What You Need To Know To Use A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

For all the baker’s out there, you probably have a KitchenAid mixer in your kitchen. But are you taking full advantage of it? What do you need to know to use your KitchenAid stand mixer to its fullest potential?

We’ll teach you how, and give some recipes for some yummy treats along the way!

You’ll want to make sure that your egg whites are at room temperature before using them or they won’t whip properly. Use an instant-read thermometer and aim for approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit. And start with a cold metal bowl; metal conducts heat better than plastic or glass which will warm up eggs more quickly.

Let your eggs reach room temperature, roughly ten minutes.

Once the bowl is at room temperature, you can start to mix in your ingredients. Feel free to have fun here. Whisk or beat on a low speed until everything is mixed together.  There’s not too much science here, just get it all mixed together with one motion. Then increase the speed and use short bursts of mixing in the center of the bowl as you gradually spin around the bowl with your arm extended. Do this until you have a beautiful meringue.

Make sure your ingredients are room temperature.

The most important part of mixing up your fresh whipped cream is not to over whip it! Simply add your heavy cream and sugar to the whipping attachment and beat on low speed for about ten seconds, then increase to medium-high speed for about thirty seconds. You want the cream to thicken but not solidify. If you over whip, it will become grainy and it’ll be unusable for many purposes like frosting or toppings.

You can use any mixer recipe as inspiration for some delicious and creative uses.

For example, we combined this recipe with an Oreo cookie recipe to make a tasty trifle dessert. In this case, we’re using four different kinds of cookies and a cake. All topped with a fresh whipped cream frosting made with whole milk, heavy cream and sugar. All of the ingredients have been cooked separately so that after they’ve been combined in the KitchenAid, they’ll be ready to put into your trifle dish or cupcake tin. And they only take a few minutes to prepare!


– Oreo cookies

– Golden Oreos

– Chocolate cake

– Devil’s Food Cake batter

– Whole milk, heavy cream and sugar for the whipped frosting We start by putting the Oreo cookies in the food processor and pulsing them until they are finely crumbled. Then we add in the whole milk, heavy cream and sugar for the whipped frosting.

We pulse this until everything is well blended, then spoon it into our cupcake tin or trifle dish. Next we take a heaping tablespoon of our Golden Oreo cookie crumb mixture and press it down on top of our first layer of cookie crust. (If you want to get fancy, you can use a small scoop to make this process easier.

We also pressed a second layer of Oreo crumbs on top expecting to have a “sandwich” but in the end it all looked pretty good as one layer anyway.) Next we put our chocolate cake batter on top. We do not add any additional cookie crumbs to this layer, just press the mixture down for even coverage.

Then we put our devil’s food cake batter on top of that, again with no additional cookie crumbs added. (We’re not sure if it makes a difference or not to add crumbs to the devil’s food cake batter, it’s just what we did and thought it turned out fine.)

And finally we put our whole milk, heavy cream and sugar whipped cream frosting on top. (If your frosting has solidified a little while you were preparing these layers, simply place your mixing bowl with the whipped cream in the microwave for about ten seconds. Just make sure you do not overheat the frosting or else it will become too runny.)

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Mini and regular cupcakes are one of the most popular uses of KitchenAid mixers. These cakes are delicious no matter how you slice them. And they are relatively quick to whip up, too! These miniature and regular cupcakes were made from scratch using our favorite Oreo cookie recipe.

They have a generous amount of frosting, we topped it all off with some sprinkles. We also used homemade chocolate syrup in the buttercream frosting. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, then these cupcakes are for you! The recipe we use is just a basic chocolate cake but it’s very moist and delicious.

We’ve decorated them with peanut butter cups in the center and on top to bring out the peanut butter flavor. The frosting was whipped together using a regular sized Hershey’s bar as well as some natural cream cheese spread. Sweet, delicious strawberries dipped in dark chocolate give this dessert an elegant twist. The cake batter we used is a simple box mix that only takes about ten minutes to make.

Light and fluffy, these cakes will impress your friends at the office or on your next playdate. For all you classy bakers out there! This cake is delicious and very simple to make. It’s moist, flavorful and will feed a crowd of ten people. And it’s also easy to decorate. The frosting is a classic vanilla buttercream that gives this cake a smooth, creamy taste with some crunch from the sprinkles.

We’ve taken the time to separate out our layers so you can see how easy this cake is to make! We started by making up our yellow cake batter in one bowl, then in another bowl we mixed together our white frosting for the top and sides of the cake. (We piped the writing on the cake using a classic buttercream recipe.)

This way we didn’t have to dirty up two bowls, we simply poured one bowl of yellow cake batter into another bowl with white frosting and mixed them together. Because we made sure there were no lumps in our yellow cake batter, it turned out to be a nice smooth layer of yellow on top.  Be sure to follow the arrow on your beater attachment when using vanilla extract in your mixing bowl. This way you’ll be able to reach all four corners of the mixing bowl. If you forget and stir the batter around, don’t worry!

You can always add a small amount of vodka to it to thin it out and make it mixable again. And adding the vodka doesn’t alter your results at all.  Buttercream frosting is simple to make using a KitchenAid mixer. Simply start by creaming together some butter, vanilla extract, salt and powdered sugar in your mixing bowl.

We added a little bit of milk to thin it out but that’s totally optional. You can also use cream or half-and-half instead. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to decorate your cakes! The cake is very dense and moist, just the way we like it. We used a boxed yellow cake mix and added in our own flavor add-ins to give them a unique taste.

Because our frosting recipe only makes enough to cover the tops and sides of these small cupcakes, we decided to make a second batch of buttercream frosting so that we could also put some on the bottom of these cupcakes.

What do I need to know about stand mixers?

1. The most important thing to remember when using your stand mixer is that you should always lift the mixer in and out of the bowl with both hands instead of just grabbing it by the handle.

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2. Don’t mix things in a big hurry. Instead, take your time and become one with your stand mixer. It’s not a race, so take things slow!

3. Never put vegetable oil or shortening on your beater blade or mixing bowl unless specifically directed to do so in a recipe. It can cause the bowl to become slick and the dough may stick, no matter how much flour you add.

4. Always scrape the sides of your mixing bowl with a spatula before adding in more ingredients or the batter may turn out uneven.

5. When using the dough hook attachment, sprinkle some flour on top of your dough to keep it from sticking to the beater blade and mixing bowl. This will ensure that everything comes together correctly!

6. Never put hot things directly into a cold measuring cup or your stand mixer with its mixing blades. Always let the hot items cool a bit first to prevent the mixture from melting your stand mixer bowl.

7. Make sure your mixing bowl and beater blade are completely dry before mixing. Any kind of liquid, even water can cause your cake batter to not turn out correctly!

8. Always remember that it is safer for you to carry the stand mixer with both hands instead of one hand and have someone support you with another hand on the ladder or by holding onto something nearby like a counter or wall.

What should I look for when buying a KitchenAid mixer?

1. Make sure to buy the size of mixer that is right for you. Multi-function mixers generally have several attachments and not everyone needs that many attachments and this will cause you to purchase a mixer that is too big or too small for your needs.

2. If you’re new to baking, look for a basic mixer with a beater attachment. This will allow you to stir, blend, blend and knead. The beater is the most important part of your mixing bowl as it breaks up the mixture without overstirring it and without creating lumps in the batter.

3. If you’re an avid baker and want to mix, beat and whip more than just your basic cake batter, then you’ll want to look for a KitchenAid mixer with a beater blade as well as a dough/paddle/whisk attachment. This will allow you to make a wide range of different treats!

4. If you’re looking for something very specific in your mixer, like if you want one that comes with extra attachments or has a larger size than the average KitchenAid mixer, then look for these options when shopping around. But know that sometimes the more expensive mixers will have less features.

5. If you are investing in a stand mixer that is more than $1,000, you might want to consider buying a KitchenAid professional series mixer. These mixers have a higher quality and can handle commercial-level baking jobs. The Professional 5KSM1505BKN/60 has 1.5 horsepower and comes with more accessories and give you the best bang for your buck!

What tools do I need for this recipe?

Here’s the most important one: The stand mixer! This will make your life so much easier when putting together these cupcakes. And, if you don’t have one already, then you can get the KitchenAid Artisan Series 5 Quart Stand Mixer on Amazon right now. This mixer comes with everything you need to make this recipe, including the paddle attachment and a mixing bowl!

You can also use any silicon or rubber spatula or even a wooden spoon when making these cupcakes. When it comes time to frost them, we like using an offset spatula that has a wide blade. And if you’re looking to get fancy and write on your cake, like we did for our Cupcake Warcakes above, then use a piping bag fitted with a round tip (either #2 or #3).

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How do I use my KitchenAid mixer?

You can follow the exact steps below, or you can watch the video above for a more visual demonstration.

1. Take your KitchenAid mixer and turn it on to speed #4. This will be the fastest speed for this recipe.

2. Add your flour and baking powder along with yellow cake mix to the mixing bowl.

3. Mix together your cake batter ingredients until they’re evenly distributed and turn off your stand mixer when you’re done mixing and everything is well blended together

4. Add in the butter until it has been evenly distributed throughout the entire mixture, again turning your mixer off when you’re done incorporating all of those tasty flavor bits into this magical recipe!

5. Add the milk with your mixer turned to speed #5. It will take a minute or two for the butter to fully incorporate into the mix, so don’t fret if you see some white streaks appear as you’re mixing.

6. Once every thing has been incorporated, add in your blueberry and apple pie filling as well as stir everything together with your mixer turned to #5 once again

7. Turn on your stand mixer again to speed #4 and make sure that it’s at medium-high power for about two minutes or until the sides of your dough begin to turn light and fluffy

8. Attach the paddle attachment and continue mixing for about 4 more minutes or until fluffy tops have almost formed

9. Coarsely chop half of your butter and set aside. Beat the butter that has been set aside on speed #6 on medium-high until cream and then add your sugar, beating all the while

10. Turn off your mixer, scrape down the sides and add in half of your blueberries along with 1/4 cup of flour to prevent batter from spreading too much

11. Give everything a few good stirs with an offset spatula or wooden spoon before adding in the rest of your blueberries and continuing to mix until everything is incorporated

12. Turn on your stand mixer again to speed #5 and whip the remaining butter into a fluffy whipped cream with speed #2 until light and fluffy

13. Add in a little bit more flour to turn everything into a stiff cookie dough

14. Turn on your mixer once gain to speed #4, but instead of mixing for 2 minutes, turn it off when you feel like the dough is light and fluffy and has formed into soft peaks

15. Fill cupcake liners about half way full with batter

16. Turn on your KitchenAid mixer to speed #8 or the fastest speed before placing the icing in your piping bag fitted with a round tip (either #2 or #3). Squeeze icing onto cupcakes until they form a dome shape

17. Decorate cake and cupcakes as you please before placing in refrigerator until completely cooled.

18. Enjoy!

How do I store and reheat these cupcakes?

These cupcakes are best when still warm, so you’ll want to make them the day that you plan to serve them if possible. To reheat, turn your kitchen oven to 350º F and place a rack on the bottom. Place your cupcakes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place in oven for 10 minutes.


KitchenAid 5 Quart Artisan Stand Mixer (5KSM1505BKN/60) I give this recipe a 10/10. I absolutely love these cupcakes, and if you’re looking for a charming and fun treat to make with kids or friends, then you have to try to make these Cupcake Warcakes! They’re adorable and so tasty. And if you don’t have the right tools for baking, then I highly recommend going out and buying yourself a KitchenAid 5 quart stand mixer! It will change your life.