Ice Blue KitchenAid Mixer Vs Aqua Sky KitchenAid Mixer

There’s a lot of talk on the internet about which color is best for KitchenAid mixers. We’re going to look at two different colors that KitchenAid offers in order to help you decide which one you want.

We’ll be looking at the blue Ice KitchenAid mixer and the aqua sky KitchenAid mixer. The first thing we need to do is talk about the difference between these two types of paint, so that we can better visualize their respective hues. Ice is a bluish purple and Aqua Sky has more green tint with pink undertones, but it also has hints of taupe from flecks of copper and bronze mixed in with silver specks as well as bits of platinum on its lower section.

The Ice blue paint is used on most of the KitchenAid Professional Series mixers and the color that looks like ice is a mineral-based paint tint that contains dust. The Aqua Sky professional series coverings are lead-free.

Let’s look at a few other points about these two metal finishes to help you decide which one you prefer: 19 different shades are available in each metal finish with 16 being half transparent, 10 solid opaque, and 2 metallic. The KitchenAid Aquas cause more scratches than the Ice because they have more metal flakes in them. Also, the aqua version will chip or stain more easily than the ice finish.

The Aqua Sky and Ice KitchenAid mixers are slightly different in their looks and they do look quite similar. The aqua sky has more of a shimmery appearance to it than the ice. The Ice mixes higher on the scale allowing you to get cleaner color mixing and it’s also easier to clean than the Aqua version, which does stain a bit more easily. Both have silver highlights that as you can see glow if you’re looking at them under indirect lighting.

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KitchenAid has made some parts of both versions that come in other colors, but they are not paintable with this particular finish. For example, the stainless steel bowl and the glass bowl are metal lacquered to attain a non-stick surface. In addition, the head of the mixer only comes in white in both cases.

The only differences between these two mixers are that both have different internal designs and different paint finishes. For example, there is a special finish on the shaft of this mixer along with some other parts that we mentioned above that aren’t available for the Ice color. So if you’re looking for something more exciting than the ice version, then you may want to purchase a different KitchenAid mixer altogether.


Is the KitchenAid Aquas finish lead and nickel free?

Yes, it is.

Is the ice color supposed to shine silver?

No, you’re looking at the stainless steel bowl and it will not have any reflection.

What does the Ice KitchenAid mixer look like in a beige granite kitchen cabinet?

It looks great! The color is perfect to complement your cabinets as well as add some sparkle to a dark room.

Can you customize the ice blue KitchenAid professional series mixer?

Yes, you can change the handle of your mixer so that it matches your kitchen better.

Is the kitchenaid aqua sky finish lead and nickel free?

Yes, the paint is lead and nickel free.

What color is best for KitchenAid mixers?

It all depends on what you like. The Ice finish looks great in a black or light colored kitchen whereas the Aqua Sky has a bit more of a pink tint to it and it looks great in a light wood cabinet with white appliances. We recommend looking at our article on which colors look best next to each other, depending on your kitchen layout.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for a mixer that has a shiny finish on the bowl, then you might want to consider buying the KitchenAid Pro line instead of any of the professional series. It’s still very durable and well-made, but not everyone will like the shiny bowl and it might not be a great fit in your kitchen. But if you like the aqua color or if you’re just looking for something different from the ice color, then we recommend looking at either one of these two colors before deciding which one to buy.