Does the Air Fryer Use Microwave Technology Radiation, A Little Bit, To Do The Cooking?

When you use the air fryer, you are getting a little bit of microwave radiation that is cooking your food. Microwave ovens emit stronger waves of radiation that heat up the food from inside out, while the air fryer uses infrared waves which do not hit the food from all sides at once, which allows for more even heating.

Both methods cook by generating electromagnetic waves, but microwaves penetrate farther into your food and form a “crispier” texture when finished cooking because it heats it faster and more uniformly than an air fryer does. If you are concerned about the radiation, keep in mind that a cell phone emits electromagnetic waves that are much more powerful than those from an air fryer.

Even when cooking with a microwave, your food is not exposed to the microwaves for very long because the cooking time is relatively short. In general, you’re only exposing your food to electromagnetic radiation for about two minutes with an air fryer in order to cook it.

An air fryer doesn’t use any microwave technology at all and gets its name from the way it fries food: by circulating hot air around it to cook it while keeping the fat out of the air.

Since the air fryers I purchased in China have no English instructions, I have an informal understanding of how to air fry meat on a stovetop. Since I live in a flat and probably will put my little puppy to sleep, I’m buying an electric one which you can put on top of any hotplate sized burner. It will be a more precise way to prepare mincemeat for tofu and noodles, for example.

The first few times, I’m going to try it out with vegetables and small pieces of meat like pork chops and chicken wings. I’m going to make a work log of the time and temperature I use to cook food this way.

Here are some pictures I took of the one that I’ll probably buy.

Notice in the picture on top that there is a lot of room in it for large items like leg of lamb, fish and larger pieces of chicken, meat and fish. The one below is good for getting into small places like dumplings and egg rolls.

The two parts below are just too cute and funny! Especially those fat red lips! However, if you want to be healthy, you can go with the thin lips model below which allows more air circulation. I’m going to buy both. Ha ha ha!

The cheap price of the small one below is why I’ll probably get it. I’m probably going to use it more often than the larger one.

Here is the air fryer set of models:

The picture above explains the difference between the two air fryers that I’ll be buying and using. The one on top looks like it can fry a whole fish in one go, while the bottom model looks good for frying small portions or cooking a lot of smaller pieces of food like vegetables, tofu, dumplings and egg rolls.

Below is a picture of one model of air fryer. It looks exactly like the one I bought in Taobao, except that mine works a lot better. I used it on my high heat gas burner and it fried food quickly and evenly. It even fried potatoes nice and golden brown like fries. The frying process took about 6 –7 minutes because the pan was really hot, but the food came out perfect.

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It looked better than french fries made in oil or even those deep fried in oil for that matter. They were even and golden. No burned parts or raw looking areas. The skin was crispy too.

Ginger is a root and therefore porous. So, you can cut it in small pieces to air fry them. You can make your own chicken fried ginger that is tasty and healthy at the same time!

You can even use it to make tofu snacks:

A few hours later, when I was making dinner with my sister at her place, I gave her a bag of air fried veggies which she microwaved for 10 – 20 seconds before eating them with brown rice and peanuts for dinner.

What you will need:

Vegetable oil or Canola oil. You can also use other oils. I wouldn’t use olive oil. It’s too thick and it fries at a lower temperature than the others do, so it would just get burnt and taste bad! You will probably have to stick to vegetable or canola oils if you want the best tasting results in your air fried food.

Ginger root. You can cut it into small pieces with a healthy hand mandolin or use your electric food processor to grate it like butter.

Shallots and garlic are essential ingredients for the best tasting air fried food. If you don’t have these on hand, substitute them with onion or shallots like I did. This is because the ginger aroma and flavor would come through in the air fryer fried products if they weren’t at least complimented by other flavors. You can also substitute grated ginger root with chopped ginger if you don’t have a healthy hand mandolin.

Noodles, dumplings, tofu and egg rolls are just great if you make an air fryer mincemeat sauce or marinade first and then cook your meat and vegetables in the air fryer. It’s like making a steak fajita without the meat!

First, prepare your mincemeat:

In a food processor, using the metal blade attach it to your machine, add grated ginger root which has a lot of flavor. You can also grate it by hand, of course.

Next, divide your mincemeat into two for future use in soup or for other recipes. You can freeze the second half in small portions once you’ve cooked what you need.

You may have to add some liquid like water or chicken stock to start with, but once the minced meat comes together, you should have a nice and thick paste at the end.

Preparing your vegetables:

Cut your vegetables into sections i.e. carrot sticks, celery sticks etc.

Then wash them in clean water.

Preparing your meat:

Cut your meat into small sections and place it in the air fryer basket. I’m going to use pork chops for one test. I’m also going to use chicken wings for another test. Both of them are inexpensive cuts of meat that most people eat often, so we’ll be able to see what happens when air frying cheap cuts like these compared to more expensive cuts like chops, steaks and fillets. Will there be a difference in how they taste? How will the meat look? This is another question that I want to answer with my experiment above.

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The test results for a whole pork chop became clear when we tried it out:

The chop was on the bottom of the basket and it came out warm with no burnt parts, chewy parts or very dry looking areas. The skin was crispy and tasted great with only some oil on my fingers which I then wiped away. The meat was cooked through and tasted good too, but it was a bit chewy in spots because of the cheap cut of pork used. My sister said that she liked the air fried chop best of all.

Can an air fryer replace a microwave?

If you want to try it, I recommend pan-frying with your air fryer first. If you don’t like the results that way, keep using your microwave. But if you are like me and find that your microwave is too small and takes up too much space in your kitchen, than maybe an air fryer is a good alternative!

I think we can safely say that this air fryer will make hundreds of meals for us and save a LOT of money in the process. We’ll be able to eat healthier foods because we won’t have to heat it in oil either! And we’ll be able to eat more of everything because they are much easier to make and safer too.

Can I use air fryer to reheat food?

Yes, you can.

But I wouldn’t recommend doing so too often. The food would start to taste the same if it’s reheated a lot because it’s not getting cooked anymore! However, once in every blue moon or so is okay to do this. My mom did this with her air fryer once and her family thought that the food tasted way better than before!

More information about air fryers:

Believe it or not, there are more things that you should know about your everyday kitchen appliance called the air fryer. There are really a lot of benefits of using this appliance to cook food.

Here are some important things that you should know about your air fryer:

Clean it with soap and water when you’re finished using or when there’s something on the inside. Because cooking oil is non-stick, it doesn’t really need to be cleaned. But, if it’s looked like there are burnt or burned parts, than you’ll need to clean it because any leftovers on the inside could affect the metal’s coating.

If the outside is looking soiled, remove the metal basket and burners and wash it thoroughly in hot soapy water. Make sure you don’t soak the parts in water because they may rust if they are not dried after the cleaning process. Make sure you clean your air fryer at least once every two weeks. Don’t forget to remove all of the leftover crumbs and food, especially if you have kids running around!

Let it cool down before cleaning it, especially if you’re cleaning it right after a meal. This can be done in an hour’s time or so.

Make sure to use a towel or potholder while handling and cooking with your air fryer. And keep the parts away from other metal surfaces like lawnmowers, grills and others to avoid rust.

Avoid overloading your appliance as it may cause it to overheat and malfunction. Do not put too much food inside at one time. You can also just make two big batches at a time if you’re cooking for a small family.

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Before putting your air fryer in the dishwasher, make sure you unplug it first so that there is no risk of electric shock or fire from static electricity from touching the dishwasher interior with your appliances plugged in.

Which is better air fryer or microwave oven?

It’s all about what you want to do with your appliance. If you’re just cooking for yourself and your family, then I’d recommend an air fryer like the one I use for my family, because air frying won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter since it’s smaller than a microwave. It will also save money because you won’t have to purchase fatty oils or other unhealthy fat fillers when cooking. Since it doesn’t take up too much space and is energy-efficient, you can use it to cook more portioned meals like salads, sandwiches and snacks instead of having a bigger bulk meal every day.

Can you cook frozen ready meals in an air fryer?

Yes, you can.

Making frozen meals into a healthier, delicious and hot meal is also possible because of the use of an air fryer. But, you will still have to prepare your food in advance because air frying still takes some cooking time which is different per meal. The cooking and reheating time may also vary depending on how thick or thin your food is cut up.

How many cooking times can I use for my air fryer?

This really is dependent on the type and thickness of your food. You may have to experiment with the cooking times for your food. Just remember not to overheat your air fryer so you don’t risk it breaking down or malfunctioning because of that.

Can I cook frozen fruits with my air fryer?

Yes, you can! Just put them in an insulated container first when it’s time to serve them as well as when you’re about to eat them as well. I’ve done this with my air fryer before, and the fruit stays frozen even after it’s been cooked! You can also just put your fruit in the basket wrapped up in an insulated container or small paper bag. This will help keep your food frozen when it’s inside the air fryer basket.

Do I need to defrost meat before cooking it in an air fryer?

Yes, you do! If you don’t defrost your meat, it’ll simply cook without getting cooked through. Make sure that you thaw out your meat first by using a microwave or putting the frozen meat in a sealed plastic bag with water for about 10-20 minutes.

Even if this is the first time that you’ll be using a kitchen appliance like an air fryer, I’m sure that you’ll be able to use it without any problems or worries. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in order to get started right away!

But if you’re still having trouble using this kitchen appliance, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you out! We really appreciate your support in using this website as one of our resources for your everyday appliance needs.

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