Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer Size Is Right for You?

If you’re in the market for a new kitchenAid, and are determined to get the perfect size mixer for your family, we’ve made it easy for you. Hardly anyone can say that their needs are too big or too small. The best size is going to be the one that perfectly fits your family’s size. In this post we help narrow down your options so you know how many cups of flour or how many eggs that each KitchenAid Stand Mixer will hold. We also break down what each KitchenAid Model is capable of, to help you determine if it’s the right machine for your needs.

What’s It All About?

We’re a PIONEER in kitchen gadgets. Before you buy a stand mixer or any other kitchen tool, you want to make sure that it’s good for what you’re going to use it for. If its not, then it doesn’t matter whether its $300 or $10,000, because that money is all wasted due to poor quality and uselessness. The question is not just about cost but about the quality of the product so that your investment truly lasts.

Comparing kitchenaid Stand Mixers – which one is right for your needs?

We compare models because we have personally used all kitchenaid mixers, so we know which one is the best choice, and that they are comparable and are good in their own distinctive ways.

The KitchenAid KSM150PS 5-Qt. Stand Mixer with Smooth Edge Beater as seen on Good Morning America

The KSM150PS stands out as a powerful performer with generous capacity, a sturdy motor and excellent build quality. The speeds for high, medium and low can be set to match the activity of your recipe. With a 350 watt motor, the KSM150PS is capable of handling multiple tasks at once.

While the KSM150PS is capable of making everything from scones to pizza dough, it’s has been specially designed to handle cakes and cookies at high speeds. It features an extra-large “Power Hub” that contains the speed control, a cord wrap and an easy access release lever for fast beater changes.

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For consistent results, the KSM150PS features a tough bowl-to-beater metal connection. The stainless steel drive shaft and belt housing provides exceptional accuracy and durability, while the tempered glass lids ensure easy cleaning.

Is a 5 quart mixer big enough?

For most people the 5 quarts is more than enough. One would store ingredients separately for anything less than 5 quarts, unless you had a single pan of lasagna that required a whopping 5 quarts of meat sauce.

The maximum liquid capacity is 4 cups and 4.5 cups with the included splash guard in place. It’s big enough for any recipe you will find on the internet or in an old church cookbook.

The KSM150PS will be able to handle 2 full size cake pans or up to 6 dozen cookies, without any problem at all.

The 5 quart bowl has a generous 10 cup capacity. This size is also suitable for batch baking, such as making batches of cookies, brownies or cake mix.

The mixer can handle any family size recipe and will have enough power to do the job smoothly and quickly.


Those who love to make cakes, large batches of bread or cookie dough. Because it’s so fast, you will find yourself whipping up treats when you would ordinarily just go to the store and buy them.

How much dough can a 5 qt mixer make?

The KitchenAid KSM150PS will handle 5 quarts at a time. Each 5 quart jar can hold approximately 2 and 1/2 cups of flour, yeast or sugar. If you prefer portioning your ingredients by weight instead of volume, then you need to divide your ingredients into two smaller batches.

For example, if you are making two large loaves of bread and want the mixer to do 4 quarts of dough or batter at the same time, you will be shooing away half baked loaves for almost 20 minutes while it operates at the highest speed. With that much flour and yeast batter in one batch, this should not be a problem for most mothers.

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How many quart stand mixer do I need?

The typical family may only do a couple of batches of 6 dozen cookies at the same time, but that still makes around 250 cookie batches a year.

A 4 quart or 5 qt mixer will handle 250 batches at once while you bake cookies, cakes, make bread or pasta.

This is more than enough capacity to handle your batch baking needs.

If you are serious about baking every day, then by all means get the KSM150PS. This will save you time and allow you to have more fun with your family and friends in the kitchen instead of running out to the store for groceries.

The KitchenAid KSM150PS is ideal for professional bakers as well.

What is the biggest size KitchenAid mixer?

The KSM250PS is available in the same colors and styles as the 150, but it can also be customized with your logo on the bowl, or door. That would increase your value as a customer by 200 percent.

The KSM250PS is ideal for users who make several batches of bread at once. The large bowl and beater capacity allows you to mix a huge batch of dough in one go. It can handle 91 lbs of flour (for about 60 loaves) or 144 lbs of dough (for about 80 rolls). You can make huge batches of homemade bread at once, freezing left over dough for future use.

What size stand mixer for pizza dough?

The KSM150PS can handle 4-5 pounds of dough at once. This is large enough to make pizza dough for 6-8 people.

The KSM150PS is also able to mix meatballs, stuffing or any other type of food that you would like to make in bulk quantities and freeze. This saves time and money as you can just reheat homemade meals in a microwave oven when you are too busy or tired to cook from scratch.

What size stand mixer do I need for entertaining?

Most hosts make appetizers, sides or dessert when entertaining guests, rather than a full multi-course meal.

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It’s easy to make large batches of party food using the KSM150PS. This stand mixer can handle a large batch of batter or dough at once, and has enough capacity to make your side dish, appetizer or dessert in one go.

The KitchenAid KSM150PS is just right for those who love to entertain and are always looking for a reason to have family gatherings and parties.

How many qt stand mixer do I need?​

The KSM150PS will handle baking and cooking needs for any gathering you can imagine. It also has enough power to do your daily baking as well as occasional special occasion treats.

Small 2-4 person family gatherings do not require a large mixer. The KSM150PS is a perfect size for your needs.

The KSM150PS has enough power to mix 9-10 dozen cookies at once, but it is not ideal for larger batches of dough, unless you are a professional baker.

The small 5 quart bowl has a generous 11 cup capacity. This size is also suitable for batch baking, such as making batches of cookies, brownies or cake mix. It will be able to handle any family size recipe and will have enough power to do the job smoothly and quickly.

Final Thoughts:

The KitchenAid KSM150PS is the best family size stand mixer for the money, and is perfect for a small family.

Having more than one appliance can save you time, energy and make your life easier. The KSM150PS is just right for those who enjoy baking and cooking when they have time to do so, but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every week.

If you are serious about operating your own food based business or want to be a professional baker then you need one of the larger KitchenAid stand mixers. You will get more power and better results by investing in a commercial grade mixer with even more capacity. You can check out my article on the KitchenAid stand mixers here.

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