Metal Vs. Glass Bowl On A KitchenAid Mixer

When it comes to mixing, your options are wide open. You might like the tactile feel of cold metal in your hands as you whisk together eggs and flour. Or perhaps the visual aesthetic of a glass mixing bowl on top of a sleek stand mixer is more to your taste. Whatever you prefer, there’s something that will work for you — even if it means using more than one.

This post explores what’s available from both camps, including who uses them (bakers and chefs) and why they prefer each type over the other, but most importantly knowing which type to use for which task so that you can get exactly the results you want with minimal effort.

Metal Bowls On A KitchenAid Mixer

It’s hard to get more retro than the classic metal bowl on a stand mixer. It’s rare that you will see one without stains or cracks forming (…which is why they are so cool in the first place). But, it seems that you’re either a girl who thinks old motors are sexy, or you have a really deep love for baking and just want to go back to some sort of time machine. Be careful when choosing your stand mixer, however. Older models (which equals very old in the world of technology) don’t have bowl locks, and you will go crazy trying to lift a full bowl off this type of stand mixer. KitchenAid made sure that the new 7-quart bowl locks on securely without fail! I also love having a splash guard with this type of stand mixer, just in case flour flies up and hits your nose. I’ve never experienced it personally, but it’s a possibility with metal mixers.

You can do almost anything with the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Mixer and Metal Bowl except whip cream because this mixer doesn’t have attachments for that purpose.

Bowl Choices for Mixers with Metal Bowls

There are several options for metal bowl mixers, but here are a few examples:

KitchenAid Professional 5-Quart Mixer with Metal Bowl – I’ve actually never owned one of these, but have heard positive reviews from people who have. KitchenAid makes the “pro” series, and the mixer plus bowl sell for a whopping $200 without shipping. The benefit of buying this type of stand mixer is that it will come with all the attachments you could possibly want, so you can avoid having to buy specialty bowls or attachments later on.

KitchenAid Professional Series Artisan 5-Quart Mixer with Metal Bowl – Although it doesn’t come with attachments, this mixer is more of a value than the previous one and has a smaller bowl.

KitchenAid Mixer and Bowl Choices for Bakers: The KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl – I hear mixed reviews when it comes to this mixer versus the professional series. Some people think that the professional series is much better than this one, but some argue that it’s not as good.

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KitchenAid Professional Series Artisan 5-Quart Mixer with Glass Bowl – This mixer also comes with glass bowls, which are much better for baking (read my post about them here). They also give you more options for attachments. If you plan on baking often, this is a great option.

KitchenAid Pro Line Plus Artisan 5 Quart Mixer with Glass Bowl – This mixer is similar to the previous one, but has a glass bowl so that your baked goods can easily be viewed and admired. I can’t really tell much of a difference between the pro series and the artisan series since they use the same bowls, besides being $50 cheaper than their pro counterparts. The pro line plus comes with 6 various attachments that can do almost everything. It also has a second bowl so you can mix dough at the same time!

This one is a Cook’s Illustrated favorite and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. If you’re going to get one of these, I would go with the pro series, as you will get all of the attachments that are compatible with that model and save $70. This means you’ll only have to buy the glass bowl if you’ve decided to bake your own breads, or decide to try out boulle pans for desserts later on.

KitchenAid Pro Line Artisan 5 Quart Mixer with Glass Bowl – This is the pro line, but the metal bowl is glass. The metal bowls on higher end models are made of stainless steel, which are stronger and better for baking. This one will not come with a splash guard.

Bowl Choices for Mixers without Metal Bowls: I’ve also read mixed reviews about this mixer, but people seem to agree that it’s a decent option if you are wanting just one bowl mixer.

Bellemain 5-Quart Mixer (Professional Series) – This model comes with everything you need in a mixer, but no metal bowl. This means that you will have to purchase a glass bowl separately if you want to bake your own bread.

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer with Bowl Choices: The KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer with Glass Bowl – This model comes with the glass bowl, so you can still make bread dough, but it also has a splash guard and stainless steel attachments. One gripe I’ve heard from people who have this mixer is that the metal bowl is large and heavy (as are all large bowls) and therefore it sometimes takes more than one person to lift it up onto the stand mixer. I should also note that the bowl is a little harder to screw on and off than metal bowls.

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The KitchenAid Artisan Mixer with Glass Bowl – Similar to the previous one, but doesn’t have a splash guard or the deep bowl.

As long as you stay away from the cheapest models, you will be good with either brand. The glass bowls are more durable and will not crack easily if they are dropped, which is always good! If you ever plan on making bread, I would also consider getting a metal bowl so you can use it later on (unless you really want glass). Bowls aren’t that expensive and are easy to clean and store, so you never really have to worry about using a glass bowl later on.

If you’re interested in a 3-quart mixer, the following models are worth considering depending on your cooking style:

KitchenAid Professional 3 -Quart Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl – This is probably one of the most popular mixers out there! It comes with everything that you need including the bowl. It has some very consistent reviews on Amazon and this is probably the best deal for a kitchen aid mixer if you don’t plan on making bread or other baked goods often.

KitchenAid Artisan 3-Quart Stand Mixer with Freezer Glass Bowl – With this, you can still make bread dough, but it is a little on the small side compared to the pro series. It also doesn’t come with a splash guard, although it does have the stainless steel attachments.

KitchenAid Professional Series 3-Quart Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl – This is a smaller version of the pro series, but you will be able to use this one for self-baking or making gifts because it comes with everything that you need including a glass bowl which will not crack easily so you can keep your kitchen tools looking new longer.

Can you use a glass bowl with KitchenAid mixer?

Most of the models come with metal bowls, but some do have glass bowls. I would recommend looking at the metal ones unless you plan on making lots of dough (like pizza dough or bread) where you can see everything clearly. Metal bowls are sturdier and won’t crack as easily if they are dropped.

How do I attach a KitchenAid bowl?

The bowl should be easy to attach, just make sure that the hook is aligned correctly before trying to screw it on. You should also be sure that the end of the metal or glass bowl is aligned properly with the hook on the mixer or else it won’t screw on correctly. If you are attaching a metal bowl, make sure to tighten it until it’s really tight. It’ll help keep things from falling out of your bowl while you’re mixing ingredients. Keep in mind that if preparing a large batch, you may want to make at least 2 batches so that you don’t have to refill it during preparation.

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What is the best KitchenAid stand mixer?

The best KitchenAid stand mixer depends on your cooking needs and how much space you have for storage. If you make a lot of bread and other baked goods, I would go with the professional series in white. If you don’t make much bread, I think this is a good choice. If you have a large family and make large batches of food regularly, then it would be helpful to have more than one bowl. It can also help if you plan on making larger batches as it can be hard to store all that food in smaller containers before baking them. If you plan on self-baking bread often, I would recommend the Artisan Series 5 Quart Mixer with Glass Bowl .

Can you use a metal bowl with KitchenAid mixer?

Probably not. If you are storing your mixer with the bowl on, the weight of the bowl will probably cause it to crack. However, I personally have used both a metal and glass bowls when making bread dough and they work just fine.

Can you use a mixer in a glass bowl?

Yes! If the bowl is silicone, it can be used in the glass bowl. However, if it is plastic or metal you will probably have a hard time getting your food to mix properly. Also, these bowls tend to crack easily so I would stay away from them unless you are going to make bread often.

What is a splash guard?

A splash guard is a plate that sits on top of the mixer and will take all the splashing out of your mixing bowl. It also helps with cleanup by reducing the amount of flour that gets on your countertop. Some models come with one, but you can also get it separate. I think it’s a really nice extra feature because even when using white flour and eggs, sometimes you still end up with some flour coloring your countertop which is quite gross.


As you can see, there are a lot of KitchenAid stand mixers options for any budget. There are also stand mixers with different features to fit your cooking style or even the type of home you want to live in. If you are looking for a more professional mixer (which is what I would think about if I were a professional baker), I would recommend some of the more high-end models. If you aren’t looking to spend that much money and just want something decent, then check out the Artisan series. If money isn’t an issue and you have the space, I would recommend going with the professional series or white pro series if it’s available or at least the 4 quart.