Cooking Delicious Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken in an Air Fryer

Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken is a delicious and healthy way to satisfy cravings for a crispy, deep-fried treat. By cooking these succulent morsels in an air fryer, you can cut out the added fat and calories of deep frying, while still benefitting from their delicious flavor. In this article, we’ll take a look at the advantages of air-frying your popcorn chicken, the steps to prepare it, some tips for getting the best results, what you’ll need to make them, variations on the recipe, serving suggestions and nutritional information.

Advantages of Using an Air Fryer to Cook Popcorn Chicken

Popcorn chicken can be cooked in a variety of ways, but using an air fryer provides a lot of advantages. For starters, airfrying is the healthier alternative to deep-frying, by eliminating some of the fat and calories. You will still get the same great taste, but with fewer calories. Additionally, an air fryer can cook your popcorn chicken quickly and evenly, ensuring that all pieces are cooked through with crispy outside and juicy meat inside. And finally, because it uses less oil than deep-frying, it is much easier to clean up.

Another great advantage of using an air fryer to cook popcorn chicken is that it is much more energy efficient than other cooking methods. Air fryers use less electricity than ovens or deep fryers, so you can save money on your energy bills. Additionally, air fryers are much safer to use than deep fryers, as they don’t require hot oil or open flames. This makes them a great choice for busy households with young children.

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Steps to Prepare the Chicken

Before you begin cooking in the air fryer, there are few steps you need to take to ensure your popcorn chicken turns out perfectly. The first step is to gather the ingredients and supplies needed for the recipe. While specific ingredients will vary based on what kind of popcorn chicken you are making, some common ingredients include Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken, pancake mix, eggs, oil and a variety of spices. Once these ingredients are gathered, begin heating your air fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

The next step is to prepare the batter for the chicken. The batter should include ⅔ to ¾ cup of pancake mix, 1 egg (or egg substitute for a vegan version), 1 tablespoon oil or melted butter and any desired seasonings or spices. After whisking the mixture until it is smooth, pop the Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken into the batter and gently stir until all pieces are evenly coated. Once all the pieces are covered, place them in the preheated air fryer basket.

Tips for Getting the Best Results

To get the best results when cooking Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken in an air fryer, there is one important rule: don’t overcrowd. Overcrowding can cause the pieces to stick together and not cook evenly. Additionally, if you are preparing a vegan version of the recipe, avoid using dry seasoning mixes that often contain milk derivatives or other animal-based ingredients.

What You’ll Need to Make Popcorn Chicken in an Air Fryer

To make delicious popcorn chicken in an air fryer, you’ll need a few items. First and foremost, you’ll need an air fryer. Fortunately, there are plenty of models available that don’t cost too much. You’ll also need Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken, pancake mix, eggs or an egg substitute if preparing a vegan version, oil or melted butter and the desired seasonings and spices for flavor. Finally, you’ll need two or three mixing bowls and a whisk.

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Variations on the Recipe

This popcorn chicken recipe can be tweaked to suit your tastes with very little effort. For example, if you are looking to add extra crunch you can add some crushed chips; or if you prefer a different type of seasonings or spices than what is suggested here you can switch them out with ease. You can also turn the recipe into vegan-friendly by swapping out the eggs and butter with egg substitute and vegan butter.

Serving Suggestions

Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken makes for a very versatile dish. It can be served as an appetizer or as an entree. It can also be added to salads or wraps for an exploding flavor. And don’t forget about serving it with a favorite dipping sauce or dressing; honey mustard, ranch and spicy buffalo are popular choices.

Nutritional Information

Foster Farms Popcorn Chicken is not only delicious, it also packs a nutritional punch as well. Each serving contains 180 calories, with 10 grams of fat, 13 grams of protein and 17 grams of carbohydrates. Additionally, it contains 25 percent of your daily dose of iron and 20 percent of your daily dose of Vitamin C. However, keep in mind that nutritional content varies depending on what add-ins you include in your recipe.

Cooking popcorn chicken in an air fryer is an easy and delicious way to enjoy deep-fried flavors without added fat. With this article as your guide, you should have all the information needed to make your own popcorn chicken at home in no time!

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