KitchenAid Tilt heads 4.5 VS 5qt Which One Should I Choose?

So if you are thinking of purchasing a new KitchenAid mixer, what are the deciding factors that should be considered? A tilt head versus a stand mixer? What about the size of the bowl size and whether or  you want to consider a larger capacity in terms of 4.5 qt or 5 qt. Or how about how many attachments do you need and will they fit on your chosen machine?

The dilemma is, there are so many things to think about when purchasing an appliance that can be tedious considering it can take hours to narrow down what is best for your needs at home. Well, I can help you with that.

When conducting my research online and speaking with a KitchenAid representative, it all came down to a few key points in terms of selecting my mixer. I decided to focus on stand mixers versus tilt head mixers since I didn’t have much use for the tilt function.

But for those who do like the tilt head mixing feature and have room for it in their kitchen space, it does offer some very good flexibility when mixing or kneading dough. A tilt head design allows the user to completely remove the mixing bowl from the mixer without using extra bowls or pouring ingredients out of another container into the main one. It makes for much easier cleanup.

I had a few requirements in mind when deciding what mixer to purchase, and the top two were size and attachments. I wanted to ensure I had enough capacity in my bowl to mix larger batches of dough for holiday baking, but didn’t want something too big that it would get in the way on my countertop.

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Another important factor was having enough attachments available to use with the mixer. No one needs a hundred attachments so this was key in determining which size bowl I needed versus additional features I might not use.

What do I do with extra attachments?

If you have extra attachments there is a simple solution. Instead of having them clutter up in a drawer or on the counter, clean them and store them in their original packaging. It keeps them protected from damage, dust and even from losing the small parts. Then when you need to use the attachment, simply take it out of the box and place it on the mixer head. Easy!

Why would I get a 5 quart over 4 ½ quarts?

A good question that many consumers ask themselves. The simple answer is because it make mixing larger batches easier. The 5 quart bowl has a larger capacity, however it is not so large that it will take up a lot of counter space. This size is also heavy duty and the stand which is included with the KitchenAid mixer will adjust to this size.

The 4 ½ quart will work just as well in terms of mixing dough or batter, just in smaller batches. It works very effectively to make a small batch of cookie dough or cake batter. Also, when you are making smaller batches it requires more mixing turns (or less time), which can cause an over-mixed product if you are not careful.

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Which mixer do you recommend?

Well, I have to say that all of them are fantastic! But if I had to pick a top 2, it would be hands down the KitchenAid Artisan and the KitchenAid Pro Line. Both have plenty of attachments and they both come with a 5 quart bowl. The Artisan is more basic with the least number of attachments but still has awesome and beautiful color combinations. And they both come in white and onyx black which is a stunning color combination.

The Pro Line has more attachments and some additional features such as an LCD display panel but not enough for me to justify spending the extra money for this mixer especially when it comes to accessories.

Instead of purchasing a mixer, why not consider purchasing a new stand mixer? It is easier to use and it has more attachments at a lower price.

Can I use my old attachments and accessories on the new mixer?

Yes, you can. But remember that there may be some restrictions as to what will actually fit and or work with your new mixer. Some older accessories may be too small for the newer mixers. Most attachments will fit on both mixers but check to see if all of them are compatible before purchasing a KitchenAid mixer.

Should I purchase an Artisan or a Pro Line?

If you can only afford to purchase one, then I would select the Artisan . It is less expensive and has fewer attachments but still works great for mixing.

Should I think about purchasing a stand mixer over a tilt head?

As I stated above, it depends on your needs but if you are primarily going to use the mixer for mixing batches of dough or kneading bread, then consider purchasing a stand mixer instead of buying the tilt head model. A stand mixer is much easier to attach and use.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of choices when it comes to kitchen appliances and I am glad you asked me this question in the KitchenAid Tilt heads 4.5 VS 5qt Which One Should I Choose?

I hope this helped with your decision on which mixer is best for you and your specific needs. If you have questions feel free to leave me a comment below and I will get back to you. It is my goal to help you when it comes to selecting a new KitchenAid Mixer for your kitchen or home.

Happy mixing!

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