Blenders: Black + Decker Vs Hamilton Beach Vs Oster

Which is the best blender for you? There are many different types of blenders available, and some are more suited to a certain use than others. We are going to discuss the difference between Black+Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Oster. You will be able to determine which is better suited to your needs. Some factors that we will consider include: size type of blade how well it blends how it cleans itself

Blenders – Black + Decker Vs Hamilton Beach vs Oster

When deciding whether or not to purchase a new blender, there are many ways you can go about finding the right one for you. Many people are not fully aware of the many different types of blenders that are available for purchase and for everyday use. Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Oster have all been around for a number of years and have stood the test of time.

Black and Decker Blender

The Black and Decker Blender is the least expensive option on our list. The model we used in testing was a standard blender that has a blending speed rated at 200 watts. The size rating on this model is 16-cups total capacity with 8-cups worth being liquid holding capability. This model uses a single blade to perform the mixing of your drinks or foods.

This blender comes with a locking feature to keep it closed while you are on the go. In comparison to others, this blender is really compact and would easily fit into the trunk of a car for easy transport when going on road trips. This is rated as a very powerful blender, especially given its size and price point.

We were able to blend beef jerky and make hot chocolate without any clogging or sticking problems whatsoever. We also blended up some high fiber cereal with crushed ice easily and with almost no time at all. The beaker size on this model is perfect for most families who will use this in a family setting for multiple people on any given day.

Hamilton Beach Blender

We used a Hamilton Beach Blender from their Classic Series line. The one we tested had a 16-cup total capacity and was rated at 100 watts. This model has the standard single blade that we have come to expect with these blenders. The locking feature is the same as the Black and Decker, but the beaker size is slightly larger.

With this model being larger you can use it for multiple people on most days without having to fill it up all of the way to the brim every time. We found that this blender mixed everything very easily, including liquids, which took less than a minute on average to complete. The pieces even came out clean.

When it came time to clean the blender, we used the automatic cleaning feature by simply pushing down on the pusher button and then pressing the on/off button again to turn it off. This took about 30 seconds to complete and left our blender looking brand new. Out of all of the models we tested, this was by far our favorite as far as ease of use goes. We also loved that when we got done using it, it cleaned itself automatically and that there werent any pieces left behind that would just get stuck in the beaker or other parts.

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Oster Blender

Our Oster Blender was a model that was designed with the same blade and locking feature as the other two. The one we tested had a total capacity rating of 18-cups and used a 250-watt motor to perform its functions. The beaker size is slightly larger than the Hamilton Beach, but it was still smaller than the Black and Decker model.

The Oster blade had two functions: blending, which it did very well, and food processing, which it did not do so well. For example, when trying to make salsa, we found that this blender would cut up the tomatoes perfectly but not completely blend everything together like you would expect from a commercial grade blender like this one.

In addition to blending, the blender also had some food processing capabilities. Using frozen fruit was the worst part of using this blender. While blending the fruit, it would work perfectly fine, but when we were done with that task and continued to try and process anything else in the blender, it would not break down ice into a slushy consistency like you would expect with a true food processor would accomplish.

We even tried putting water into this blender to make ice cubes, but they came out way too large in proportion to the size of our blender. We were able to get around this by using more ice than normal but we found this too much of an inconvenience for our liking.

The Verdict

When it comes down to choosing between the Black and Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Oster blender, we found that all three had their own specific set of features. The Black and Decker Blender is the least expensive on our list but also the smallest. It has a locking feature to keep it closed while on the go, but also an automatic self-cleaning feature, which cleans itself up in under a minute. The size beaker is perfect for families that have multiple people using this blender on any given day. We loved this blender because of how easy it was to use and cleanup afterwards.

The Hamilton Beach Blender is the most expensive of the three and it has a 16-cup liquid capacity, which was big enough for multiple people in most families. We found that this model blended everything up easily, including ice and liquids without any clogging or sticking problems at all. The unit also cleans itself automatically after each use while blending. We did have some issues with being able to make frozen fruit into a slushy consistency using this blender, but other than that it seemed to do very well when mixing up ingredients as well as liquid.

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The Oster Blender is the second largest blender on our list, but had some issues with creating true consistent foods like salsa or crushed ice. Though this left us a little disappointed, overall it did very well in our testing and we found that it was easy to use and clean.

Overall, we found that all of the blenders on our list performed exceptionally well in our testing. While they all had some small issues, they also did extremely well when trying to blend up ingredients to make them smooth and free of lumps or chunks. We would love to hear your feedback on these models if you have tried them out for yourself.

Does Black and Decker make good blenders?

Black and Decker have been making the same blenders for over 40 years, so you can be sure that they make great blenders. All of their blenders are amazing if you are searching for a good quality blender at a great price.

What to look out for when buying a blender?

When looking for blenders we suggest looking at the quality of the blades. The more blades there are, the better and more powerful your blender will be, although more blades can also make cleaning and blending harder than usual. Another thing to look at is how many cups the blender has. A large liquid capacity will save you time on filling up than having to stop and fill it halfway through blending.

How much do you need to pay for a good blender?

The price of a blender depends on what you want. If you want one that is really cheap and but doesn’t work great, then you can pay $19.99. However, if you want a high quality blender that works amazingly well then the price will rise to $250. It all depends on what you need from your blender and how much effort are willing to put into researching the best one for your needs.

Is Hamilton Beach a good brand for blender?

Hamilton Beach is a company that has been around for quite a long time. The first blender the company ever made was designed in 1964 and it has been growing their range of products ever since. With some of the highest selling products ever made by them, there must be something about them that people love!

What to look out for when buying a Blender?

When looking for blenders we suggest looking at the quality of the blades. The more blades there are, the better and more powerful your blender will be, although more blades can also make cleaning and blending harder than usual. Another thing to look at is how many cups the blender has.

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Are Oster blenders quiet?

Oster blenders are known to be quiet and have very little noise coming from them, even when they are blending ice to make smoothies, which can be a loud process.

What is the best blender for the money?

The best blender for the money would have to be the Oster Beehive Blender. This is because it has a lot of power and it gives you great value for what you pay. The motor is strong and it also has seven preprogrammed settings that will help you blend anything with ease. It also has a big liquid capacity that is suitable for the whole family.

How to clean a blender easily?

If you are looking to clean your blender then there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way being the way you should do it and the wrong one is not recommended! If you have chosen to clean your blender by hand, then make sure that you do it while it is still warm. This will make all of the food from inside easy to remove without having to scrub at it too hard. The next step is to remove any excess food that is left on the blades by using either a sponge or piece of cloth.

Does Black & Decker 10 speed blender crush ice?

Black & Decker 10 speed blender will crush ice but it is not good at making smoothies. The blades are designed in a way that they won’t cut off the ice cubes properly so you will have to place it on the regular blade and then turn on the 10 speed button.

How to clean a blender?

If you are looking for some tips on how to clean a blender, then we have some great advice for you. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that if your blender is old then it is likely that it will be very difficult to clean as well.


When it comes down to the actual brand, we’d have to say that Oster and Blendtec are the leaders in terms of their blenders and their quality. Both of these brands are known for making durable blenders that do a very good job at blending not only smoothies and drinks but even ice cubes and other hard foods. We’d recommend both brands above the rest for any future blenders. We also have to say that Hamilton Beach did really well in our testing as well and we found that it blended a wide variety of foods without ever having trouble when trying to blend those types of items.

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