Is Emerald A Good Brand Of Air Fryer

Emerald is a brand of air fryer that stands out from the other high-quality brands for a number of reasons. Their air fryers use larger capacity and offer a more diverse range of functions. Another reason is that their larger capacity means there’s less steaming and scorching going on, which can impact the taste and texture of food. Not to mention that their accessories are all dishwasher safe.

Here’s a list of the best air fryers from Emerald:

1. Emerald 5-Litre Digital Air Fryer

2. Emerald 3.2L Digital Air Fryer Silver

3. Emerald 2.5L Digital Air Fryer Silver

4. Emerald EAF3010B 1800 W 1.5 L White

5. Emerald EAF3110S 1700 W 2 L Stainless Steel

What Company Owns Emerald Air Fryer?

Emerald was founded in the year of 2000 by Mr. Riaz Hussain. Although, it wasn’t a well-known brand, he started making air fryers and selling them at a very low price. Afterward, the business began to grow at a rapid pace and in as early as 2004, it became the most popular brand among other brands.

Who Manufactures Emerald Air Fryer?

Emerald Air Fryer is manufactured by an American company named Green Touch Enterprises LLC with headquarters located in Texas at 888 Greene Street Houston Texas. They have been manufacturing various kinds of food products for over 20 years now and have gained huge popularity for their quality and durability beyond compare.

Who Owns The Emerald Air Fryer?

You might be wondering who owns the Emerald Air Fryer, well the ownership of Emerald Air Fryer is a mystery. We couldn’t find any information on who owns it but from the years, it seems that Mr. Riaz Hussain is the only owner of this brand.

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Is Emerald Air Fryer Good for You?

As mentioned earlier, Emerald Air Fryer produces large capacity and have other advantages too, like; less steaming and scorching which means better products are being produced by them. As far as we can see, Emerald Air Fryer has all the qualities that any other good fryers should have and they’re good enough to go through anything.

How Does An Emerald Air Fryer Work?

The Emerald Air Fryer is a simple and easy to use device. You just need to put the food in the basket, put some cooking oil or butter and then turn on your air fryer. It’s that simple. However, there are different settings in it that you can use to set all the parameters of your food manually and get them cooked in a way you want them to be cooked or if they don’t match your choice then you may use presets in it.

Which Kind of Food Does Emerald Air Fryer Cook Best?

Emerald air fryers are best for cooking any kind of foods like chicken, breaded fish, chips, fries, cakes and many more. All of these foods can be cooked through an air fryer from Emerald. It’s all about putting the right amount of oil, heat and time and getting your food cooked as desired.

How Many Types of Recipes Are There To Cook With Emerald Air Fryer?

There are many recipes to cook with air fryers from Emerald. You may use the recipes provided by manufacturers or you can use your own recipes too. They may differ but you can make any food using an air fryer from Emerald.

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How Is Emerald Air Fryer Different From Other Brands?

You may get a lot of other brands in the market and you may be wondering as to how Emerald Air Fryer is different from all other brands. They are known for their large capacity, this means less steaming and scorching which makes their products taste better. On top of that, they also have wide ranges of accessories that come with the air fryers too. So, they’re more than just an air fryer but they have a good thing going on beyond being an air fryer.

Where Is Emerald Air Fryer Manufactured?

Emerald Air Fryer is not a product of China as many other brands are, instead it’s manufactured in Texas, USA. They may be a smaller brand but they’ve earned the freedom to manufacture products of high quality and durability.

Who Does Emerald Air Fryer Offer Warranty To?

The Emerald Air Fryer offers warranty to all the customers who have purchased their products. So if anything goes wrong with your air fryers then you may get it replaced by them or claim the money back from them according to whatever policy they’re offering for that particular air fryer.

How Do You Use An Emerald Air Fryer?

To use an Emerald Air Fryer, you just need to put the food in the basket and then you need to put some cooking oil or butter. Then you may turn on the unit and once it reaches the right temperature, it will start cooking your food. However, the number of settings that they have with each air fryer is different and they may differ from person to person. You can also use presets by using these settings but sometimes presets don’t come into play which means you need to adjust manually depending on what your food needs are.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you’ve had a good read about Emerald Air Fryer in this article. They may not have been one of the best brands but at least we managed to cover them and give you a complete review about them. We hope that our article on Emerald Air Fryer was helpful and you managed to get to know all the information about them.