KitchenAid or Costway – Which brand of stand mixer do you trust most?

After doing some research I’ve come to the conclusion that KitchenAid is a better choice. Here are some things that show why I think KitchenAid will be what you should pick. The first being because of their warranty and second due to being trusted by more people.

KitchenAid also has a wide selection of mixers which make it easier for customers who want something with more power, in particular those who want to knead dough or make bread more frequently than once every few days. Lastly, KitchenAid has been in business since 1919 and is considered one of the most trusted brands around for both quality and service so if you’re looking for someone you can rely on then kitchenaid is an excellent choice.

Costway and KitchenAid are both well-known brands of stand mixers. Costway, or as a lot of people know it as Xiamen Soojoo, is a Chinese brand that was established in 2005. They’ve been doing quite well in China too especially now that they have expanded their operations to other countries such as the US. A lot of people like the fact that they offer free shipping services, at least within China; you can also get free shipping when you buy over more than $99 dollars worth of goods. The company’s official website is also easy to maneuver and provides detailed information on every product they sell.

The brand consists of a wide range of products and they are both durable and affordable. They also have their own line of cooking appliances such as blenders, rice cookers and water boilers. They seem to be expanding more as well so if you want to be part of their success then go ahead, give them a try and spread the word! Below are some reasons why KitchenAid is better than Costway:


I know this may sound trivial but a warranty can really change your opinion about a product or service. You’re really just paying for it in the long run if you don’t get one so it’s always better to just get one while you’re at it. KitchenAid offers a lifetime warranty on their products and their service department is also located in the USA. This is a very great selling point as it means that if you run into any problems with your mixer within the first year of owning it, the warranty will be honored and you’ll just have to pay for shipping and handling. Costway doesn’t offer this so we can only speculate that they’re not confident enough in their product to warrant such a high level of customer service.

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This is especially good if you plan to use your mixer at home or possibly even in a commercial bakery business. All KitchenAid products are designed by professionals who love baking because of the precision they need when baking breads and pastries. This is evident in the patent that all of their products have for safety, easy usage, and durability. One thing to note though is that due to their popularity, a lot of other companies do try to replicate KitchenAid products by selling them at low prices. When you get a KitchenAid product, check the product code and see if it’s an original or not. If it isn’t then there’s a good chance that the product will break down in a few years’ time.

Customer Service

This is not really a deal breaker so much as it is something you should know before buying your mixer. The truth is that you will probably never need to use their customer service department so it’s not really something that you should worry about. However, if you do experience a problem or just have any questions then they are available to help you whenever and wherever they are needed. They also offer the opportunity to save up to 15% on your next purchase if you shop online but I would still go through the trouble of calling them just in case there’s something wrong with the mixer I’m currently using. Still, it’s up to you. Although if you’re buying a product like this then don’t bother with customer service as it’s really not important.

How long can you use a Costway stand mixer?

In general, you should be able to get approximately 4 years out of a Costway stand mixer with proper care. This is considerably longer than KitchenAid which lasts around two years. The reason why it works more efficiently is because it uses a ball bearing system, instead of the traditional paddle wheels. Although the cost may be cheaper than KitchenAid’s models, you must still keep in mind that both brands are made of excellent quality parts and will give you great performance over time.

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How do you maintain a Costway stand mixer?

When you buy a mixer from Costway, you’re probably going to get one similar to the model shown in the picture of this article; it’s simply because they sell a lot more than just stand mixers and so they have to cater to a wide range of costsumers. Even so, there are still products that can be used on those mixers if they don’t sell them in your local shops. The parts in question include a stronger motor or an upgraded version, better materials that are resistant to wear and tear and so on. The good thing about having these parts is that they can be replaced over time as well as being inexpensive and saving you lots of money if something bad happens to your mixer down the road.

Do Costway mixers need to be oiled?

Costway mixers do not need to be oiled, however if they are being used in high temperatures or very humid environments then you may want to add a few drops of oil into the bowl. They will keep you mixer working for longer and also increase the life span of both the bowl and the motor. Costway also states that you can use cooking oils for lubrication purposes but I have never done so nor have I heard anyone suggest this. Also, if you like to use your mixer on a daily basis then make sure that you clean it often as otherwise, after a few weeks of heavy use, your motor will get clogged.

How do you stop a Costway mixer from shaking?

It’s the vibrations from the motor that make the mixer shake so if you have a high quality one then there shouldn’t be any problems. However, if you’ve bought one at a discounted price or it was knocked off your kitchen table then it’s likely that your motor has taken some damage. In either scenario, your motor will not be able to hold up to heavy duty mixing and so you should be able to see that there is some shaking or wobbling when in use.

However, there are a few steps that can help correct this problem and they are quite simple to perform. Firstly you need to clean off the mixer’s gears and make sure that there is no grease left. Just take some paper towel, a brush, and dish soap and give everything a good thorough scrub. Next you need to put on the new belt that you bought or take out the old one completely if it’s damaged. Once that is done, re-attach your mixer head to the shaft but this time leave two bolts off so that it can turn more freely. Lastly, make sure that there is grease on all of the gears so that they don’t freeze up later down the road from being too dry.

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How do you clean and maintain the Costway Stand mixers?

When you’re done with your mixing, don’t forget to clean everything before you put it away in its storage case. Carefully wipe any excess batter off the bowl, remove any leftover dough from the beaters and make sure that all of the compartments are squeaky clean. If you have a removable head then take out your beaters and make sure that they are cleaned as well. A good idea is to store them in a ziplock bag or something similar so that they won’t get damaged while being on standby.

After being done with this process, detach the bowl and make sure that there is no dough or batter stuck to it. Pinch the portions that are on a small surface and you should be able to scrape them off easily. Put the bowl back into the case and store your mixer away so that you can use it again in a short while.

As mentioned before, there are also other methods for cleaning but these will have to be used sparingly as you don’t want to damage your mixer in any way. For example, there is a product called “Mix-A-Nym” but it’s a great idea to try out things first before buying something like this since I’m sure that some people would prefer not having any oil added into their mixers.

Final Thoughts:

So now that you’ve been given some general information, you should be able to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a stand mixer. If you’re somewhat confused between Costway and KitchenAid then all I can say is that they are both great brands, however I would suggest going with Costway if you don’t have a lot of money but still want a product that will last years. The reason behind this is because they are more affordable and are also built to last. Even so, I can’t tell you which one to buy since everyone has different needs, not everyone has the same budget and there’s no point in spending lots of money on something if you have no idea what it’s actually for.

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