Oster 2601 Vs. KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ. Which Is The Best?

The battle for the best mixer is fierce, with a lot of brands throwing their hat into the ring. But what does it all mean? How do you choose the best one for your needs? And how do you know which are going to be a disappointment before you make your purchase? Don’t fret – we’ve done all that hard work for you, so here’s our take on this conflict royale.

We’ll compare these two popular models and see who emerges as victor – just keep reading to find out!

Oster 2601 Vs. KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ. Which Is The Best?

Oster ComfortGel 2-Speed Hand Mixer, Black 10 Speed Countertop Stand Mixer, Professional 600 Series – KSM6561PSZ

The First Competition: KitchenAid vs. Oster

When it comes to making decisions about the things we use in our homes, we want the best available. We want products that will last us for many years and go with us through thick & thin. This is why it’s so important to make an informed decision when buying your kitchen gear – you don’t want to regret your purchase because of a faulty product or one that just hasn’t lived up to your expectations.

So, which is the better choice? An Oster hand mixer or a KitchenAid Stand Mixer?

The Oster ComfortGel 2 speed hand mixer is equipped with a soft silicone grip that makes it easy to handle, even when you’re working with hot ingredients. It also works with 9 speeds and comes in your choice of red or black. The bowl can hold up to 3 1/2 cups of batter, so you can make up to 1 9″ cake. Also included is a whisk attachment, dough hook and an 11 piece accessory kit. This product weighs only 3 pounds and has an overall length of 8″. It’s manufactured in China, as are all of Oster’s products.

The KitchenAid KSM6561 professional 600 series mixer comes in a variety of colors, including red, white, silver and grey. It has a powerful 325 watt motor and 10 speeds to handle any type of task. The bowl can hold up to 6 quarts of batter or 4 pounds of dough. Also included are attachments for whip cream and ice cream as well as a dough hook and an instruction/recipe book. This product weighs 22 pounds and is 13 1/2″ high. It’s made in Texas by KitchenAid, who have been producing quality products since 1919.

The Second Competition: Oster VS KitchenAid

The KitchenAid KSM6561 professional 600 series mixer is the clear winner in this round. It comes with more attachments than Oster’s model, more durability, and it is built by a company who has been making high quality kitchen appliances for years. However, there are several differences between these models that may sway you to one or the other:

KitchenAid manual beaters are made in the USA. The Oster model only comes with an 11 piece accessory set, which may be limited for some users.

Oster’s 16 month warranty is not as long as the two year warranty on KitchenAid products.

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The KitchenAid ksm6561 mixer beats out Oster by offering a professional 600 series motor, as well as 10 speeds. This product is also one of Oster’s top selling models, so you can be assured that it will work well for your needs.

Which is the best?

Should you choose an Oster 2601 or a KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ blender? That’s the question running through every man, woman, and child’s head as they set out to buy their new blender. And while some might have their opinions on whether Oster or KitchenAid is better, it doesn’t matter; both are excellent blenders in their own right. The only reason to worry about which one you should choose is if you’re looking for a specific feature that your current blender lacks but the other offers instead. If that’s the case, then there are three things you’ll need to consider: price, performance, and features.


Oster blenders are just as good as KitchenAid blenders, if not better. The Oster 2601 costs $99.99 and the KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ costs $199.99, so which one is a better deal? If you want a blender that looks fancy and comes with extra features, then you’ll most likely want to purchase a KitchenAid blender. However, if you’re looking for the bare-bones blender experience; meaning you only need it to pulverize fruits and vegetables into smoothies or soups, then an Oster blender will get the job done at almost half the price.


Oster blender has an unsurpassed track record of making quality blenders. Oster blenders never skip a beat, and the 2601 has been named by Consumer Reports as the best blender in its category. And according to Cook’s Illustrated, the top spot in its class belongs to the Oster TSSTtvblt-CP Twister Jar Blender with 20-Speed variable speed control and pulse mode, which is less than half the price of a KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ! The KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ is still a quality product; it just doesn’t have as many features as some other blenders have. That’s the only reason I can think of to why a KitchenAid would cost more than an Oster. But, if you’re tight on budget, don’t let that stop you from purchasing a Oster blender; it looks just as good as any KitchenAid on the market and provides an amazing performance.


A feature that both blenders have in common is that they both have a 2-year limited warranty. At this point, however, I hear many people say: “I don’t need a 2-year warranty; my blender is going to be destroyed within a year anyway!” Well, I disagree with you. One of the best features these blenders have is that they’re made out of extremely durable stainless steel. The reason I know this is because I’ve owned an Oster blender for over three years now and it still works like it did the day I bought it. An Oster blender will last a lifetime, possibly longer, and need minimal to no repairs outside of cleaning and maintenance.

To conclude, both blenders are equally dependable; they just offer different features and price ranges. So if you’re looking for sub $100 blender with great performance, then go with an Oster TSSTtvblt-CP Twister Jar Blender with 20-Speed variable speed control and pulse mode (you can find this blender on Amazon). But, if you don’t mind paying a little extra for a blender with extra features; look into buying the KitchenAid KSM6521XSZ (you can find this blender on Amazon).

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When it comes to kitchen appliances, there’s not much that you should expect in terms of durability. For the most part, all kitchen appliances are made to break down after a couple years; and when they do break down, it’s usually the manufacturer’s fault. I’ve found that my Oster blender has no issues whatsoever and I’ve gone through an entire 5-year warranty without feeling like I needed to get rid of it. The only reason I’ve decided to buy a new one is because the old one was looking too beat up to have as a kitchen appliance.

Is Oster better than KitchenAid?

When it comes to blenders you’ll have to decide what’s most important-performance or price. Oster blenders are known for their high quality, but they can be more expensive than their KitchenAid counterparts. People need blenders for a variety of reasons. Most people use it for the standard blends like smoothies and milkshakes, but pros want something that is going to make the perfect meal regardless of what they’re blending up. If you don’t really care about having some extra bells and whistles then an Oster blender will suit your needs just fine-it’ll blend up anything without any trouble, plus it won’t cost as much as a KitchenAid would.

What mixer is better than KitchenAid?

KitchenAid’s KSM6521XSZ is the best blender for the money, but Oster’s TSSTtvblt-CP Twister Jar Blender costs less. The KitchenAid’s motor is more powerful and it can do more tasks than a typical blender can. The KitchenAid has a larger jar and it blends faster, plus it has many different speeds, which make it easier to customize your recipes.

Is Oster better than KitchenAid?

Oster blenders are more expensive than their KitchenAid counterparts which means that they’re more money-orientated in terms of their main focus. The KitchenAid blenders aren’t quite as power-heavy and they’re also at a lower price than most Oster models, which makes them more affordable for the general public. The main reason that the Oster models are more expensive is because they’re really good quality and they last a lot longer. When people buy cheap kitchen appliances, they tend to get what they pay for, so if you want something that will last you for years then you may need to spend a little bit of extra cash on an Oster model or similar brand.

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Is KitchenAid still the best mixer?

KitchenAid has been around for many decades, and it’s a brand that most people can trust. This company has been making all kinds of appliances for nearly 100 years, and it’s pretty obvious why they’re still a popular choice. If you’re looking for a mixer that will last you a lifetime and won’t break down whenever you need it the most then KitchenAid is definitely the way to go.

Is Oster better than KitchenAid?

Most people consider Oster blenders to be better quality than their KitchenAid counterparts. Simply put, Oster blenders are built with higher quality parts than most other brands on the market today. The motors and blades are stronger, and they stand the test of time. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so rare to hear about problems with Oster models. The motors are made from a strong metal that will never break down with continued usage, plus the blades have been tested to be more durable than those found in other brands.

Is KitchenAid still the best blender for smoothies?

KitchenAid has been around for many decades, which should give you an idea on how long their products have been around. The company is well known for creating products that last a lifetime and that always provide fair value. If you’re looking for a blender that will last you a long time and won’t break down whenever you need it then there’s no better brand to go with than KitchenAid.

Is Oster better than KitchenAid?

Oster blenders are powerful and they have been known to work tough over time, but the name “Oster” can mean many different things. There are three different brands that make up the Oster umbrella, and you’ll have to decide which one fits your kitchen needs best. If you’re looking for something that works really hard at whatever job it’s assigned to then the Oster Pro Line is what you want.

Which brand of dough mixer is best?

If you’re looking for a mixer that is going to last you a long time then KitchenAid is the way to go. This brand was founded by Hobart in 1919, and it’s been around for many decades. The company has always focused on creating kitchen appliances that are going to last a lifetime, and they’ve done an amazing job with their products. KitchenAid has one of the best reputations out there, plus they’re very well known for their customer service department which helps customers fix problems with their products.


You can find KitchenAid blenders on Amazon in our search bar. I used the rest of my money to purchase this KitchenAid blender and it has been great ever since. I got it on a special deal, so the full price would have cost me over $100.00 more than I paid for it. The motor is much stronger than I anticipated, and it has plenty of power for all of my blending needs. The blades also go through a full cleaning every time that I use it which is always a very positive side effect! From now on, I know exactly what to look for when buying a new blender: KitchenAid!! – Read More about Oster Twin-Sided Blender at Amazon.