Stand Mixer Vs Food Processor For Dough: Which One Is Worth The Price?

Everybody loves a good homemade pizza crust! But making dough can be a real pain. Sure, you can get away with using store-bought dough, but the texture will inevitably be off and that just doesn’t taste quite as good. Making your own dough is not only cheaper in the long run but it also tastes better and gives you more control over what goes into your crust. The question then becomes: which one of these kitchen powerhouses should you use? Well, to answer that we had to go on a quest for the truth and find out which one is better for making dough.

We read up about every stand mixer out there, as well as all of the food processors that were available in stores near us. We also ran the numbers, looking at how much money the machines would cost you versus what they would do for you.

As it turns out, the question is not nearly as simple as you might think. As with most things in life, there are a variety of factors to consider when deciding which stand mixer or food processor to purchase. Let’s take an in-depth look at each contender and what they offer:

Stand Mixer – What It Does:  

A stand mixer works pretty much just like a manual mixer on steroids. Think of them as super-powerful electric mixers that can be programmed to make certain blends, from dough to batter and everything in between. Most mixers these days come with several attachments, including a whisk and a dough hook. Some models even have a separate attachment for adding in ingredients or whipping air into your mixtures. Most mixers can be used to bake or cook, but for the purpose of this article we will be focusing on how effective they are at making dough.

Stand Mixer – How It Works:  

The way in which stand mixers work is actually pretty interesting. On a microscopic level, the device works by creating cross-currents that cause friction between individual particles. When the driver is turned on, these currents are set into motion and distributed throughout the motor. These currents create friction in the drum, which forces the mixer to rotate at a certain speed to ensure that everything is mixed well enough to create proper dough.

Stand Mixer – What You Get:  

The stand mixer that we have chosen for this comparison is not only affordable but also has one of the best selling products in its class (the KitchenAid Artisan). It comes with a selection of accessories and attachments (including a dough hook) that are all highly rated and quite commonly used by people looking for a good quality stand mixer at an affordable price.

Stand Mixer – What It Will Do For You:  

The KitchenAid Artisan has everything you need to make great dough, from the power of a full-sized mixer to the attachments that can whip air into your mix and a variety of accessories. This model is entirely capable of whipping up a fully cooked pasta using your favorite dough recipe (provided you have the right attachment) or making cookies and cakes with ease. The unit also includes an exclusive dough hook that can either be used right out of the box or purchased separately as an attachment for around $30 total. The only limitation is that it takes about 45 minutes for the mixer motor to warm up, which might make it somewhat inconvenient for creating dough in a rush.

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Food Processor – What It Does:  

A food processor isn’t quite as powerful as a stand mixer or a traditional blender but it can still do plenty of work. Basically, a food processor is just an electric device that consists of two metal blades that spin around at high speeds and efficiently chop, grind, mix, mix and mix some more. Most models come with several different blade attachments and power settings that allow you to chop up almost any ingredient without the need for a dedicated machine for each task. They are often better than blenders and can certainly replace your need for a handheld grinder.

Food Processor – How It Works:  

Most goods are broken down into tiny particles before being mixed together in this process. Think about it… when you are cutting up onions or carrots, you are just getting the food broken down into smaller and smaller pieces until it is entirely pulverized. Likewise, when using a food processor to grind meat or chop vegetables up for a salad, you’re just breaking down the ingredients into smaller and smaller pieces until everything can be mixed together.

Food Processor – What You Get:  

For our comparison we have decided to go with the most affordable, top-rated food processor that we could find. The Cuisinart Smartpower 7 Cup Food Processor is both affordable and effective, so it’s a great choice if you’re looking to blow your budget on something that will last for years.

Food Processor – What It Will Do For You:  

For anyone who is looking to mix tough ingredients, this food processor is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t have the power of a stand mixer, but it has the ability to make dough and grind up such things as onions and garlic. If you take the time to do your research, you’ll find that this model comes with many different attachments that include a chopper, shredder, meat grinder and more. The unit even includes a warming plate to make it easier for it to be used in just about any type of cooking situation.

The food processor or stand mixer? Which one is worth the price for baking? If you have a stand mixer, it does the work of both machines. The stand mixer does the kneading, chopping, and beating for you. You won’t have to worry about transferring from one machine to the other and trying to figure out which knob does what.

The food processor works on finer tasks like pureeing or cleaning vegetables where a higher speed is needed. However if you’re only using your mixer for dough, then a food processor would be better because it could pulverize more flour without letting it fly everywhere!

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However sometimes people don’t know when they should use one machine or the other because they’re too used to using each type of appliance as separate devices in their kitchen. The mixing bowl is used for kneading and the dough hook is used for mixing. The food processor separates the ingredients, but for sifting, it’s easier to put all the dry ingredients in one container and then just pour in the liquids.

A stand mixer makes it easy to carry out large batches at a time so you don’t have to keep on opening and closing your food processor or having to move your stand mixer to another location. Which ever appliance you have will do its job best, just make sure your new appliance has a powerful motor so it can perform well with heavy duty tasks.

For the food processor, you’ll need a heavy duty motor that can handle all the liquid you pour into it and not get overheated. The blade must be strong enough to crush nuts or even grate chocolate. It’s best to look for food processors that have smooth surfaces so ingredients won’t stick. For dough only, then any stand mixer will do because the stand mixer is versatile enough to handle kneading and mixing in one device.

Which is better for dough stand mixer or food processor?

Which is the better machine for you – a stand mixer or a food processor? The answer isn’t as simple as saying one is better than the other. It all depends on which cooking tasks you need to get done. To get started, think about what you plan to make and how much time you have to invest. If it’s just dough that you’re making and you have more time, then a stand mixer will work well in that capacity because it is much faster than manually mixing your dough by hand. However, if it’s something like shredded beef that needs to be chopped into tiny pieces, then a food processor is the better choice because it will accomplish this task with little effort on your part.

Can a food processor mixer dough?

Yes. A food processor is one of the best tools you can use to mix dough, whether it’s bread dough, cookie dough or any other kind. Whether you make your own bread or cookies at home or have to make a lot of bread for work, a food processor will be able to handle the task and save you time in the process. However, if your goal is to make a professional looking loaf of bread (like what you’d find in a bakery), then you’ll need a stand mixer.

What is a food processor mixer?

A food processor mixer has all the features you’d find in a food processor and a stand mixer. This includes weight, blade, container and more. The cost will be higher than both of the appliances together. For example, this Hamilton Beach model costs $150. However it’s the best mixing bowl for anyone who likes to bake or cook often because it has all of the features that a stand mixer and food processor have.

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Will a food processor mixer make bread?

Yes, it will. You can make bread using a food processor mixer by simply following the recipe instructions. You’ll need to put the ingredients in the bowl and pulse them until they’re combined properly. This is how you mix the ingredients and give them structure so they can rise when they’re put in the oven. If you’d rather knead, then you can always use your stand mixer for this task. The dough will be ready when it’s elastic and smooth and not sticky to touch at all.

What makes a good food processor?

A good food processor should have strong blades that are capable of doing anything from chopping onions to grinding meat. It should be easy to use, super quiet and it should be able to handle heavy duty tasks. Other features that are worth looking for include a large capacity and a good sized bowl. You also want to make sure your model comes with attachments so you can do more than just chop ingredients.

What is a good food processor mixer?

A good food processor mixer is one that can handle all of the tasks you need it to without giving you any trouble at all. For example, some models will have a hard time grinding meat or pulverizing nuts, but the best ones will be able to crush anything with ease. You’ll want to look for models with a big container for mixing big batches, and it’s best if the blades are strong enough to puree or chop whatever you need them to.

What is a good food processor?

When deciding on a good food processor, you need to think about how often you plan on using it. If this is something that will only get used once in a while, then any food processor will do. However, if you’re going to use your appliance every day, then it’s best to find one with features like multiple speeds and pulse. This way you can get more value out of your expenditure because you’ll find yourself using it more often throughout the year.


A food processor is an essential cooking tool if you love to bake or cook. It’s a great investment that will help you save time and make everything taste better. The best food processors will be able to handle whatever recipe you can throw at them, from dense doughs to tough meat that needs to be pureed or ground. You’ll find one with the best features if you take the time to do your research and make sure it’s capable of doing many different types of tasks.

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