KitchenAid Professional Series 5 Mixer Vs 600 Review

If you’re in the market for a new stand mixer, the KitchenAid Professional Series 600 may be worth considering. This is a high-end model with lots of power and attachments, including an ice cream maker attachment. But it also comes with a high price tag that makes it unsuitable to many people. That’s why this article also covers KitchenAid’s more affordable Professional Series 5 Mixer.

Design: The Professional Series 600 is built for portability, which is a good thing because it’s probably the biggest part of what you’re going to use it for. It’s also very aesthetically appealing. And since it’s on a stand, you can move around as needed. But keep in mind that the handle may not be as useful for moving this heavy mixer as it is for other stand mixers.

Power: This mixer comes with 600 watts of power, and has 8 speeds. There are also 9 speeds available by selecting “speed 10” when using an optional recipe book that’s included with the mixer (see below). Other features include a pulse feature and variable speeds.

While some people think that this is a lot of power for a stand mixer, I’m not sure I agree. While it’s more than adequate when you’re using the basic attachments, you’ll still need to increase the speed if you want to use the ice cream maker attachment or the dough hook – two of my favorite features.

Ease of Use: While KitchenAid’s Professional series has most of the features that you could want in a stand mixer, like electronic beaters and speeds, they’ve also added some nice little touches that make it quite user-friendly…at least as far as stand mixers go. For instance, there are rubber feet at the bottom of the bowl to help keep it from moving around while mixing.

And there are also special markings on the bowl that tell you how far it has to go before you can add ingredients. You’ll find a number of other little touches that make it easy to use, such as a locking system for the tilt-head and cord wrap.

Additional Features: This mixer comes with a few different attachments, including a wire whip, dough hook, and ice cream maker attachment. Of course, you can still use all of your old KitchenAid attachments with this mixer. But you may want to consider an upgrade if you want to expand things even more. The price is on the high end for this particular stand mixer, but it does come with some nice bonuses like a recipe book and stand.

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KitchenAid Professional Series 5 Mixer Review

The KitchenAid Professional Series 5 comes in right on the cusp of being too expensive for my tastes when compared to other stand mixers. Yet there are so many features that I want to see on a mixer – like an included bowl scraper and reversible beaters – that it just might be worth paying more to get those features, though I may have to review them all before I can decide.

Design: There’s a good balance between mobility and sturdiness here. The entire body has a metal base, but the tilt-head does have some rubber feet on it to help keep it from moving around while mixing. The removable bowl is also heavy enough that it won’t be ruined if you accidentally knock it over, which is always an issue with more expensive items like stand mixers.

Power: This mixer comes with 500 watts of power, which seems about right for a machine this size – though I’d probably get 600 just for the ice cream maker attachment. It also has 7 speeds, which is enough for basic mixing and dough making. You will, however, need to increase the speed if you’re using the ice cream maker attachment.

Ease of Use: This mixer has a lot of extra features that are designed to make it easier to use than other mixers like it. For instance, there are 5 attachments that come included with the stand mixer: 3 wire whisks (1 straight and 2 ball), 1 paddle beater, and 1 dough hook. Of course, you can still use all your old KitchenAid attachments with this mixer as well. There are also markings on the bowl that let you know how far to go before adding ingredients.

Additional Features: This mixer has a few other useful features. You can choose your own electrical power, which is handy if you want to remove the plug entirely and stick it in a cabinet (though I’d still add it to another outlet just in case). There’s also variable speed, which is nice because some people really like it while others don’t. And there’s even an instructional DVD included with this mixer as well.

So Which One Should You Get?

Obviously, it depends on what you’re looking for in a mixer. If you want a model that’s easy to use, I’d go with the Professional Series 5. However, if you want a model that’s easy to store and powerful enough for all kinds of mixing needs, then I’d go with the Professional Series 600. Either way, make sure that you test them out at the store first so that you know exactly how they feel and how well they work for you.

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For me, though, I want something that has everything I could possibly want in a mixer, so for me it would be worth paying the extra money for the Professional Series 600 so that I can have all of the features and accessories. Whichever one you choose is up to you – just make sure that you choose wisely and test it out at the store before you buy it.

What is the difference between KitchenAid Professional 5 and 5 plus?

The only difference is the attachments. The professional 5 has only the wire whip, paddle beater and dough hook while the pro 5 plus also has 3 interchangeable beaters for all types of mix. Even pasta makers, yogurt makers and food processors are available for this model. The Pro 5+ price is $50 higher than the pro 5 but totally worth it..

How many speeds does your stand mixer have?

There is a manual speed control that goes from low to high. Also the lowest speed setting can be used on certain appliances like ice cream makers and a few other specialty products that I don’t believe are covered in that manual control.

I see all the attachments. How do I know what one to get?

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not sure if the new models have a clearer label for the attachments or not. But if you want to try and do some research on your own, start by looking at the mixer that you’re considering purchasing from a list of things that it does and does well (I think this would be a good first place for your research). If you find something that is featured on any of those lists, chances are it’s something that will be useful for more than just mixing bread dough and cookies. Things like pasta makers can be very useful as long as they are properly stored (no metal objects in contact with them).

What are the main differences between this machine and the all metal Kitchenaid 5 speed (120V)?

It all depends on what work you want to do with your mixer. The KSM150P model is an all-purpose electric stand mixer for people who like to bake and cook at home. It’s a bit smaller than some of its cousins in the KitchenAid line, but it’s still a lot stronger than those hand mixers with beaters that you see in Gourmet magazines. It’s got 6 speed settings giving you a lot of versatility in what you can do with it and it has a very large bowl. This is great for foods that need to be mixed together, but don’t have enough volume to require the power of one of the larger mixers. The KSM150P comes with a whisk and dough hook attachments. It’s also got the tilt-head design so you can get things in and out from underneath. This is another big plus if you’re working with sticky ingredients or doughs.

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What is the difference between artisan and professional 5 plus?

The Professional 5 plus is a small version of the Professional 5. It has the same 500 watts of power and 7 speed controls as the Professional 5 but without the beefed up attachments. It comes with the same attachments: a whisk, dough hook, and paddle beater that can all be replaced with other options that are available from KitchanAid.

What is the difference between KitchenAid heavy duty and professional?

The heavy duty is the same as the pro but with the attachments stripped out. in place of the whisk is a belt, which is great for dough making which is what this mixer was designed for. This machine is never intended to be used as a stand mixer.

Who makes the KitchenAid Pro line?

KitchenAid Corporation produces many different types of products, ranging from mixers to mixology appliances, cookware and household goods. The KitchenAid line of products are designed and manufactured in their factory in Illinois. In addition to the KitchenAid mixers, they also produce household appliances such as blenders and toasters.


They all make some great products, but I have to go with the KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus. The only thing I don’t like about this machine is that it only comes with 3 attachments instead of 6. That is a pretty big deal for me because I like having a lot of options when it comes to mixing things up in my kitchen. With that being said, I still am very happy with the KitchenAid Pro 5 Plus and think that it’s a fair price for what you get. It mixes things up quickly and efficiently without too much effort on my part. Plus the bowl is huge so you can mix up enough batter for an entire family dinner or birthday cake at one time.