KitchenAid Refrigerator Recall: What You Need to Know

KitchenAid recently announced a recall of certain refrigerators due to a potential safety issue. This recall affects over one million KitchenAid refrigerator owners across the United States, and it is important to be aware of the details of the recall and understand how it may affect you. Below is a comprehensive overview of the recall and what to do if you own an affected refrigerator.

What Models Are Affected by the Recall?

The recall affects certain KitchenAid and Jenn-Air branded side-by-side refrigerators that were manufactured between January 2012 and April 2017. The recalled units have the model numbers KBFG 25, KFFS 25, KFXS 25, and KRFF 305. A full list of recalled models can be found on the official KitchenAid website.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled refrigerators and contact KitchenAid for a free in-home repair. KitchenAid will also provide a one-time, free five-year extended warranty on the sealed refrigeration system. Consumers should contact KitchenAid at 800-541-6390 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

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Investigating the Cause of the Recall

KitchenAid initiated the recall after discovering a potential fire hazard in certain models. According to the company’s investigation into the matter, “the power cord supplied with certain KitchenAid® and Jenn-Air® Side-By-Side refrigerators could overheat and cause a melting of the plastic material surrounding the power cord, increasing the risk of fire or electric shock.” All affected units have been removed from the market and from KitchenAid’s website.

KitchenAid is offering a free repair or replacement of the power cord for all affected customers. Customers can contact KitchenAid directly to arrange for the repair or replacement. KitchenAid is also offering a full refund for any customers who purchased an affected unit and no longer wish to keep it. KitchenAid is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and is taking all necessary steps to ensure that this issue is resolved quickly and effectively.

What to Do if You Own an Affected Refrigerator

If you own a recalled refrigerator, you should immediately stop using it and contact KitchenAid for further instructions. KitchenAid will provide you with a free repair or replacement of your affected unit, as well as free delivery and installation of your new one. You are also eligible for a refund if you prefer not to keep your existing refrigerator.

If you choose to have your refrigerator repaired, KitchenAid will send a technician to your home to inspect and repair the unit. The technician will also provide you with a detailed report of the repair and any additional safety measures that may be necessary. If you choose to have your refrigerator replaced, KitchenAid will arrange for a new unit to be delivered and installed in your home. KitchenAid will also provide you with a warranty for the new refrigerator.

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How Long Will it Take to Resolve the Recall?

KitchenAid is currently in the process of contacting all affected customers by mail with instructions on how to obtain a replacement or repair. The company estimates that it will take several weeks to complete this process. In the meantime, KitchenAid recommends unplugging your recalled refrigerator and finding an alternate source of refrigeration.

KitchenAid is committed to resolving this recall as quickly as possible and is working diligently to ensure that all affected customers are contacted and their refrigerators are either repaired or replaced. Customers should keep an eye out for the mailer from KitchenAid and follow the instructions provided. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact KitchenAid’s customer service team.

Who to Contact for More Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the recall, KitchenAid recommends contacting the company directly at 1-800-536-7121. The company’s customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm EST, to provide assistance. You can also visit their website for more information.

What Steps Are Being Taken to Ensure the Safety of Consumers

To ensure the safety of its customers, KitchenAid has taken several measures, including removing affected products from stores and from their website, and contacting affected customers directly with instructions on how to obtain a free repair or replacement. KitchenAid has also partnered with an independent safety consulting firm to review its product designs, materials, and manufacturing processes.

What Financial Assistance May Be Available for Replacing an Affected Refrigerator

Those who own an affected refrigerator may be eligible for financial assistance in replacing their unit. KitchenAid recommends contacting their customer service team to learn more about available programs and assistance options.

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What Are the Long-Term Implications of This Recall?

This recall could have lasting effects on KitchenAid’s reputation and brand loyalty, particularly in regards to its refrigerator products. In order to restore consumer confidence, the company must continue to prioritize safety and focus on providing quality products that meet customer expectations.

Are There Any Other Potential Safety Concerns?

At this time, there are no other known potential safety concerns regarding KitchenAid refrigerators. However, it is always advisable to stay up-to-date on product recalls and take any necessary safety precautions to protect yourself and your family.