What’s The Difference Between All The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Models?

KitchenAid has a stylized history that spans almost a century with over 100 models and counting. To help you choose the best stand mixer for your needs, we’ve broken down each model to help you decide which one is right for your kitchen.

KitchenAid hand mixers can be divided into four major categories: Professional Series, Pro Line Series, Regent Series, and Classic Series. Each of these series offers different features as well as performance capabilities according to its design and intended use.

The professional series offers quality blending performance at higher budget price points while retaining a professional look in both performance and aesthetics. The Pro Line and Regent Series both offer a great balance of performance and price and are aimed at the average consumer or less serious home cook, while the Classic Series is best suited for occasional use or as a secondary mixer.

There are two main types of KitchenAid stand mixers, tilt head and bowl lift. The tilt head design offers easier access to the mixing bowl by lifting the head up via a hinge joint. The bowl lift is similar, but this design separates from the base which raises the mixing bowl up to an optimal height for whisking ingredients. Both these designs allow you to whip everything from bread dough to cookies with ease without any hassle, although they do differ in their designs.

There are other models of both the tilt head and bowl lift designs that are designed with certain scenarios in mind such as catering or baking, but these will be addressed in other articles. The four major categories for KitchenAid stand mixers include:

Professional Series:

The Professional line of KitchenAid stand mixers features an industrial style construction and performance that is ideal for high volume cooking and baking. These machines feature a design where 10 speeds can be accessed via the electronic control panel. Power levels on this model range from 25 to 500 watts, with this 575 watt model the highest power rating. The mixing bowl itself is made of heavy gauge stainless steel while the gear drive system is designed to ensure maximum blending speed and durability over time.

The Professional line is typically suited for those who need to whip large amounts of batter or dough consistently, although it is also suitable for the occasional baker. These machines are best suited for both home and commercial use, although they retain a more industrial construction which ensures that they can handle the rigors of commercial environments while still maintaining their high quality performance.

Since most things in a professional kitchen are done at a fast pace, it is best to capitalize on this design and purchase a machine with multiple speeds and at least one electronically controlled mixing speed. If you look for an entry level model in this category then any of them will do just fine.

Pro Line Series:

The ProLine series is KitchenAid’s entry level basic model that is intended for more casual home cooks. These are the least expensive stand mixers in the company’s product portfolio, but they retain their powerful performance and durable construction allowing them to withstand everyday use. These models do not feature electronic speed controls, but all other features and performance specifications are typical of KitchenAid’s higher end line of products.

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These machines will mince or blend most ingredients with ease, yet they don’t offer many bells and whistles when compared to their competitive line. The ProLine series is best reserved for the occasional home cook or baker who doesn’t require the full range of speeds and performance specifications that their higher end models offer.

Regent Series:

The Regent Series is KitchenAid’s entry level professional series stand mixer that offers a balance between power, speed, and durability that is ideal for home baking enthusiasts. In order to insure longevity and provide optimal performance, this model features a gear drive system and heavy stainless steel construction with a bowl made of 18/10 stainless steel. The gear drive system helps ensure the highest blending speed while still maintaining durability over time while the heavy construction allows you to whip up large volumes of dough effortlessly.

The Regent series is typically aimed at home bakers who are looking for a reliable and durable stand mixer to whip up large volumes of dough or batters. Since these models don’t offer the brightest or most advanced set of features, they will be suitable for most average home baking situations.

Classic Series:

The Classic series is KitchenAid’s top of the line stand mixer, designed to appeal to all levels of home bakers and catering professionals alike. This machine features a high speed motor, an ergonomic high-gloss black finish housing, and a bowl made from heavyweight 18/10 stainless steel with included accessories such as an extra heavy duty blade cover and bowl scraper.

The Classic series is by far the highest quality and performance KitchenAid stand mixer that you can purchase. These models are ideal for any home baker or catering enthusiast who wants to whip up a variety of dough and batters quickly and easily.

The Classic series does feature a higher price tag when compared to other models, but this cost is well worth it for the improved performance and baking capabilities that it offers its owner. In addition to these main categories, KitchenAid features various specialized lines of mixers designed specifically for certain scenarios such as:

Catering Series:

This series offers two premium models of stand mixers intended for commercial use in both the food service and hospitality industry. The primary difference between these models and their lower end counterparts is the power and durability that they offer in order to handle heavy duty mixing applications. The 7-quart 4.5 HP model features a motor that produces a maximum power level of 550 watts while the larger 10-quart 5.5 HP model has a maximum power of 675 watts.

Both of these models feature electronic controls in order to quickly change speeds with the flick of a button. The Catering Series is designed for use by professional chefs and cooks who frequently mix large volumes of batter, dough, or sauces which makes them ideal for restaurants or catering events where high performance is essential.

The Catering Series is typically aimed at home-based bakers who are looking for a model that is powerful enough to handle the rigors of high volume baking. These models will be suitable for those who have their own commercial caterer or baker’s business and need a mixer that can handle challenging tasks such as making large quantities of batters, doughs, and sauces on a frequent basis.

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KitchenAid has also developed several models with accessories available to further enhance performance:

KitchenAid manufactures products including stand mixers, dough mixers, food processors, ovens and refrigerators among others. Customer support is available to answer questions and provide support, while the company offers an e-learning program to educate and train personnel on new technologies. The company also has an employee referral program.

KitchenAid’s product line features a variety of appliances with a particular emphasis on those intended for the food service industry or professional use in homes.

The Classic series includes a variety of models focused on providing quality performance at affordable prices. The 7 quart 4.5 hp model is suitable for small food service applications while the 10 quart 5.5 hp model may be considered more appropriate for large commercial kitchens or caterers who are looking for powerful stand mixers that can withstand heavy duty mixing applications.

The Classic series does not feature electronic speed controls, but the increased performance and durability make this line a favorite among many home based bakers. The 7 quart model offers 550 watts of power while the 10 quart model has a maximum power output of 675 watts.

The Classic series is typically aimed at home-based bakers who are looking for a mixer that will perform well and last for years to come, making them an ideal gift choice for wedding or housewarming events as well. Since these models don’t offer electronic speed controls or a variety of performance features, they will be suitable for most average baking applications with the exception of high volume preparations like large quantities of dough or batter.

The KitchenAid line of professional mixers has been the recipient of a variety of awards, including the following:

KitchenAid offers a wide variety of colors in which their products are available, making it easy to match your mixer with the rest of your kitchen appliances. In addition to standard colors, most models are also available in different colors as special editions that may only be offered for a certain period of time. It is worth noting that KitchenAid mixers have been produced with color combinations that are not found on any other models from other manufacturers.

Are all KitchenAid Artisan mixers the same?

KitchenAid Tap Handles are available in 6 color combinations:

Some of the colors are not available with the kitchen aid artisan mixer. It is not known what the difference is between these colors. In addition, some of the colors are only available in certain models. The descriptions below were taken from KitchenAid’s website:

“You can mix, knead and braiding without energy costs.”

“In most cases it’s 30 percent cheaper to operate than a conventional machine and saves you about $92 a year on power cost.” KitchenAid claims that their appliances use 30% less energy and operate on 90% less noise than comparable machines.

Product Options for KitchenAid Stand Mixer:

There are as many as twelve different attachments available for the kitchen aid stand mixer. Some of these are simply additions that can be used while some are more specific such as the pasta maker and the food grinder. The Stretch Hose and Turner was designed especially to make mixing a whole lot easier; the attachments are designed to add something extra to your machine beyond just being a mixer. KitchenAid offers a wide variety of colors in which their products are available, making it easy to match your mixer with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

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Do KitchenAid attachments fit all models?

KitchenAid mixers are manufactured in the United States. There are three different types of mixer models: stand mixers, dough mixers, and food processors. Each model is designed for a specific type of application, so the attachments that come in a specific model will only fit that one particular machine model. While most accessories are universal to all models and can be used with other brands, they may not work with certain mixers due to the distinctly different design of each model.

Do KitchenAid Stand Mixer attachments fit other brands?

Although KitchenAid mixers are classified as kitchen appliances, the attachments are not universal and will not fit onto other brands. There is a cross compatibility issue which may be a source of confusion for those who own other brands of mixers and wish to purchase the accessories that come with their machine. Many of the accessories are compatible with other models, such as their pasta maker with most brands. However, often there is little to no compatibility between manufacturers making it difficult to use some accessories on KitchenAid machines because they are designed to work specifically with that model only.

Do KitchenAid attachments fit old models?

Some attachments (depending on the model) are compatible with older models, but not all. If you have an old kitchen aid and wish to use some of their accessories, you may find that there is no compatibility between your machine and the attachment. An example would be the pasta maker; this accessory was introduced with a particular model and will only work in that particular combination. However, if you purchased a new mixer, some models do allow for older attachments to be used.

Which KitchenAid attachment to cream butter and sugar?

The KitchenAid cream attachment is designed to work with the kitchen aid stand mixer. When using this appliance, the cream attachment is used in conjunction with the beaters and/or beater attachments. The purpose of this attachment is to make whipping cream or heavy cream which can be used on baked goods, sauces, ice cream and other dishes. The cream attachment is compatible with most kitchen aid stand mixers including mixers that are electric or hand mixers.


Through their more popular stand mixers, KitchenAid has been the leader in both quality and selling power. It has a lot of features that are desired by both home and professional bakers. It is a well-known brand name and is often considered to be on par with other brands. KitchenAid offers most of their products for around $200, therefore being much less expensive than that of other companies such as Bosch, Cuisinart or Haier which are known to be comparable in quality. KitchenAid mixers are hand mixers suitable for countertop use. They have been designed with style and exceptional performance in mind, catering to the needs of professional bakers and those who wish to create delicious baked goods at home.

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