How to Cook Rally’s Fries in an Air Fryer

Fries are a delicious, classic and easy to make snack or side dish. Rally’s Fries are some of the crispiest and most delicious fries out there. If you are looking for a healthier way to cook them, an air fryer is the perfect kitchen tool for the job! Below, we will explain how to cook the perfect batch of Rally’s Fries in your air fryer, including what you will need, prepping the fries, cooking instructions and tips, plus instructions on storing and cleaning your air fryer.

What You Will Need

Before you start cooking your Rally’s Fries, you need to make sure you have all the right ingredients on hand. Here’s what you will need:

  • Rally’s Fries
  • Oil or fat (e.g. butter or animal fat)
  • Salt and/or spices of your choice
  • Air Fryer

In addition to the ingredients listed above, you will also need a few kitchen tools to help you prepare your Rally’s Fries. These include a cutting board, a sharp knife, a large bowl, and a baking sheet. Once you have all of these items, you are ready to start cooking!

Prepping the Fries

In order to cook the perfect batch of Rally’s Fries, you need to start by prepping them properly. The first step is to wash them to remove any dirt or debris. Once they are clean, pat them dry with paper towels or a kitchen towel. Next, you will need to coat them with a thin layer of oil or fat and salt or spices of your choice – this will help to make them crispier. Once the fries are prepped and ready to go, turn on your air fryer to preheat it as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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When the air fryer is preheated, you can add the fries to the basket. Make sure to spread them out evenly so that they cook evenly. You may need to cook them in batches depending on the size of your air fryer. Cook the fries for the recommended time and temperature, flipping them halfway through. Once they are golden brown and crispy, remove them from the air fryer and enjoy!

Cooking the Fries

Once the air fryer is preheated, add the fries to the air fryer in a single layer, making sure they are not touching each other too much. Close the air fryer and set the time and temperature according to the recommended settings (see below). Depending on how crunchy you prefer your fries, you may need to adjust the time slightly. Once the cooking time is up, open the air fryer and turn over the fries using a spatula to ensure even cooking. Cook for a few more minutes if necessary.

When the fries are done, remove them from the air fryer and season with salt and pepper. Serve the fries with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!

Recommended Settings for Cooking Rally’s Fries

For the perfect batch of Rally’s Fries, we recommend setting your air fryer temperature to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C). Cook for 18-20 minutes, flipping the fries over after 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the cooking time may vary depending on the size of your air fryer.

For best results, we recommend using a light coating of oil to ensure the fries are crispy and golden brown. Additionally, you can season the fries with your favorite spices or herbs for added flavor. Enjoy your delicious Rally’s Fries!

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Tips for Making Perfectly Crispy Fries

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when cooking Rally’s Fries in an air fryer.

  • Use oil or fat with a high smoke point to prevent burning.
  • Pat the fries dry before adding oil or fat to help ensure they get crispy.
  • Salt and/or spices can be added before or after cooking, depending on your preference.
  • Make sure the fries are spread out in a single layer – overcrowding can lead to soggy fries.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the fries while they’re cooking. The air fryer can cook them quickly, so you’ll want to check them every few minutes to make sure they don’t burn. Additionally, you can shake the basket or stir the fries to help them cook evenly.

Cleaning and Storing Your Air Fryer

Once you are finished cooking your Rally’s Fries, it is important to clean and store your air fryer properly. Be sure to turn off and unplug the air fryer before starting. Next, remove any leftover food or grease from the basket and wipe it clean with a damp cloth or sponge. You can also use a mild dish soap and warm water, if needed. Let the basket dry completely before storing it away. To store your air fryer, make sure all components are dry and store in a cool, dry place.

Enjoying Your Delicious Rally’s Fries!

You have now officially mastered cooking Rally’s Fries in an air fryer! Now all that’s left is to enjoy your delicious, perfectly crispy fries! Serve them with ketchup, mustard, mayo, dipping sauce or whatever else you like. Bon appetit!

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