KitchenAid Compared To Artisan Mixer Which One Is The Best

An article evaluating the kitchen appliance that features a traditional stand mixer and an Artisan Mixer with a cone-shaped head. Artisan Mixer has a wider and more even head that is easier to clean than KitchenAid.

The article argues why the Artisan Mixer is more suitable for some foods, but not all. It also mentions how both mixers are matched best with certain attachments that help in mixing different ingredients in one bowl. From this information, it can be concluded which mixer would work best for you according to your needs, when budget allows!

This article compares the two products and differentiates between the types of attachments they offer. It also makes note of which seems to work better for various tasks like kneading bread dough or making whipped cream. It then concludes with some personal preferences as to why one mixer may be chosen over the other.

This article compares the KitchenAid mixer vs Artisan Mixer in terms of power, performance and price. The author suggests that Artisan Mixer will give you better performance, but he chooses KitchenAid because it’s price is more affordable for him. The information in this article may be useful for the people who are on a budget and can only afford one model.

The article mentions how one model has a wide, even paddle head and ease of cleaning while comparing both models by their other features like stainless steel bowls, different speeds and wattage ratings.

This article goes over the top qualities of KitchenAid vs Artisan Mixers. It mentions how the Artisan mixer is lighter and has a wider paddle head, which is easy to clean. However, the author also mentions that KitchenAid offers many more options such as tines or rings that can be attached to mixers for various task. This article helps consumers decide which model is worth investing in.

The article mainly focuses on how the extra attachments on Artisan Mixer gives it an edge over other models. It describes how one attachment works great when kneading bread dough while another makes short work of mashing potatoes and still another is ideal for making whipped cream. After reading this, you can make a more informed decision on which mixer would work best for you.

This article compares the KitchenAid vs Artisan Mixer regarding their performance and versatility. It explains how Artisan Mixer is easier to use because it has a wider head that can be adjusted to fit any bowl size. It mentions that the kitchen appliance from KitchenAid is also made from stainless steel with a durable motor and thus, it also offers some durability. The article also describes why one model may be better for certain tasks than other and what attachments are best for making different types of foods.

This article focuses on why Artisan Mixer is better than KitchenAid when it comes to price but its features are very similar. It mentions that the price of Artisan Mixer is cheaper than KitchenAid. It goes on to point out why the extra investment in KitchenAid might be worth it in the long run.

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This author used to own a KitchenAid mixer and found after many years, problems began to show up between the base and bowl. He owned a KitchenAid mixer for 10 years which is longer than what most would use if they are able to. He decided to buy a new model that can withstand the test of time so he went with Artisan Mixer which is much lighter and has better features according to his review. It’s a good article if you are planning to use it for an extended period of time.

This article compares KitchenAid mixer vs Artisan Mixer based on their different features and price. It mentions how the color of Artisan can be customized while KitchenAid has more attachments that make cooking easier. The author states that the KitchenAid mixer will make a better investment when purchasing both mixers to have 2 instead of 1.

This article compares both mixers regarding the ease of use and cleaning. It also goes over how one model can do more tasks than other model because of it’s wider head and attachments that comes with it which is quite helpful if you want a versatile mixer which performs well in different scenarios.

One of the most common kitchen appliances that you’ll find in practically every household is the mixer. Which makes sense because they help make a variety of tasks much easier.

In fact, they are so popular that there are even contests to see who can come up with the best cookie recipe (yes, those competitions actually exist).

If you have ever baked bread with a traditional stand mixer, then you most likely have had the experience of your dough hook “walking” on you. This is just one example of how these mixers can be temperamental and are not always as effective at performing a task as other techniques or tools. The main reason for this has to do with how these mixers work.

In order to understand why these mixers can be a pain, let’s take a closer look at what they are made of. Traditional mixers have the widest variety of attachments and can generally do most tasks.

The main difference between traditional mixers and Artisan Mixers is the material that makes up their head and shafts. In traditional mixers, the shafts are made from steel or cast iron, while in Artisans, they are made from glass reinforced plastic. This special plastic allows for more accurate speed control by rotating at different speeds than steel or cast iron would.

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These shafts in Artisan Mixers are also more durable which means they will not break when you’re cracking eggs with them. Instead of the head just rotating around these plastic shafts, it actually spins on them. Due to this, there is much less friction and tangles.

When it comes to storing the attachments for a traditional stand mixer, you must typically store each attachment individually in a storage bag of its own. This can take up a lot of space and is inconvenient.

With an Artisan Mixer, all attachments are stored in the spot where they are attached. Not only does this take up less space, but it also makes them easier to find when you need them.

I think that you’ll agree that the Artisan Mixer appears to be a more efficient and convenient way to bake or whip up any recipes. It’s even got an “Artisan” look that will enhance the decor in your kitchen. What do you think?

KitchenAid Versus Artisan Mixer Which One Is The Best?

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What is the difference between an artisan and a classic KitchenAid?

The key difference is found in the materials incorporated in their construction. Classic mixers are made with steel and plastic, while the artisan mixers are made with a glass-reinforced plastic. Although steel is better at transferring heat evenly, glass provides greater strength and resistance to heat. This translates to more durability, less warping or cracking on stems when mixing at high speeds, and less wear on the base of the mixer. In terms of price, you can expect an artisan mixer to cost around $250 or so more than a classic KitchenAid. However, the quality of the mixers themselves is a bit more premium. The Artisan line was launched in 1997 and has been updated several times since then, however, it’s still the same one that is currently available today. This Artisan mixer is a complete offering from KitchenAid in their home appliance line. It is designed for all your blending needs at home or in the workplace. It can make breads, cakes, crackers, dough and more! It also comes with an “Artisan” look that will enhance the decor of your kitchen. What do you think? A hybrid stand mixer combines both qualities with its high-quality steel shafts and glass head.

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Is KitchenAid discontinuing the Artisan series?

No. The Artisan series is part of the industry standard KitchenAid line. That said, you may want to shop around for a cheaper but still high-performing stand mixer, especially if you are on a budget.

How much should I expect to pay for a KitchenAid mixer?

One of the best things about the Classic KitchenAid stand mixers is that they are common and reasonably priced like most other appliances on the market today. It’s hard to find a better price point or quality than this. Many people make the mistake of thinking that KitchenAid must be too expensive because they focus on quality and design – it’s true, but their prices reflect that with their pricing model.

What is the difference between KitchenAid custom and artisan?

Over the years, KitchenAid has used subtle marketing to tease their customers and attract new ones. Although they don’t disclose much of what is under the hood, there are a few small differences between their Classic and Artisan line. The Artisan series mixer’s head is made of glass-reinforced plastic – an advanced material that provides better performance than steel or cast iron.

Does the “Artisan Series” mean KitchenAid discontinued the Classic Series?

No. The Artisan series joins the Classic series in making up the KitchenAid line of products. In fact, many people consider it a higher-end version of it.

Does KitchenAid sell refurbished mixers?

Yes, at their factory outlet you can find several clearance items, including a variety of mixers. These come with a standard warranty and are often used or returned models. The prices are discounted by up to 50% off the cost of purchasing a new product.

Which brand of stand mixer do you trust most?

KitchenAid is one of the most trusted brands in the kitchen appliance market. They are famous for their high-quality and reliable products. Even though their products cost more than some other brands, people continue to purchase them due to their quality and reliability. In addition, KitchenAid mixers come with a long warranty.

What type of stand mixer should I buy?

When you’re buying new appliances these days, there are many options to choose from. The stand mixers available have become more diverse over time and now include both benchtop models as well as traditional ones designed for storage in your kitchen cabinet or countertop area.


The KitchenAid mixer is a quality product, which will serve you well over time. The Artisan Series is a premium version of it, which you will enjoy if you have the extra dollars to spend. If you are on a budget and can only afford one stand mixer, then definitely go with the Classic Series.