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Braun is committed to delivering top quality products that not only meet the daily needs of consumers, but also their lifestyles. Braun works hard to provide innovative design and engineering, coupled with high quality materials.

Some of the best-known Braun products include the electric razor, hairdryer and coffee machine, which are known for their cutting edge style and design. Braun offers an extensive range of home appliances, personal care products and shavers.

The first RAZOR with a built-in MICROPLATE for quick cleaning was developed by Max Braun in 1921. It became a much sought after product among the aristocracy in Germany. The model was called “Blitz” which means lightning or flash in German. In 1927 he registered the name “Braun” as a trademark for electric razors and other electrical devices as well as for cutlery.

The first electric razor was produced in 1934 in the form of a pocketable pocket shaver. In the same year a model was developed, similar to the modern shavers of today. In 1962 Braun invented the world’s first fully automatic hairdryer, which could be set to timer, cold or warm air and also had a hair drier function. The dryer was called “Philips 900” because it was co-developed with Philips Electronics in the Netherlands (now Philips has its own company for hairdryers). It became popular among consumers and is still sold today.

The “Philips 1000”, introduced in 1972 was Braun’s first model with ionic technology. It changed the way people dried their hair by creating a new innovative drying experience. In 1974 Braun launched the first coffee maker with an aluminium heating element, which made it possible to brew a cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

The “Braun E1” (1975) was the first electric razor for men and women that could be cleaned under running water, a feature known today as the “Clean & Renew System”. In 1978 Braun introduced the world’s first integrated trimmer and styler, known today as “Mix & Style”.

Braun – the worldwide leader in electric shavers and personal grooming technology for more than 70 years – has an unquenchable thirst for innovation. Braun’s state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and digital technologies are proven to deliver superior shaving results even on sensitive skin, resulting in a clean shave every time.

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Braun has been the first and only choice for generations, consistently setting new standards in design and performance. Braun products are designed and engineered to give men, women and children the world over a closer shave.

The Braun brand delivers on an outstanding quality promise through its comprehensive product line of shavers, hair dryers, trimmers, epilators and personal care products with exceptional innovation that never stops evolving. Most Braun products are backed by a two-year limited warranty. For more information about Braun.

Braun is the world’s leading manufacturer of personal care systems. Family-run for more than 75 years, we strive to develop products that enhance your quality of life by giving you freedom from the drudgery of daily life. But what does this mean?

The freedom to do everything you want with all the time in the world for yourself and those who matter to you most; free from tiredness or annoyance; liberated from stubborn dirt or tedious cleaning; emancipated from shaving problems and painful waxing sessions.

Braun over the next 5 years will ensure all its products are based on new principles and values of quality and ergonomics. With this goal in mind, it is our wish that over the next five years we can make life easier for you by providing you with innovative new personal care technologies.

But first, we need your help!

In order to fulfil our goals, Braun needs innovative people who want to join us as early-career experts. These people can share their ideas with us about how to improve existing products or create entirely new concepts that will give Braun a greater competitive edge.

So, if you’re keen on becoming a key link between Braun and the world at large and you have ideas to share, then join us. We hope that together we can create an environment where you will be able to put your ideas into practice.

It’s up to us as a company whether we pay you for your efforts or not. Which is why we need you: because it’s up to you whether our products become the best in their class or not, whether we sell more than 300 million of them in the next five years or not . . .

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What matters to us is how well all of this affects your individual quality of life. And that’s why Braun has made freedom its goal.

The freedom to do everything you want with all the time in the world for yourself and those who matter to you most; free from tiredness or annoyance; liberated from stubborn dirt or tedious cleaning; emancipated from shaving problems and painful waxing sessions. That’s what we mean when we say “liberation” at Braun.

Braun products are not just things that make life easier, they are expressions of our philosophy of liberation. Help us turn this philosophy into reality!

Where is the parent company of Braun household appliances?

Braun is among the world’s largest manufacturers of household and personal care products. The company was founded in 1930 in Germany and is now headquartered in Switzerland.

The parent company of Braun household appliances is Waddington Holding AG, headquartered in Laufen, Switzerland. Together with its subsidiaries, the group’s operations cover more than 55 countries worldwide. Waddington has a workforce of over 6,000 employees. We are proud that our subsidiary Waddington holding AG/Braun was awarded the “Best Employer 2015” by The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FCSR).

What is the Corporate Social Responsibility of Braun?

At Braun, we are committed to our corporate social responsibility (CSR). This means that we do not perceive CSR as a purely competitive advantage, but rather an essential part of our core business. We care about our employees, society and the environment. The success of our company would not be possible without the trust of our customers and suppliers or without a healthy working environment and a clean natural environment.

Braun has defined its social responsibility very broadly to include all its commercial activities with regard to labor-related matters, environmental protection and product safety. Our focus is on protecting the environment from harmful substances and on enhancing public health.

Is Braun part of Procter and Gamble?

No. Braun has been owned by a family company since it was founded in 1919, and is still independent today. Uwe Khan, CEO of Braun parent company Waddington Holding AG, says “The family-run structure ensures that we are able to pursue our own strategic objectives without any restrictions; this is much harder to do in a large corporation.”

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Why does Braun sponsor my favorite sports team?

Braun sponsors and supports many sports teams including the San Diego Padres baseball team and the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball team. All of our brands support the teams by sponsoring their events. The merchandise you purchase as a result of our efforts is given to the teams as a donation.

Is it possible for employees to switch jobs at Braun?

Braun is a family owned, independent company and we have no plans to change that; indeed, we are committed to staying family owned and independent for all time. Our goal is to develop an employee workforce who shares the same values and principles of cooperation as our customers and suppliers.

Is Braun made in Germany?

No. The production plants of Braun are located in China, Japan, South Korea and Switzerland.

Braun is proud to say that its manufacturing base in Germany has been preserved and is still capable of producing a wide array of personal care products at the same level of quality and efficiency as the early days. The company formerly operated a production plant in Weiterstadt near Wiesbaden, but this facility was closed down in the mid-2000s.

How long does it take for a Braun appliance to become a success?

The product takes about 2 years to go into mass production. After this, it is subjected to rigorous quality checks and testing by a wide range of external experts from several countries, followed by market analysis.

Braun is committed to innovation. We see it as our mission to apply innovative technologies by providing products that enable people to live a richer and more free life. This is one of the main reasons why Braun has been so successful in its home country Germany, but we are also expanding in other markets worldwide. Braun has made a concerted effort over the past few years to expand beyond just the German market and we have seen some amazing results from this.