How Do You Use A Cuisinart Smart Stick?

Today I’ll be covering how to use my favorite gadget, the Cuisinart Smart Stick 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender! This powerful, compact blender is great for making baby food, soups, sauces or drinks, and more.

The first thing I love about this blender is that it’s lightweight and ergonomic enough to use one-handed. It’s also easy to clean with its dishwasher-safe attachments. The blending arm adjusts to go deep into pots or tall pitchers for hands free blending with continuous stirring too! Plus this little helper is pretty affordable when you consider all of its uses in the kitchen.

The Cuisinart Smart Stick also comes with four blending and whisking attachments (alternating colors of green, red and blue). I use the whisking attachment the most during recipes to keep things consistent, but it’s also great for making smoothies, sauces or drinks. The other three colors are great for pureeing baby food!

With this blender all you have to do is load all the parts and attach them…and blend away! It’s all so simple!

So how does this blender measure up to some of the other blenders on the market? I love that it has three speeds and a pulse setting. Many blenders don’t have pulse so you might find yourself holding down the button while your food blends. This blender not only saves time, but also saves my thumb!

The Cuisinart Smart Stick is a better option than the popular Magic Bullet blender because it’s small and powerful. I love that you can place this blender in any kind of pot or pitcher and it will still spin fast enough to blend your ingredients without splashing all over the place. The Magic Bullet tends to splatter its contents a bit when placed in deep containers.

How Do I Use My Smart Stick Immersion Blender?

There are two ways you can use this blender, depending on the recipe. The first is easy and makes your food more pureed and smooth. If you want to keep your recipe the same consistency throughout, just fill the pitcher halfway with food. Then add all of the ingredients, which should account for about a cup at a time, then place the lid on top of the blender. Next turn it on and let it blend for about 7 – 10 minutes until smooth. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate since this will vary depending on how thickly chopped your food is and how hot it gets when blending. It might take longer or shorter depending on how your food is cut. I also want to note that the pulse button on this machine doesn’t do anything but make a noise when you hold down the button. So don’t be alarmed if you can’t blend for as long as it says!

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My second way of using the Cuisinart Smart Stick is for in-cup smoothies and drinks. Just fill it halfway with ice, then pop in your ingredients, lid back on, and let it blend like normal.

How Do You Turn On The Cuisinart Smart Stick?

Another thing I love about this blender is that it’s very simple and easy to use! You just have to press the button then turn the blender on. The button usually turns a red or green light on, which tells you it’s ready to use. Then when you’re ready to turn it up or off you can do so by clicking the switch either down or up depending on if you want more power or less power.

Hint: To remove the blending arm from the blending container, spin counterclockwise until it comes out. To put it back in, just keep spinning clockwise until you hear a click and it stays in place.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Not Working?

This blender can be a little temperamental at times. So if your Smart Stick isn’t working, here are a few things to try:

1.Check the bottom of the blender to make sure that the power cord is secure and plugged in. Sometimes it gets lose.

2.Make sure that you press the red button to turn it on when you want to use it and turn off when you’re done blending. This also saves electricity so your motor doesn’t overheat!

3.Check the blades. Sometimes they need to be cleaned by gently scrubbing the inside of the pitcher with a brush.

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4.Make sure that your food and container are dry before you blend. This reduces the friction and allows for more power to be used in blending! I also like to soak my blending pitcher for a few hours before I use it because it makes sure there is no debris in there.

5.If you press down on your pitcher or container while blending, you are crushing the motor and it will burn out your blender.

How Do You Clean The Cuisinart Smart Stick?

Cleaning the Cuisinart Smart Stick is super easy because all of its parts are dishwasher-safe! Just make sure that you remove the metal part from the top of the blender before putting in your dishwasher and always use a mild detergent. I like to clean my parts by hand because it’s so simple! I just fill a large bowl with water and mild soap then place all of my parts in there and let them soak for about 15 minutes. Then I take them out one by one and rinse each part with water. I can also stick the blending arm in a plastic bag of water to keep it from spinning around.

I like to dry my parts by hand because I don’t want to put the blender in the dishwasher and risk damaging it if it’s still damp and there are hard, drying particles that might crack the plastic parts. If you want to speed up this process, you can use a hand towel or paper towels to dry them off quickly.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Whisk Attachment?

The next thing I want to talk about is the whisk attachment. The Cuisinart Smart Stick comes with a six-piece set that includes three-tang blades, a whisk attachment, and two types of beaters that are perfect for making purees or whipped cream.

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I use the whisker most of the time when I’m making food for my baby because you can make smoothies without any chunks. If you want to make harder foods like pureed potatoes, peas or pastas you can use the beaters which are perfect for hard vegetables, fruits, soups and sauces.

What I love about the whisk attachment is that it doesn’t take a lot of space. It’s nice to have something small and compact, which makes this blender perfect for smaller kitchens and apartments. I also love that the whisker has three different speeds and a pulse setting so you can make smoothies thick or thin!

The other thing that I love about this whisker is that it’s dishwasher-safe! Then you can just add your whisker to the dishwasher every time you wash your other cookware. The attachments are really easy to remove before using them because they are just secured in there with clips.

Cuisinart Smart Stick Variable Speed Hand Blender?

There is another model that is similar to the hand blender, but it’s bigger and has a few more pieces. It’s called the Cuisinart Smart Stick Duo 12-Speed Hand Blender and it is another great choice for your kitchen!

Final Thoughts:

The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is a great tool for anyone who loves to create their own meals from home. It’s easy enough for beginners and advanced users will love it too!

I hope that you found this review helpful if you were wondering about the Smart Stick and I also hope that you’ll take the time to check out my other reviews on kitchen equipment so you can see what else is available right now.