KitchenAid Mixer – What Kinds Are There?

If you’re going to be baking a lot, then a good mixer can make your life in the kitchen much easier. But which one should you buy? With all the different KitchenAid mixers on the market, it might seem hard to decide which is best for you. That’s why we’ve put together this post all about how they work and what kind of jobs each one can do!

So stay tuned as we take a look at these awesome mixers and show you which one might be perfect for your kitchen. We’ll also tell you about the best places to buy them from, so that you can get one for yourself.

The Stand Mixer: A Classic Kitchen Essential

A stand mixer is a classic. This all-purpose kitchen tool has been with us since the early 20th century and is still a firm favourite today. Usually, they come with a mixing bowl, dough hook and whisk – perfect for most jobs in the kitchen. They’re easy to use, clean and able to mix both small amounts and large batches in no time at all. One feature we love is the tilt-head design. This means you can reach over the bowl and mix your ingredients with the whisk or spoon. You don’t have to take the bowl off and tip it over to do this, as was often necessary with old models.

We also love how they’re really easy to store. All you need is a small space and you’re ready to go. Of course, they depend on electricity so you can’t use them without a power supply nearby. But that’s okay because they make light work of most kitchen tasks, including creaming butter and sugar for cakes, mixing dough for bread, cake or biscuits and whisking eggs in preparation for cakes, desserts or folding into meringue base (for instance).

You can buy a stand mixer from many high street hardware stores, but we’d advise going for one you can find easily online. Here are a few of our favourites:

Don’t forget to check out the KitchenAid Mixer Reviews page on KitchenAid.co.uk for more information about the different models of this classic mixer and where to buy them. We’ve also got a list of the best places to buy them below!

The Beater Beater is A Little Different To The Classic Stand Mixer

While the stand mixer might be your first choice if you like whipping up quick batches, it’s worth considering getting a beater beater instead. These mixers use blades instead of a bowl, so you can mix in larger quantities than you would with your basic stand mixer. If you don’t need the whole range of attachments included with your standard KitchenAid, then a beater beater is the one to go for.

A List Of The Best Places To Buy KitchenAid Mixers:

These high quality kitchen tools are available from many shops but we’d definitely recommend going online for maximum choice and best value. Here are some of our favourites:

You may also want to head over to our KitchenAid Mixer Reviews page for more information about each model and where to buy them…

The Stand Mixer: A Versatile Kitchen Tool

There are different types of stand mixer but the main ones are the Classic and the Artisan. Both come with stainless steel bowls, a pouring shield and a choice of attachments. This makes them ideal for all kinds of jobs in the kitchen. They have a wide range of uses, from mixing dough to whipping cream and spreading icing on birthday cakes. Some also have additional features such as a food processor attachment or pasta roller which means they can do even more than before!

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It might be tempting to go for the Artisan if you’re looking for something like that or want an extra something for your kitchen. However, it’s important to remember that it’s more expensive than the Classic model; some Artisan models also come with a bigger motor than the Classis.

It also depends what you’ll be using the mixer for. For instance, if you’re just looking for something simple to make small batches of dough for cookies or cakes, then a Classic model will do perfectly fine. You can buy one from Amazon here . If you need something that can mix a big batch of dough in one go, then an Artisan model might be better for you as it has a greater power output and range of functions. You can read more about this in our post on KitchenAid Mixer Models

Choose a Mixer That Suits Your Needs

Now you know what kind of mixer you want, it’s time to find out where to buy one from. There are lots of different models to choose from and we’ll show you where to buy the best mixers that suit your needs. You can also use the search option on the right of this page for more specific types of mixer.

If you’re looking for a cheap mixer, then you should go for the Classic model. It’s one of the cheapest and has a classic design that’s been around for years. You won’t get a very powerful motor or attachments but it is an excellent starter mixer. If you’re not going to be using it every day and just want something to whip cream, then this might be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you want something more than just a simple flour or dough mixer, then we’d recommend buying the Artisan version – it gives you more power and options than the Classic version. It also comes with more attachments and a bigger bowl to use.

You could also opt for the Artisan Premier which has a wider range of attachments and a greater power output. It’s more expensive than the Artisan above, but we’d still say it’s worth paying the extra to get this kind of mixer. You can read more about this in our post on KitchenAid Mixer Models .

You can also buy KitchenAid mixers from other retailers if you look around and see what’s available at cheaper prices. We think you should always go for Amazon because it offers great prices, fast delivery and hassle-free returns as well as being an official KitchenAid reseller . This means you can buy from them with confidence and a great warranty.

How many different models of KitchenAid mixers are there?

There are different KitchenAid models available at present, but oddly, they all come with the same set of attachments. When you buy a stand mixer, you’ll get all the basic tools that are needed to make recipes that require a whisk or pastry hook. However, there will also be extra attachments added as part of the Festool range which we’re going to show you more about below.

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This is either because they’ve done away with the “classic” name and are just using it for their new Professional range or there’s only a few of them and they’re taking up space on the shelf. While there are a few different KitchenAid Professional Kitchen Appliance models, they all have the same set of attachments. The main one is the stand mixer which comes with every appliance you’ll need to make bread and pastry dough, cake mixes and most other baking mixes. You can read more about this in our post on KitchenAid Mixer Models .

If you’re buying a whole set, then make sure you buy it from an official reseller or retailer so that you get great customer service and a good warranty (which should be at least 2 years). However, recently there’s been some confusion around which mixers come with the “classic” name. Some retailers advertise ‘classic’ models as separate products.

What is the difference between the KitchenAid classic and artisan?

The new KitchenAid Artisan Standard S3XL Stand Mixer has an extra special feature, giving users more power and performance when mixing. The additional power is thanks to its powerful 1100 watt motor and longer life blade that’s more durable than the classic ones. It also comes with a few extra accessories that give you, your family and friends the perfect baking experience. The kitchen gear is already top-of-the-line but this model expands their stand mixer line to three models: Artisan Standard S5XL, Artisan Premium 5 Quart S5XL and Artisan Premium 6 Quart S5XL stands mixers.

The KitchenAid Artisan Premium S5XL Stand Mixer has an extra special feature, giving users more power and performance when mixing. The additional power is thanks to its powerful 1100 watt motor and longer life blade that’s more durable than the classic ones. It also comes with a few extra accessories that give you, your family and friends the perfect baking experience. KitchenAid have even changed the design of their iconic Holiday-themed mixer’s packaging to benefit their loyal customers, who are often cooks and bakers themselves. The new lid showcases the traditional blue colour of KitchenAid mixers whilst keeping their classic red band colour too, delivering exceptional mix quality year round.

What is the difference between the KitchenAid Classic and Deluxe?

Both of these mixers are the same as the Artisan range with the only difference being the colour scheme. For example, the Classic mixer is available in Ivory and Silver whilst the Deluxe version comes in White with a Chrome finish. The Classic mixer comes in a standard sized bowl that holds 5 liters and can be used to make breads, pastries and cakes while the Deluxe model is available in a 5/6 quart bowl that can be used to make breads, pastries and cakes.

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Can I buy accessories for my KitchenAid Mixer?

There are lots of different accessories for KitchenAid mixers which we’ll show you more about below. But, you can also purchase specific attachments as well. For example, if you have one of the Artisan Professional models we mentioned above, then you can get the Virtuoso series which gives you a number of extra tools for making bread dough. If you are a baker that loves bread and want the best tools to make it perfect every time, then these will definitely be a must-have. They’re very high quality and work well with your mixer too – they look great on display in your kitchen.

What is the difference between custom and Artisan KitchenAid mixers?

KitchenAid mixers come in a large range of different colors, designs and attachments. While there are only a few differences between Custom and Artisan, we’ve given you an idea of what they are below:

The most obvious difference is the higher price. This is because it comes with more attachments (which have less power), options to upgrade and rather than having one machine with all the attachments, you get three machines in one. You can read more about this in our post on KitchenAid Mixer Models .

All models of KitchenAid mixers include the basic tools needed for baking – a whisk or pastry hook and six whisking speeds to suit your requirements. They also come with an extra accessory that gives you the option to add extra power and performance. This is known as the Elite Professional Series and is designed to give total control when making, whether you are using all of the attachments or just a few.

How are KitchenAid mixers made?

The first thing to note is that KitchenAid mixers have been around for a long time. They’ve been used by professionals for many years and have proven themselves over and over again. They are made of professional grade materials that won’t just last extremely well, but will also deliver years of service without any problems.

How should I clean my KitchenAid mixer?

The first thing to note is that all parts of KitchenAid mixers are dishwasher safe. However, if you want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible, then hand washing is definitely the best option for you. To make cleaning even easier and quicker, then you can place your attachments in the dishwasher too. When it comes to drying your mixer and its parts, a dish rack with a towel underneath is highly recommended. This way, you can make sure every single part is dried off properly.


KitchenAid mixers are very high quality and will serve you for many years without any problems. No matter what kind of mixer you like, we’ve found the best and most advanced models that offer fantastic features at great prices. We believe it’s well worth spending a little more money for a top-of-the-range mixer that will provide you with years of baking bliss. In our opinion, KitchenAid is the best brand out there to buy a stand mixer from and we’re sure you’ll love using this product.