Philips Health Airfryer HD9218/11 Review

First impressions of the Philips Health Airfryer

The design of the Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology looks as if it is literally something ‘out of this world’- the pod has landed! It’s modern feel will definitely look the part in any kitchen. The Philips Airfryer is a multifunction cooker that cooks healthy food without fuss and mess – it can be used for frying, grilling, roasting and baking and cooks the most delicious chips to perfection!

It has a fully adjustable temperature control which means you can cook whatever you want at the temperature you need, and the Rapid Air Technology means that hot air is circulated quickly around the pod with only a tiny bit of oil, giving you fast, but more importantly, healthier food. The bowl and anything else that might need cleaning is removable- and the best bit- dishwasher safe!

The dimensions of the Airfryer means when you’re not using it, it can be stored away in a cupboard- so you don’t need to have it on the kitchen counter 24/7.

Using the Philips HD9218 Health Airfryer:

As with everyone who first uses an Airfryer I tested it on chips, but this little beauty cooks everything including awesome roasted vegetables and chicken- all without turning the food dry. The results were excellent, but it does take a little time to get used to if you have been using a conventional oven for some (like me).

I unpacked the appliance and removed the stickers, washed the bowl and basket with hot water and placed the Air Fryer on a mat on a kitchen unit. All pretty straightforward from a set-up perspective.

I turned the Air Fryer on to heat it up by setting the temperature dial on the top to maximum, and set the timer (which is on the front) to a few minutes. While this was heating up I prepared the chips as normal and brushed a small amount of oil on them (the oil is optional).

The bell sounded after the pre heat and I pulled the tray out using the handle, and popped the chips into the basket. You do need to be careful not to over fill otherwise the food will not cook properly as the hot air will be restricted (but there is a max marker in the bowl).

I then set the temperature and timer for cooking and was able to carry on with preparing the rest of the meal without constantly checking. You do need to shake the basket from time to time to ensure the food is cooked evenly, but that isn’t a significant task.

After serving up, I was able to place the basket and bowl directly into the dishwasher and therefore had no hassle, no mess, no cooking smells and no oil changing- which was always the dreaded part of cooking chips in my old deep fryer!

A few tips that I will mention – when serving the food, don’t tip the basket upside down with the bowl part attached, as residual oil may fall onto the food – place the bowl on a mat then just press the release button near the handle, and the basket will detach itself for easy serving.

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It was just as easy to bake, grill and roast, although a little more time was required to work out the cooking times but I soon got the hang of it!

After use, I wiped the appliance down and the cord fitted neatly back into the appliance for storage back in my cupboard.

What we loved about the Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology

A healthier way to eat – not loaded with oil, as most food requires either no oil or a minimal amount to cook delicious meals quickly.

Multifunctional cooking –not only fries food, but grills, roasts and bakes too!

Over 200 recipes available on the Philips App if you are ever stuck for ideas.

Easy to use – a timer ensures accurate cooking and the appliance pings when finished.

Easy to clean – the drawer and food basket are dishwasher safe.

Safety cut out- once the timer reaches 0, the appliance switches off automatically.

Portable – so can be taken anywhere that has a socket so can be handy in a motor home or caravan.

Cons of the Philips Airfryer:

This is not a small appliance, but is great if you don’t have an oven.

Short cord – so you can’t be too far from a plug

Key Specifications for the Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology:

8 kg food capacity

Dimensions: H38.4 x W31.5 x D28.7cm

Weight 7.0 kg

Manual temperature control

Cord length 0.8m

Manufacturers 2 year guarantee

The Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9218/11 is a very handy, multi-functional cooking appliance that cooks food quickly and healthily! It is the type of kitchen product that you buy for a complete lifestyle change. Whether cooking just for yourself or your family, you can make a range of different food at a fraction of the fat, giving you peace of mind.

This is highly rated by many customers and at the moment it is on offer, less than £100! A great quality product at a great price. And you can buy it knowing that if anything goes wrong, it comes with a 2 year guarantee.

So don’t delay, throw out that deep fat fryer now and get this Philips Health Airfryer instead! See how little changes in the way you cook food, could make a big difference!

The Philips Health Airfryer with Rapid Air Technology HD9218/11 is a very handy, multi-functional cooking appliance that cooks food quickly and healthily! It is the type of kitchen product that you buy for a complete lifestyle change

Which model of Philips Air Fryer is best?

We all have different needs and requirements from an Air Fryer. Some people want a big family sized air fryer, others need a small personal air fryer and there are people who want a mid sized air fryer with more than one cooking tray.

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So picking out the best model for me wasn’t easy. I have tried the different models Philips Air Fryer and now I have put them all together to give you a good overview of each one so that you can compare which Air Fryer is going to suit your needs and budget:

Philips Airfryer HD9240/26 2.5 L Fryer with Digital Display, Rapid Air Technology and Rotating Rack:

If you love cooking with your air fryer then this one is for you as it can cook up to 4 portions at once! Plus a digital display means that you are always in control.

The Philips Airfryer also has a rotatable rack so that you can cook for two. It cooks your food at around 100% of power which means that you don’t need to use any oil. In fact it uses less oil than a conventional deep fryer and is healthier for you too.

If you do want to add a little oil, then it comes with the oil compartment which will hold 1 tbsp of oil. Again the amount of oil that this can hold is not too much and will not affect the healthiness or taste of your food.

Is the Philips Air Fryer good?

Yes. The Philips Air Fryer is a winner with hundreds of reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. This is a substantial fryer that has three different bowls, one large bowl for cooking up to 4 portions, one medium sized bowl for two portions and a small bowl for one portion.

The main unit measures 32 x 32 x 26cm (WxDxH) so will fit it most kitchen cupboards. Even though you are not using oil or fat the food will still be crispy and delicious when cooked in this Philips Air Fryer.

Just like most other Philips Air Fryers, you get a recipe book to help you get started and this also comes with a recipe app so that you can search for new recipes as they become available.

The model I have has 100 recipes included and I have tried most of them so far. However there is a lot more recipes being added all the time on the Philips website.

The HD9220/26 is also one of the quieter models with a noise level at 60dB, which is around 4-5 dB less than its competitors. So this means that it will not disturb your family when it is cooking away.

How do I use Philips rapid air technology?

Philips Airfryer HD9220/26 has a large digital display which shows the cooking time and recipes. It has four different functions:

Tick to Cook – this will start the food preparation automatically and the cooker will begin to preheat. The kitchen appliance displays how long it will take and the recipe instructions when the timer reaches 0, ready for beginning cooking. Preset Time – this allows you to choose a time for cooking your food using one of four different time ranges. The first one is 0 minutes, 15 seconds, from which point, the cooker will turn itself off automatically.

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Can I put water in my Philips air fryer?

Yes of course, this model will happily put water in. It has a removable water pan and it can be used to cook your food like a slow cooker.

The bowl container is 2.5 litres in capacity and the food basket is removable allowing you to use the large bowl if you wish. The maximum height of the cooking racks is 65cm which makes it useful for large family meals.

The Philips Airfryer is well designed with a large digital display and a rotatable basket allowing you to cook for two people at different temperatures if required. I can personally vouch for this Philips model as it has been in my kitchen now for two years and I have cooked lots of food including some of the recipes that came with it when we first used it.

I think it must be one of the best models on the market and comes highly rated by customers. Don’t be put off by the number of customer reviews, as these are all very happy customers, but they do need to write a review and rate it so that other people will know how good this product is.

Can you use the Philips air fryer without the basket?

Yes. You can put whatever you want in this Philips Airfryer as it has a removable basket. It comes with the skewers and frying basket but if you don’t need it, then you can put it to one side and use the other simple bowl for cooking.

Where can I buy a Philips air fryer?

This is where we have some great news for you! This Philips air fryer is currently on offer on Amazon at around £95 to £105 which means that this is an excellent price! And there are no other discounts or voucher codes needed so it’s an all in price, with free delivery too.

If you want a good quality Philips Air Fryer at a great price then this is your best choice. It has received many positive reviews on Amazon and comes with an oil and fat free fryer. Philips Airfryer HD9220/26 2.5 L Fryer with Digital Display, Rapid Air Technology and Rotating Rack:

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