5 Quart or 6 Quart, Which Kitchenaid Stand Mixer to Buy?

If you’re in the market for a new stand mixer and find yourself stuck between what to buy, this article will help you make the right decision. We’ll explore the differences between a 5 quart and 6 quart KitchenAid stand mixer. These are two of the most popular models on today’s market, so they should be perfect for whatever type of baking project you have in mind.

We’ll explore major differences between the two models to help you reach a decision that works best for your family and needs. Then we’ll take a look at the best prices for each model to help you get the best deal.

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you have already researched the KitchenAid brand, its products and what other customers have said about them. If not, feel free to check out some of those reviews here before moving forward.

About KitchenAid Stand Mixer Models

It was 1915 when Hobart Corporation first introduced us with the electric mixer which later became known as a stand mixer . In 1919 Hobart Corp created a line of mixers called K that was designed to rival any other manufacturer on the market at that time. Because of this, the company was able to sell their mixers in a large variety of colors.

In 1928, the K brand was replaced by the KitchenAid brand and it has continued to be one of the leaders in Kitchen Appliances ever since. The company also started manufacturing stand mixers which was first introduced in 1967.

Today, there are several different models available and they are constantly being improved to offer better performance and quality for each dollar you invest. Depending on your needs, you’ll want to consider either a 5 quart or 6 quart model. We’ll discuss which is best for you below.

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To help you make the decision, here’s a brief description of how each model works:

The 5 quart model is 25 pounds and has a 600 watt motor. It will work with any standard four-cup or five-cup mixing bowl. The temperature control has a knob that makes it very easy to adjust from 170 degrees F up to 250 degrees F. The pouring shield is also easily adjustable so you can use it on the top or side of the bowl if needed. There are three different speeds available, which cover all the basic uses you’ll need most of the time. Imagine one of these models in your home and you’ll understand why this is such an important consideration when shopping for a stand mixer.

Is 5-quart mixer big enough?

For most of us, a 5 quart model will work just fine. Unless you and your family is used to baking for large crowds or require a lot of extra ingredients, there’s no reason that this stand mixer can’t serve all your needs for the next 10 years or more.

But if you think that the 5 quart KitchenAid stand mixer may not be able to handle all the baking needs you have, then you’ll need to consider one of the larger 6 quart models.

6 Quart Mixer Models

The 6 Quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer comes in two different variations: Professional 600 Stand Mixer and Professional 600 KitchenAid Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl Handle.

This model weighs a bit more than 25 pounds, which is noticeably heavier than the one mentioned above. But in return you get twice the amount of power, more than two times as many speeds and more control over it’s temperature settings. The motor also has a wider range of temperature settings that makes it easier to customize your mixing needs.

The 6 quart model works with a 700 watt motor. It will mix ingredients up to 10 cups of flour or 5 cups of sugar at once.

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Which KitchenAid Stand Mixer is right for your needs?

So which should you buy? It really depends on what you are planning to use it for. If you are interested in baking a lot of bread, then the 6 quart mixer will be a better choice. If you bake cakes and occasionally mix some heavier ingredients like cookie dough, then the 5 quart model should be fine.

But there’s one last thing to consider before making your final decision: durability. It’s important to note that the motors inside these models have a much longer lifespan than the others models offered by KitchenAid.

The 5 quart and 6 quart models have the longest lasting motors available thanks to the fact that they have a separate motor for each speed. In addition, KitchenAid offers a whole line of additional accessories you can use with both models to ensure more consistent results with every batch of cookies or birthday cake.

The glass bowl handle is so convenient that it’s hard to imagine using your mixer without it once you’ve tried it. This type of handle makes it much easier to hold onto the bowl while mixing and also allows you to see what’s going on through the glass. It also glides smoothly when pouring ingredients out which keeps messes down to a minimum.

How much dough can a 5 qt mixer make?

The 5 quart model can handle up to a maximum of nine cups of dough at one time. This will work great if you are planning on mixing up and baking several loaves of bread over the course of a few hours. But if you will be baking things that use larger amounts of cookie dough or cake batter, you’ll want to consider the 6 quart model.

For those wondering about how many cookies can be mixed and baked at once, this is where it gets interesting. This is because each manufacturer has their own unique measuring scoop. For example, some manufacturers size their scoops slightly larger than others which means that you are actually getting less product in each batch than what is advertised on the package or box.

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For example, if you buy a package of chocolate chip cookies and follow the directions on the package, you’ll need somewhere between two and four cups of cookie dough to make that recipe. So if your stand mixer claims to be able to hold 12 cups at one time, that’s only 4 cookie batches. Keep this in mind when reading reviews so you know what people are actually measuring when it comes to ingredients.

What is the standard size KitchenAid mixer?

The standard size 5 quart KitchenAid mixer weighs 27.4 pounds, measures 24 inches long and has a 9-inch width.

The standard size 6 quart KitchenAid mixer weighs 35.3 pounds, measures 33 inches long and has a 12-inch width.

Whatever size you choose, you’ll end up with one of the best stand mixers available today when all is said and done.

So if you’re looking for one to purchase, have a look through our reviews above to understand more about each model before deciding which one is right for you.

What size mixer do I need for bread?

The 5 quart KitchenAid mixer is often the perfect size for making bread. It can handle anywhere from 1-9 cups of flour at one time. And since it’s the most popular selling stand mixer, you’ll be covered if you’ve made the mistake of buying a model that doesn’t quite match your needs down the road.

Final Thoughts:

No matter what you plan on using your stand mixer for, the KitchenAid brand is one that comes with some of the best reviews available on the market. And if you’re looking for a good starter size, most people choose from one of their 5 quart models.

Choose from either one of the professional 600 variants or a more basic model like the Artisan 575 and you’ll be prepared for pretty much anything. The only time you’ll need to consider a larger model is when you plan on making large batches of bread or cookie dough in one sitting.

You’ll also want to take care when choosing accessories for any model that has plastic pieces.