Bosch Stand Mixer VS KenWood Pros & Cons

We will be comparing Bosch and Kenwood Stand Mixers based on the following factors: speed, design, power, price and warranty. This will allow you to make a more informed decision when deciding which stand mixer to purchase.


Bosch- The Bosch does not have a variable speed option and can only operate at one speed of either 3 or 4 stars. Meanwhile, the Kenwood has variable speeds which range from 1 to 11 stars. When it comes down to it though, it is best for the user if they know what they want from their stand mixer before making a purchase. If the mixer is only going to be used for cake and cookie recipes then you won’t need variable speeds so the Bosch will do. If you intend to make bread, pasta or meatloaf then variable speed is necessary as these recipes require a slower speed as opposed to fast mixing (variable speeds allow you to control the mixing process).

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Bosch- The Bosch stand mixer has a sleek design and comes in various colors. This is perfect for those who want a beautiful stand mixer that will look great in their kitchen. The Kenwood looks more like a traditional stand mixer which some people prefer while others don’t care how it looks as long as it performs well.


Bosch- The Bosch stand mixer comes with 4.8 hp which is more powerful than the Kenwood’s 3.7 hp. In terms of mixing power, the difference is not a huge deal but there is a difference nonetheless.


Kenwood- The cost of the Kenwood stand mixer is less than the Bosch which gives it an edge in this category as well


Bosch- The Bosch has a 25 year limited warranty while the Kenwood has a 1 year limited warranty

Now that we have discussed each factor, lets discuss what I feel are the pros and cons of each stand mixer and my overall opinion on which one you should buy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you think it is important to have a powerful stand mixer?

Yes. Power is a must for doing heavy duty mixing such as kneading bread or pasta dough in order for the dough to be fully developed and not tear apart, or worse, over mixing the dough making it very sticky.

Is there a difference between Variable Speed Stand Mixers and Fixed Speed Mixers?

Yes, Variable speed allow you to adjust the speed of the mixer while fixed speed stands do not have this option available. So if you want variable speeds then make sure that the stand mixer you want comes with this feature.

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Do all stand mixers come with a warranty?

Yes. All of the stand mixers we have mentioned have some type of warranty so if you happen to find one that does not it is best that you avoid purchasing from that company as they are probably selling refurbished or used models.

I have noticed a lot of Kenwood Stand Mixers in stores such as Walmart and Best Buy, is there something wrong with Bosch Stand Mixers? Do they not sell well?

No, Bosch make excellent products and are priced well for what the average consumer can afford. If you are looking for a good stand mixer that is affordable but still get the job done, then the Bosch is a great option. The Kenwood Stand Mixer is also a good choice for those who don’t want to spend a significant amount of money on their mixer but still want to be able to make cakes, cookies and the like.

What is the difference between a KitchenAid Stand Mixer and a Kenwood Stand Mixer?

KitchenAid has more horsepower than the Kenwood has which allows them to do more heavy duty mixing. The Kitchenaid also comes in many different colors which is great for any kitchen that wants to have a modern look. The Kenwood on the other hand will fit into almost any kitchen as well as it comes in various colors such as white, black, silver, gold and red.

How do you know if the Kenwood stand mixer will work with your current mixer?

If your current mixer has two speed controls then there is no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Final Thoughts:

The Bosch stands mixer has more power than the Kenwood but that does not mean that the Kenwood stand mixer is not powerful enough to mix heavy doughs. When comparing both of these brands, we recommend that you choose the one that you feel will best suit your needs and is within your budget. Before making a purchase, we also recommend that you read through all of the stand mixer reviews as they will help you to determine which model would be best for your baking needs!

If I were to choose between these two brands, then I would have to go with the Bosch stand mixer. This is based on personal preference as well as performance.

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