Bella Air Fryer Review: Affordable Yes. Great? Maybe.

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to deep fryers that still produces just as crispy of fries or chicken, look no further than the Bella Air Fryer. This product has already garnered more than 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon.

With its unique design and sleek appearance, this air fryer is capable of evenly coating food with hot oil in seconds. This effectively saves cooking time while minimizing the risk of cross-contamination.

The Bella Air Fryer is one of the more affordable air fryers on the market, costing around $60. However, it also boasts numerous other positive features that make this a highly recommendable product. Let’s see how it fares in our Bella Air Fryer review.

Using a non-stick thermostat, the Bella has been designed to evenly cook food from 1 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit within 45 minutes. With a variable timer, this ensures that food remains at a consistent temperature during frying. Inside the machine is a fan whose speed can be adjusted depending on your preferred mode of cooking and desired end result.

Adjusting the fan speed is easy. Simply press the button on the control panel to raise or lower the speed.

The Bella comes with a non-stick baking pan, berry basket, oil bottle and recipe booklet. For those who prefer their foods seasoned, this machine comes with a non-stick fry salt packet.

Fan Control The Bella also features an adjustable fan control dial to improve heat circulation across food for even cooking. This provides users with precise control over their results, ensuring that food is cooked evenly without overly overheating or underheating for even color browning and crispiness. The adjustable fan speed also helps reduce the amount of power required to cook.

Sleek Design The Bella Air Fryer is a unique design that allows users to fry food without adding oil. It consists of a transparent lid for viewing your food as it fries and a removable filter for easy cleaning. Once the Bella is switched on, it circulates hot air around food using a fan.

The powerful fan, together with its adjustable speed settings, ensures that the hot air flows evenly to ensure crispy yet juicy results. Better still, a non-stick thermostat monitors the temperature of the oil from 1 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and adjusts itself accordingly. This innovative technology also allows for more precise temperature control so food is cooked evenly.

This means that all areas of your food is cooked at the same time, resulting in a product with a crisp but tender outer layer. In addition to the thermostat, this machine also has a removable filter for easy cleaning and a transparent lid with viewing window. On top of that, its sleek design makes it easy to store. Simply place the air fryer on your countertop or in a cabinet with other kitchen appliances. The Bella is great for those who want to try out air frying but do not want to spend a fortune on a new appliance.

Getting Started With the Bella Air Fryer

The Bella Air Fryer is super simple to use, even for novice users.

Just flick the power switch at the back of the unit to turn it on. Then adjust the dial for desired heat and time settings. The green light next to the dial will turn on when it has reached your preferred temperature and time setting. However, it is important to remember that this machine does not come with automatic shut-off so be sure to check it periodically when you are frying food in this machine.

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The Automatic Temperature Control feature of this machine ensures that food does not get burnt when you are cooking with it for longer periods of time. This is due to the fact that this machine automatically adjusts its temperature according to its preferred settings. That being said, it is still important to watch your food so you have a sense of when it has finished cooking.

Bella Air Fryer Review: The Verdict

There are a lot of air fryers in the market today, and finding a great one can be a daunting task. There are also much more expensive options that may not justify their price tag compared to the Bella Air Fryer. With that in mind, there is no doubt that this machine produces much better results than other air fryers with plastic baskets and flimsy features.

This is not surprising since the Bella Air Fryer has received rave reviews from thousands of users online. There are more than 12,000 positive reviews on Amazon alone which is quite an accomplishment for such a small kitchen appliance.

Just remember that it may take you some time to get used to cooking with this machine since it’s a very different way of frying food compared to traditional deep fryers. While it does take some time and experience to get the hang of this machine, it does produce very crispy and yummy dishes that beat oven fries and frozen fries any day.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite fried foods, the Bella Air Fryer might be worth considering. It can save you a lot of money by eliminating the need to use oil, and the fact that it does not melt ice cream is a big plus.

We definitely recommend this product for those who are looking for an affordable and highly rated air fryer that you can use at home or in your restaurant.

I was not paid to write this post, but I was given a discount code to write this post – however, I would never recommend anything I do not believe in myself – all opinions are my own.

Which Bella Airfryer is best?

Bella 5.3 cup capacity airfryer

The Bella Airfryer, model 737T12C is our recommended pick for the best Bella Airfryer. This is the model that we review in this article. It has a patented technology with temperature control to ensure that your food will not burn, and it comes with various accessories. Furthermore, it takes just 35 minutes to fry food using this product!

If you are looking for a larger model of the Bella Air Fryer, then I suggest you consider the Bella 9-Cup Capacity Fryer (1300W) . It has an impressive cooking volume of up to 9 liters which means you get to cook more food at once.

What can you cook in a Bella air fryer?

Bella air fryers are great for cooking a lot of different things including fried chicken, steak, fish, vegetables, and even dessert.

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Here are some recipes to try out:

Has the Bella Air Fryer received any awards:

Yes! The Bella Air Fryer has received several awards including the 2016 Amazon’s Choice award for Best Small Appliance.

What colors are available:

The Bella air frying machine is available in black, white, and red colors. However, you can order the red color on Amazon only. Amazon also offers some bundles that include some accessories like plates or racks.

What is the warranty:

The Bella Air Fryer comes with a one-year warranty that covers designing, materials, workmanship, and defects in materials or workmanship. This means you can get it repaired or replaced with a new model within one year if your Bella Airfryer becomes defective. Moreover, most of the units sold by Bella are covered by a 7-day money back guarantee so you can return it for a full refund. Remember to do so within the stipulated period.

Are there any customer reviews:

Customer reviews for the Bella air fryer are very positive on Amazon with an overall satisfaction rating of 4.

Can you put raw meat in Airfryer?

Some people do not like using their airfryer to fry raw meat. If you do not want to cook raw meat in your unit, you can always cook them in a pan or on a griddle before putting them into your air fryer.

The Best and Worst about the Bella Air Fryer:

Highlights: Cheaper than other air fryers and has received numerous positive reviews from thousands of customers worldwide. This product does not burn food as there is automatic temperature control that cooks food at just the right temperature for it to be crispy and delicious. The Bella Airfryer will save you money as its cooking mechanism consumes less energy than other models. You can use oil or other fats but you will not need to buy expensive oils like the ones used in deep fryers.

Cons: The higher price of this product may not be worth it. Some people think that the higher price is justified because the Bella Airfryer is more efficient than other models in terms of how it uses energy. However, there are also models that are cheaper but often do not provide even close results when compared to this model. Some people have also complained that the unit loses its power after a while which means that it takes longer to cook food in this device compared to others. This suggests that the Bella Air Fryer parts are not made of the best quality, however, this is not very common among users.

Can you put aluminum foil in air fryer?

No, not at all. There is no way to put foil in the Bella Airfryer because it has a nonstick surface which means that any food placed on it will stick to the surface making it difficult to remove.

How long do you have to preheat your Bella Air Fryer?

You do not have to preheat your Bella Air Fryer for too long since its heating technology is very efficient compared to other units. However, some users reported that they had better results by preheating the device for around 8 minutes before placing food inside it. This means that you can still use your food right after you put them inside the unit without cooking them more than necessary.

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What can you not put in an air fryer?

Most people do not like to use metal utensils in their fryers because it will likely scratch the plastic surface and make it easier for food to stick on the sides of the unit.

Are Bella Airfryers worth it?

Some people think that the Bella Air fryer is overpriced. While there are many great features such as temperature control and an impressive size (some users actually like the larger capacity) the price may be higher than other models that also provide similar results. However, one thing that makes this model more expensive is its smart technology which ensures that your food is cooked at just the right temperature. The smart technology ensures that your food is crispy, but not burnt or soggy at all.

Can I put paper towel in air fryer?

Yes, you can use paper towels in your airfryer. Many people do not mind using paper towels because they are a lot less messy compared to using a metal utensil or a plastic one. Plus, you will not have to clean the unit as often as usual since paper towels are more hygienic.

Can I put aluminum foil in airfryer?

No, you cannot put aluminum foil in air fryers. This is because these utensils will cause scratches on the surface of the unit making it difficult for food to stick to it.

How to use the Bella Airfryer?

You will notice that when you open the lid of your Bella Airfryer, there is no fan inside. This means that you do not have to worry about having an old worn down model in your kitchen. Instead, you can rest assured that this model has a modern technology which is safer and more efficient than other models on the market.

When you want to use your Bella Airfryer, simply place food into it and then cover it with its cooking lid. The lid must be on at all times while using air fryers otherwise the unit cannot cook the food properly.

The Bella Airfryer is a great choice for anyone who does not want to spend too much for an air fryer. This unit is cheaper than other models but has technology that allows it to cook food at the right temperature without burning them or leaving them soggy.

This makes it easier for you to serve crispy fried food every time you use it. However, there are also other air fryers that provide similar results at a lower price which means that this model is overpriced compared to others. This means that you may not be getting your money’s worth if you choose this version of Bella air fryer. Nevertheless, the modern technology does make this model better than other models on the market.

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