Review XL Emerald Electric Air Fryer

The XL Emerald Electric Air Fryer is a large air fryer perfect for family gatherings. It offers a large 3.5-quart oil reservoir and comes with an accurate built-in timer and temperature control so you can set it and forget it until your delicious fried food is ready to eat. Plus, the XL Emerald Electric Air Fryer’s design makes cleanup simple so you can get on with more entertaining things.

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At home, time spent cooking can be limited by the amount of space you have available to improve your meals. However, with this air fryer you can cook up to 4 lbs of food in no time. The filter has been designed with high-quality mesh for easy cleaning and better taste, making it easy on your wallet too!

With dishwasher friendly components and powerful heating circuitry, this air fryer will make clean-up a breeze. Moreover, it’s durable enough to handle your everyday use at home or even on the go! This product would be an excellent addition into any kitchen that is looking for convenience without compromising quality.

What’s included:

Air Fryer XL Electric 3.5 Qt. Oil Reservation

Cooking Tray with Ergonomic Handle

Cord Storage Bag & Instruction Manuals

Safety Warnings & Important Tips:

Always read the manufacturer’s safety information before operating this product. Read the owner’s manual thoroughly to ensure proper use of all features and safety guidelines. Keep this manual handy for reference at all times.

Air fryer enables you to cook using much less oil than traditional frying techniques, but because it operates at quite high temperatures, you should not open the air fryer while it is still hot or while it is being used for other purposes. It is also important to always place foods into the basket using the recommended utensils and never use your hands to do so.

Always clean and wipe off your air fryer thoroughly prior to storage. If any food residue is left inside, it will still be cooking and may cause damage or malfunctioning when you decide to use it again in the future. Be sure to unplug the unit when changing temperature settings or putting it away. Ensure that there are no foreign objects inside of the basket when you decide to put it away permanently. Never run this product without oil in it as this could cause serious damage.

DO NOT use the appliance for anything other than its intended purpose. NEVER heat oil or water above 395F/ 200C or place food in basket while the product is on. Always check the temperature range of your air fryer before using it to ensure maximum safety.

Always use this device with adult supervision and NEVER leave children unattended around it. Never operate without a trivet or a suitable container underneath to catch oil spillage or drips from food being cooked inside of the appliance.

Important: The warranty on this product will not apply if service was rendered by an unauthorized service centre. The warranty will also not apply if the product is damaged or has missing parts as a result of incorrect repair.

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Warranty Terms: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Please call Customer Service (US) at (877) 726-3381 or (847) 517-9908 for more information about repair service. We can arrange for service on your XL Emerald Electric Air Fryer through one of our Authorized Service Centers. In order to maintain the quality and performance of your product, repairs should always be done by a qualified technician. In addition, they will only use manufacturer authorized parts for all repairs and replacements. Please contact us with any questions you may have at HomeEntertainment – Manufacturer Direct Corporation.

We’ve had our XL Emerald Electric Air Fryer for about 3 months now and we absolutely love it. We use it pretty often and the food has been fantastic every time! This product is going to be a great asset to our kitchen!

Matched with a great price point, this air fryer provides all the functionality of a full size appliance at a more affordable price. It’s easy to clean and relatively simple to use. The smaller footprint allows for more counter space but doesn’t sacrifice the usability of an air fryer.

I love this item! I make homemade pancakes on it quite often.

– More than 4.0 out of 5 stars

– Plug n’ play (instant heat up)

– High quality mesh filter for better taste

– Dishwasher safe (the bowl is removable)

– Cooking for one to four persons at the same time; perfect for parties or large family gatherings!

“This is a very large air fryer that is absolutely wonderful. I use it for cooking some of my family’s favorite meals. It has brought back some of our favorite foods that we never thought we could have again, since I am trying to eat healthier.” – Joan, Amazon Customer Review2.

“We love using this XL Air Fryer for making delicious foods the whole family will enjoy. Everything comes out perfectly cooked with great texture and flavor.” -Panichelaie, Amazon Customer Review4.

How do you use an air fryer for the first time?

Is This Air Fryer Good For Deep Frying:

Product Size: 8.5″ x 13″ x 11″ / 2 lb

This air fryer is great for making small amounts of food preparation since it only takes up the space of a 13-inch or 8.5-inch countertop or tabletop stovetop burner plate. The air fryer is tested at temperatures ranging from 350 to 475 degrees Fahrenheit which should prove adequate for most applications. However, for large amounts of deep frying, you can adjust the setting on the device to cut down on the amount of time needed to fry your food. It is suggest that air fryers are used at lower temperatures to prevent the food from becoming “floppy” or burning on the inside. The temperature settings on air fryer models vary, so please use caution when adjusting the temperature of your device so you do not cause damage to your food. It is important to know that higher temperatures allow for more even cooking which will prohibit sticking to the bottom of the basket.

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Baking (Steam) Oven vs Air Fryer:

There are differences between baking and convection ovens in regards to how they get their heat here are some common questions about baking vs. air fryers:

Which is better?

Air Fryers are not as capable as ovens when it comes to baking, but they are great for other food preparation techniques. Therefore, air fryers are equally as strong as ovens when it comes to making foods. All that is needed to make the two methods work is the proper amount of time which means you must plan your recipes accordingly. The bottom line is that air fryer recipes will approximate the impact on time and temperature according to what you choose to prepare.

How does Emeril AirFryer work?

The air fryer works by heating air to a temperature between 350 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a convection fan, it circulates the hot air throughout the interior of the unit which forces the hot air over your food. This creates a moist and crisp result with no oil or grease needed.

This is a high quality, durable machine that has been designed to be used by anyone from beginner to professional cook. It comes with an easy-to-clean aluminum mesh filter that helps makes your food taste great! The results from using this machine have been very impressive. From French fries to chicken wings to pork chops, the food comes out crispy and delicious. I’m sure you will be amazed by what it can do!

Oven Without the Heat:

The air fryer is a great kitchen appliance that uses heat and circulation to cook your food. It is able to cook your food without using oil and at a lower temperature than an oven which makes it easier on your kitchen. It’s like having an oven in your kitchen without all of the hot air or smoky kitchens.

It is an efficient appliance which means it can cook food faster than most traditional ovens. This allows you to prepare more meals in less time. It has three convenient cooking settings for baking, broiling and grilling which are easy to use.

How do you use an air fryer?

To begin using the air fryer, place your cleaned food into the cooking basket. The cooking basket easily slides out of the machine when you need to use it. After this, plug in your fryer and set your desired temperature. The temperature you choose will depend on what type of food you are cooking. A pizza needs to be cooked at a higher temperature than an apple pie, for example.

After that, set how long you want your food to cook for in hours or minutes depending on what is best for it. You can usually do this by using the timer that comes with the machine.

How do I use my Emeril power air fryer 360?

First, you need to attach the oil tray to the base. Then, pour in your desired amount of oil into the tray.

Next put your food into the basket and set the timer on 2 minutes. After that, simply close the lid. Your food will begin frying when you use their preset settings at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 seconds or less depending on what your food is deep-frying in.

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After that, open the lid and test your food by tasting it after the preset time has passed. If you like the taste of your food, take it out and enjoy it! If your food isn’t done yet you can set another timer to cook it for a little longer.

How should I clean my air fryer?

Since there is no oil in an air fryer, there’s nothing to clean up other than the leftover bits of food stuck to the basket or filter. That can be cleaned off using a simple sponge. Cooks are also encouraged to wash their fryer frequently with soap and hot water to prevent any buildup from happening inside of their unit. This will help it to last longer.

How do you cook in an air fryer?

To cook in the air fryer, you must turn it on and determine the temperature at which you want to cook your food. After that, all you have to do is put your food in the basket and close the lid. The machine will then take care of the rest! The interior of your machine will be able to reach high enough temperatures without any oil to cook your food correctly. This also makes it easier than using an oven since it’s faster than using an oven. If there is anything stuck on your basket or filter, simply use a sponge or paper towel to clean both off.

Where do I put oil in my air fryer?

You have two options when it comes to the oil you need to use. One option is to use a 2-liter bottle of vegetable oil to fill the reservoir built into your unit. The second option is to buy an inexpensive bottle of oil or other deep frying solution which can be found at most stores. If you are using the bottle, use a funnel to pour the oil through the top opening down into the reservoir. After this, screw on the cap so that your air fryer can continue cooking without spilling any oil out of it.

What Cannot be cooked in Airfryer?

Since this type of fryer isn’t large enough to cook most foods, there are some limitations on what you can cook in it. The most important one is that you cannot cook anything that is smaller than the size of the basket.

If your food is small enough, it won’t be able to fry properly because the hot air won’t be able to reach all parts of its surface. If your food is too big for your air fryer, you will need to use another method for cooking it. For example if you are hoping to bake a cake in an air fryer, it will likely not work because the cake will take up too much space in the machine making it impossible for your cake to cook correctly.

If you are looking for a great way to cook your food without adding any oil or grease, the Emeril Power Air Fryer has become one of the most popular choices for cooks. It has high quality features that allow it to cook food quickly and evenly for better tasting results, all without using extra oil.

The air fryer is made with an aluminum filter which helps to make your food taste great because it prevents your oil from becoming bitter over time. This makes the air fryer a very helpful appliance that can be used by beginner cooks as well as professional chefs.