl while mixing.

Cons: This model may not be ideal if you plan on using larger equipment, like pizza stones, because it only has a 4 ½ quart bowl. Also, if you plan on making large batches of batter at a time, then you may want to invest in an 800 watt mixer instead.

The Sunbeam Mixer: Pros & Cons

Pros: This is a mid-ranged mixer that comes with an extra beater and dough hook as well as a splashguard lid. It also has a 3 year limited warranty.

Cons: It may not be best to use this mixer if you plan on mixing ingredients with lots of fibrous pulp or seeds, like fruits and vegetables, because it is not meant to handle these types of ingredients. The head is also quite large, so it can make the mixing process more difficult if you are short on space in your kitchen.

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The Hamilton Beach and Sunbeam mixers are both great mixers for the price, considering the features that they offer for each model. However, deciding which one suits your needs better will depend on whether you prefer pre-programmed timers or manual settings. While both mixers have the ability to mix pretty much anything you might need to prepare, a more expensive mixer would be better if you plan on mixing larger batches of heavier ingredients. If this is not a concern for you, then either one of these two may be just what you need for your kitchen!

When selecting between Hamilton Beach or Sunbeam mixer review and comparison is required. Reviewing both can help in narrowing down your choice. It is important to know the difference between these popular brands of stand mixers before making any purchase decision.

The Hamilton Beach stand mixer is a popular model for its quality and power. The 5 quart bowl allows for a large quantity of ingredients to be prepared at one time. It is equipped with 7 different speeds – including a “pulse” option – that can be used to mix bread, cake, cookies, macaroons, and even mashed potatoes.

This mixer also comes with an attached splash guard that prevents ingredients from splashing out of the bowl while mixing. However, this model does not come with an included spiral dough hook so additional attachments like this will have to be purchased separately. (See also: Best Bread Machine)

The Sunbeam stand mixer is another popular model for its quality and power. It comes with a 5 quart bowl that is large enough to accommodate a large quantity of ingredients. Like the Hamilton Beach mixer, this device is equipped with a 7-speed selector that can be used to mix bread, cake, cookies, macaroons and mashed potatoes.

It comes equipped with 6 different attachments that can be easily switched out in order to make all kinds of baking needs. The Sunbeam has a manual tilt head instead of a tilting bowl which will make it easier for users to mix ingredients from above the bowl. However, this model does not come with an included splash guard so additional accessories like this will have to be purchased separately.

Both of these brands come in a variety of colors. Some models even feature a retro look that can be used to match any kitchen decor. However, the Sunbeam mixer is generally found to be cheaper than the Hamilton Beach model. Both are excellent choices when thinking about purchasing either one.

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When making the final decision between Hamilton Beach vs Sunbeam mixer comparison, it is vital that you consider what you need the device for and how frequently you will use it. If you will be using it regularly or if you plan on making larger quantities of food at one time, then a more expensive model might be best for your needs. If you will only be using the device occasionally, then a cheaper model might be the best choice for your money.

Choosing between Hamilton Beach or Sunbeam mixer review can be difficult. There are benefits to both manufacturing companies and both models offer some great features. However, it is important to have an understanding of the differences between these two stand mixers before making a final decision. You may prefer one over the other depending on how frequently you will use the device and how important it is to have features like inbuilt timers that automatically shutoff – which is not standard on this model.

You may also want to pay attention to what each model has to offer in terms of attachments and accessories. For example, the Hamilton Beach stand mixer comes with a splash guard lid, but the Sunbeam does not. However the Hamilton Beach does not come with an included spiral dough hook so if this is something you’re interested in having you will have to purchase it separately.

The decision between these two devices is ultimately up to you. It may also be helpful for you to read customer reviews on Amazon about both models as many customers have had some great things to say about either one of these devices.

Is Hamilton Beach as good as KitchenAid?

Hamilton Beach is a popular brand among consumers. They have been in the business for over 30 years and have set their roots in the market place with one of the earliest units on the market. As of now, they are a leader among stand mixers with over 12 million pieces sold worldwide. Hamilton Beach is a family owned company and have been recognized internally for their efforts to provide consumers with quality products at an affordable price point. They are currently manufacturing different types of kitchen apparatuses such as coffee makers, blenders, toasters, electric kettles and more. However, all products from the Hamilton Beach lineup are sold at an affordable price point – especially considering the amount of accessories included.

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What is the best cake mixer to buy?

The Sunbeam 8809 is the best stand mixer for you if you are on a budget and want to save money on purchasing an expensive stand mixer. It is a great deal for the price and with accessories, this product works well. However, if you have features such as pre-programmed mixers, timers and the ability to perform large batch mixing, then this might not be the best option for you. The Sunbeam 8809 model is equipped with a tilt head so it can be used as a counter housing when cooking or baking. It comes with an attached splash guard that makes it safe to use in small quantities when preparing larger amounts of ingredients such as cakes or cookies and other food items that require mixing.

Who makes Sunbeam Mixmaster?

Sunbeam Mixmaster is a product that was created by Sunbeam Products Company. They were originally founded in 1892 in Cleveland, Ohio. However, their headquarters are now located in Boca Raton, Florida. Sunbeam has been featured in Time Magazine’s “Best of the Best” and were considered one of the best toy makers for children by FamilyFun Magazine. They have also been recognized as one of the top ten consumer brands by The Wall Street Journal and ranked as one of America’s Favorite Brands.

How many watts is best for hand mixer?

We recommend that you purchase a hand mixer with at least 8.5 watts of power, however, the most common range for hand mixers is 10 to 16 watts. Throughout our research, we found that there is no significant difference in performance between wattages in the 10 watt and 16 watt range. In fact, we have seen some great reviews from consumers who have purchased hand mixers that run on 10 watts and love them for their performance.


If you are looking for the best stand mixer for the price in 2017, then our guide will help you choose between Hamilton Beach vs Sunbeam Mixmaster. One of them is a great choice if you do not require many attachments and if you need a simple unit that does its job well. It offers a durable build quality with a power of 15 amps and can be used on your counter top when cooking or mixing large quantities of food. However, if you are looking for something that is more customizable and comes loaded with accessories, then our Sunbeam vs Hamilton Beach comparison will help you select one of the best mixers available on the market today.