Difference Between Spiral and Planetary Mixers

A spiral mixer is a mixing machine that blends ingredients in a bowl by rotating it on its axis. A planetary mixer like the KitchenAid stand mixer, does not rotate the bowl but instead rotates the attachments for different purposes.

The difference between these two machines is that in a planetary mixer, there are many different attachments – like dough hooks and whisks – which allow you to choose various functions depending on what you need. Meanwhile, in a spiral mixer, there’s only one function: blending ingredients in your bowl by rotating it around an axis. This is because of the design of the spiral blade which will churn all around your mixture without moving from place to place inside your mixing bowl.

So if you need the extra attachments that a planetary mixer has to offer, you may want to consider a KitchenAid stand mixer . However, if all you’re looking for is a basic machine that will blend your ingredients in one bowl, then the spiral mixer would be a good choice.

1. Ingredients – What Does It Do?

The difference between a spiral and planetary mixer lies not just in how it functions, but also in what it can do. In this regard, the KitchenAid stand mixer is equipped with 9 different attachments depending on the function of your work. These attachments vary from a dough hook for kneading dough, to a whisk for whipping cream or egg whites, to even a meat grinder . Meanwhile, the spiral mixer can only rotate your ingredients inside a bowl and that’s all it does. There are no attachments for it to connect with.

2. Versatility – What Can It Do?

This is where the spiral mixer outshines the planetary mixer, given that it does not offer any attachments for its functions. The only thing you can do with a spiral mixer is blend your ingredients in a bowl. Meanwhile, the KitchenAid stand mixer offers 9 different functions, and each function can be performed in various ways which makes it more versatile than a spiral mixer.

By using the dough hook, you can knead your dough by hand or mix it on low speed or high speed. By using the whisks, you can mix things on high or medium speed. There are also additional features like automatic settings depending on which function you choose to use.

However, if you’re looking for a basic machine, then the spiral mixer is definitely worth considering. It’s not only cheaper but also more compact, given that it only has one function.

A spiral mixer is smaller than a planetary mixer because it doesn’t have multiple attachments to take up space. Plus, there’s no need to use dough hooks or whisks separately when you can get all the blending done by rotating your bowl in one place like a spiral blade does.

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This is because when you use the hob beater of your KitchenAid stand mixer , it moves around inside the bowl which may bring your ingredients out of their “blending zone”.

In other words , when you use a planetary mixer, the mixer moves the bowl but not your ingredients. This is because of the design of the spiral blade that will churn all around your mixture without moving from place to place. In contrast, a KitchenAid stand mixer’s hob beater tends to rotate around in the same place throughout each time you turn it on.

3. Cost – What Is It?

Given that both machines are at par when it comes to what they can do, opting for a planetary mixer like KitchenAid means spending more money. On average, these machines start at $400 but going up to $1,000 depending on its features and attachments.

Meanwhile, the spiral mixer costs less but does not come with attachments and is limited to one function. So if you’re only looking for a basic machine or just want to save money, then the spiral mixer is your best choice.

Also , given that planetary mixers use more electricity than other types of mixers, the spiral mixer is also a cheaper option. It uses about 20% less power than planetary ones when it comes to mixing since it does not rotate your bowl but just rotates around in it.

To sum up , if you’re looking for a better overall functionality with more features and attachments than a planetary mixer has, then go with a KitchenAid stand mixer. However, if you’re only looking for a basic machine that will blend your ingredients in one bowl, the spiral mixer is a better choice than a planetary mixer.

This article was written by Maria Pulido. She runs a cooking blog and writes about cuisines from different cultures. So she is the perfect person to answer such questions since she eats many different foods from around the world. This article was last updated on 27-01-2013.

This article was last updated on 27-01-2013.

This article was last updated on 27-01-2013.

Equipment and Utensils Required in a Commercial Kitchen – Posted by admin at 1:26 pm on Monday, January 28th, 2013

When it comes to cooking, your kitchen should be equipped with everything you need to prepare the meal effectively. A commercial kitchen should have a set of equipment and utensils which are dedicated for it to run smoothly and efficiently. In this article we will discuss the equipment and utensils commercial kitchens use.

In the commercial kitchen there are several things which you can use. You will find that if you plan your cooking ahead, you will be using these various tools to make your job easier. You may be used to using just one or two pieces of equipment in your own home, but it takes more than that to run a commercial kitchen effectively. The type of equipment and utensils used in a commercial kitchen is not the same as what one would use at home. The tools listed below are some of the most widely used ones in a commercial kitchen to help everything run smoothly and quickly.

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Heavy-Duty Kitchen Hand Tools

In a commercial kitchen, you will find the hand tools are heavy and sturdy. This is because the work being done is difficult, and it is imperative that the tools being used are durable for this kind of work. Heavy-duty kitchen hand tools include a sharp knife which can be used for chopping vegetables or meat, a long handled spoon which can be used for stirring or lifting ingredients, a pair of tongs with long fingers to lift large items such as potatoes and saucepans, and a rolling pin with wide blades which can be used to flatten out any dough or pastry.

What is a planetary mixer?

By using a planetary mixer, you can always get the job done. You may think that all you do is open the power and stand there trembling in your boots, but that’s not the case at all. You must understand that the mixer is actually doing all the hard work for you. You only have to point it in the right direction and switch it on. This study guide will teach you how a planetary mixer works, as well as what attachments it comes with so that you can fully utilize its capabilities once you purchase one of these machines for home use.

The KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan stand mixer has a 5-quart mixing bowl which is relatively large when compared to others in its class. The mixing bowl is made of glass which has a clear cover to allow you to see the ingredients inside. The glass bowl remains stable on the head of this mixer and it’s easy to remove it and put it back on. The stand mixer has a tilt-back head which can swivel 180 degrees, making it easier to clean the bowl.

You can expect to find ten different speeds in this machine which will allow you to use all attachments as well as control how fast or slow you’re mixing your ingredients together. There is also a viewing window in the top of this machine where you can watch everything that’s happening while the machine works its magic on your behalf.

What is a spiral dough mixer used for?

Spiral dough mixers are used to mix dough for a variety of recipes such as fruit cake, bread rolls and even meatloaf. Some models are designed to whip egg whites and cream so that you can add this to your flour mixture to help you create a lighter type of cake or loaf. The spiral dough mixer is known as a traditional machine which is used for commercial purposes in bakeries, but if you want one for home use then there are some available for the consumer market at a reasonable price. The kitchen aid mixer with spiral dough hook works well with all types of ingredients making it ideal for any type of recipe.

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What type of mixer is best for pizza dough?

A handheld mixer is probably the most common tool used to make pizza dough in the home as it allows you to do everything from mixing to kneading and presents great value for money. Handheld mixers are also easier for a beginner because they don’t require a power source, unlike other types which run on electricity. However, you will find that the performance of these mixers can be variable depending on what you’re using it for – if you want to make bread, then you’ll need a more powerful machine. On the other hand, if you are making pizza dough then this type of equipment will come in quite handy as it will produce a well structured dough which can be used to bake pizza bases.

Which mixer is also known as planetary mixer?

The planetary mixer is also known as a dough hook or a spiral dough hook. This type of equipment comes with a solid metal attachment which is designed to be used with the power of the mixer itself. It will help you to add air into your mixture while kneading, which will give you fluffier end products. If you’re going to try home baking and don’t have enough experience then it’s best to start out with more basic equipment when mixing up your ingredients. The reason for this is that if the dough becomes too heavy and dense, then it’s hard for the machine to mix it properly without causing an issue.


Item Reads: “This is a chef’s knife, and is a very hard blade to sharpen. It’s made from carbon steel, so you can use it to cut through tougher foods – even bone!” KitchenAid may share the same manufacturing location with other KitchenAid branded products but this does not mean that their products are not made by them. The manufacturer of these items are the same as that of any other KitchenAid branded kitchen product and not any others. Kitchenaid is one of the world’s leading producers in kitchen machines, appliances and tools. They create high-quality products to give consumers peace of mind when they purchase their products.